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employee check

The Importance of Doing Employee Check

Conducting an employee verification check is an essential part of the recruitment. It helps the hiring committee ascertain not just the candidate’s qualifications but also their character.

employee check

Credit reports

There are different methods to check a prospective employee’s background. One way is by getting a credit report. Various agencies specialising in related industries supply these documents. They often contain important information about a candidate’s financial position, sense of responsibility, and other qualities to assess their overall ability to qualify for a job.

Details written in credit reports

Credit reports indicate the candidate’s past experiences including names of previous employers and correct residential and office addresses. These act as verification that the information supplied by the candidate on his application form is accurate and truthful. They also verify if the candidate has a criminal record. Others include previous employment history and overall performance in previous jobs. Some also check whether there are any pending litigations against an applicant. Human resources also do reference checks at the personal and employment levels to judge reliability, character, and loyalty.

In some cases, they also conduct education check to confirm whether the prospective candidate has given accurate information about his educational background.

No matter what type of business you own, it’s important perform professional employee background check. Keep in mind that your employees will be instrumental on how far your business can go. Select the best and train them to their fullest potential.


Celebrities at Home in London

Few things cheer up a Londoner like having a celebrity for a neighbour. Not all celebrities bring such a lift to their neighbours’ lives, however. Some turn their elegant terraced houses into paparazzi-proof fortresses. Despite this, the capital would undoubtedly be duller without them.


Celebrities Flocking to London

Drawn by London’s unique culture and its apparently invincible property market, celebrities continue to flock the capital. In fact, Tom Cruise was reported to be eyeing up a home in the city last August. According to reports circulating the US at the time, the actor has narrowed his search to two areas: Notting Hill and St John’s Wood.

Celebrity Homes in London

Damian Lewis and his wife Helen Mc Crory, and Bill Nighy are residents in Tufnell Park. Once a poor relation to the home of Lord’s, the previously low-rent area has changed beyond recognition and is now regarded as the funkier address.

After living in East London for more than a year, Keira Knightley is selling her four-bedroom Georgian townhouse just off Commercial Road, however. The Oscar-nominated actress has decorated the property in what estate agents in East London like to call an eclectic style. According to a London-based celebrity property reporter, Keira Knightley and her husband James Righton listed the property with East London estate agents with an asking price of £3,000,000.

With London’s culture and property market, celebrities are flocking to the capital. This means that the city is as popular as it gets.

old car

Why Selling Your Junk Car is Your Best Bet

There are several ways to get rid of your junk car. Not all of them, however, can be your best choices. One of the best ways is to look for a junk car company and sell your vehicle to them. If you do a quick Internet research, you’ll get a comprehensive list of companies that buy junk cars.

old car

Here are some advantages of selling your old vehicle:

  • You can earn some extra money. Many companies online salvage old cars and sell their parts. Most of them offer competitive prices especially if your junk car still has parts that are in huge demand.
  • You get rid of an eyesore that’s taking up a lot of space in your garage or driveway.
  • Once the vehicle is gone, you’ll have more storage space for other important items at home.
  • Not only are you earning money and freeing up some valuable space, but you’re also helping the environment by recycling.

You may be surprised at how easy it is to get money in return for something you thought was already worthless. As long as steel remains a valuable material, old cars will also retain a certain value in the market.


Ways to Avoid Malpractice Claims

Many physicians fear having to face medical malpractice lawsuits. Every medical procedure comes with a few risks. When doctors commit mistakes, admitting error may go a long way toward preventing legal issues. Having medical malpractice insurance is the only way to protect yourself against legal issues.


With this in mind, here are some ways to avoid a malpractice claim:

Communicate diligently

Communicating clearly and effectively will go a long way. Patients are less likely to have problems with whom they have a positive relationship with. In addition to reducing errors, effective communication improves results and the reputation of your practice.

Make sure patients understand

Take time to make sure your patient understands the diagnosis, treatment, and medication plans. Inform them the benefits, risks, and costs of different procedures.

Expand your horizons

While most doctors stay updated with the latest guidelines for their specialty, latest advances in healthcare make it important to know what’s happening in the industry.

Listen and learn

Patients want to believe they’re the most important person you will meet that day and that you focus your attention on them. Have a suggestion box or a satisfaction survey, as this will help you build a better relationship and become a more emphatic physician.

Following these tips may help you avoid the most common malpractice errors and make sure you have happy patients.


Wearing the Right Shoes for Your Midi Dress

Wearing midi dresses is tricky because its hemline starts along the middle of the calf, making you look shorter than you actually are. This is why it’s not advisable for short people, though it doesn’t look good on some tall people, too. Other than complementing it with your height and curves, you also need to wear the appropriate shoes. This way, you won’t emphasise more on its shrinking feature.


The height of the shoes will depend on the cut of the hemline. It it’s higher, you’ll need to wear wedges or high heels higher than two inches. If the hem is longer and goes well past the knees, however, it’s acceptable to wear one-inch heels.

Avoid wearing flats because it lacks the ability to make your legs appear longer. Platform shoes or sandals are okay, though. Even if it’s technically flat in terms of appearance, it adds height.

Another trick is to wear high heels or wedges that show the toes. It creates an illusion because it exposes your skin, adding an extended effect to your legs. For casual midi dresses, however, ankle boots or a pair of chucks is advisable.
By wearing the correct footwear, you can improve your over all style. This way, you’ll look presentable from head to toe.


