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Mesh vs. Solid Safety Pool Covers: Which One Provides Better Protection?

For absolute safety, pool owners need to choose whether they’ll go with a solid or a mesh pool cover. Pool safety covers are tools to make sure your children won’t accidentally fall into the pool. They also make your pool maintenance routine much more convenient. They’re available in different sizes, materials and shapes depending on your needs.

Among the different pool covers available, mesh and solid pool covers are the most popular. Coverstar, a leader in the automatic pool cover industry, explains why the two types are highly preferred.


Mesh Pool Safety Covers

These products are made out of flexible and durable porous materials. They feature a fine, mesh-like cover that allows the water and melted snow to drain freely into the pool. They act as a safety cover that provides excellent protection. They’re also light and very convenient to install and control. As water can pass through it, the cover isn’t weighed down by accumulated water weight, which also prevents any formation of puddles on top of the cover.

The mesh serves to keep debris like leaves and branches from entering the pool. When you take it out, the pool is mostly clean of particles. As a mesh cover is transparent, the sunlight can reach your pool water. This allows for the evaporation of excess chlorine present. The fact that water doesn’t collect on top of the cover means it can dry up very fast and is easy to remove any time.

Solid Pool Safety Covers

These types are completely sealed barrier usually made of vinyl or other similar material. They’re airtight and will not allow any form of debris from entering the pool water. This makes them advantageous over the mesh type because no dirt can pass through them. Also, they don’t allow sunlight exposure, which means algae won’t grow. Pool water becomes much cleaner and requires no additional cleanup. They’re also convenient to install and maintain.

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A Wedding Photographer: Making All the Magic Happen

Your wedding is one of the most special days in your life. That’s why a lot of preparation is needed before the real ceremony begins. Your friends and family, the favors, the flowers — everything is all set. But only one thing is left — the photographer. You can’t miss hiring one on your big day, for without a good wedding photographer, how can you expect to capture the memories of this special day forever?

Finding wedding photographers who can create lovely photo albums may be easy. But, what needs focus is choosing the best one — one who can bring out the perfect photos page after page of the album. According to Zookbinders, a leading creator or quality photo albums, here are some of many aspects you should consider when hiring a wedding photographer.

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Experience and Expertise

One of the most important aspects you should look is a photographer’s experience and expertise. This matters because in photography, small things count. This includes the proper use of available light, the ability to shoot at the right angles to get your best shot, and the skill to capture all the vital moments along with the people you value at your wedding. All these require both expertise and experience that only professionals have.

Impressive Portfolio

Professionalism is necessary in the photographer you choose, and the best way to measure the quality of his work by going through his portfolio. See if his work matches your preference. If you do, book his services early to avoid schedule conflicts.

Trustworthy Demeanor

The most important attribute of a photographer reflects on how well you’re able to connect with him. This is