Condo 101: Things to Remember Before Renting a Condominium

When looking for a condo to rent, keep in mind a few important factors. This will avoid any complications once you’ve decided to move in.


Here are some steps you should follow when choosing a place to stay:

Visit the unit and make sure it’s clean and well maintained. See if the space is enough for all your furniture pieces and other requirements.

Some places are very strict and only allow a certain number of people per unit. Check how many can stay in one house. Also, ask if you can bring pets with you.
Make sure to ask about parking facilities. Generally, most places will allot parking spaces for you and your guests.

Get a copy of the restrictions and conditions from the landlord, so you won’t unknowingly disobey any rules.
Check on the use of public spaces like the swimming pool and clubhouse.

Understand all the rules on trash disposal.

Clarify who’s responsible for necessary repairs. Before you move in, inspect any damages and tell the property owner to have them fixed. This way, they won’t charge you for anything you’re not responsible for.

Searching for available condominiums for rent can be challenging. Fortunately, a quick online search can give you all the listings you need. This can help you save time and energy. Save the actual visits when you’ve finally narrowed down your choices.

carpeted floor

Get More from Your Floor: Different Types of Flooring

Flooring is an important part of your home design. As it covers a large area in your abode, it has lasting impact on your house’s overall appearance. Here are the different types of flooring you can choose for different areas in your home.


Tiles are available in styles such as ceramic, glass, and natural stone. As these tiles are moisture and stain-resistant, you can easily clean them. These are excellent choices for basements and bathrooms as well. You can choose Duraceramic flooring from stores like Rocha Flooring, which are warmer to the touch and comfortable underfoot.

carpeted floor


Carpets add a comfortable and decorative touch to your room. Carpets are the only type of floor covering that invites you to walk barefoot or sit on the floor. Because of their natural sound reducing properties, they are excellent for upper-floor bedrooms or hallways of multi-storey houses. Just make sure to choose reliable carpet binding services to preserve the beauty of your flooring.


Known for its warmth and elegance, hardwood is a fashionable choice for any room in your house. When maintained properly, this type can last for long years and its beauty increases with age. This easy-to-maintain flooring adds charm and value to any house.


Laminate is a cost-efficient alternative to hardwood. As this is scratch and dent resistant, it is an excellent option for active households. Many laminate flooring manufacturers also give extended warranties on certain finishes.

Whatever type of flooring you chose, contact a reliable manufacturer and get more value for your money. Make sure to choose the right style that can complement the design and function of the room.


Eye and Vision: Some of the Most Common Diseases

Eye problems are common among people as they get older. There are conditions, however, that can affect anyone regardless of age.

Here are some of the most common diseases related to the eyes:

Graves’ Disease

Also known as Thyroid Eye Disease or Graves’ ophthalmopathy, this condition is characterized by the enlargement of the eye muscles, upper eyelid retraction, swelling and redness. Fluids drawn into the muscle are stored, leading to scar tissue development. Also, swelling causes the muscles to push the eye forward, making it protrude.



This is the gradual clouding of the eye’s clear lens in the eye, resulting in a blurry or hazy image and light sensitivity. It’s a normal part of aging and can be treated.

Age-related Macular Degeneration

The macula is a small spot located near the back of the eye. This sends perceived images to your brain. It deteriorates with age, and symptoms may include blurry central vision, difficulty in distinguishing colours, distorted or wavy lines and loss of clear detail.


This is a group of ocular diseases that damage the eye’s optic nerve. This results in vision loss and blindness. Glaucoma occurs due to the increase in the normal fluid pressure inside the eyes.


This refers to the condition in which one or both eyes are not properly aligned due to a lack of coordination between the two. As a result, the eyes look in different directions and don’t focus on a single point at once.

Many eye problems have no early warning symptoms. This is why it’s advisable to take a dilated exam to detect eye problems in their early stages. This will allow you to have the best vision possible for years to come.

rubber roof

Three Quick Tips on EPDM Rubber Roof Maintenance

In the UK, EPDM rubber materials are the popular choice among families, especially for those who have low-sloping roof systems. The material provides sufficient protection against the natural elements, and can last longer than the conventional roofing components.

rubber roof

Still, despite its growing popularity, there are still many who are not acquainted with the proper methods for its maintenance. Sometimes, they spend more time replacing the rubber membrane than benefitting from it.

If you have EPDM rubber roofing, take these preventive maintenance tips into account, and make the most of the material’s benefits:

Petroleum distillates don’t go well with rubber

Substances containing petroleum solvents and harsh abrasives are incompatible with EPDM. They cause massive swelling and extensive damage to the membrane. So, be wary when using cleaners. Look for the information, and see if it lists petroleum distillates as ingredients.

Mind the gaps

Don’t take gaps for granted. Any open space a quarter of an inch wide can damage the membrane over time. Fill the gaps with wooden strips, and make sure they fit snugly.  For good measure, allow a few inches of the membrane to overlap on another. This way, you can be sure that no leaks will breach the roofing system.

Clean regularly

Nothing beats regular cleaning when it comes to EPDM rubber roofing maintenance. As often as possible, remove unwanted debris and check for any damages. This will also help you prepare whenever you have to replace the material in the future.

It pays to give extra attention to your EPDM rubber roof. After all, it protects your home from the elements. Just be sure to regularly check on your roof, and it’ll serve its purpose for a long time.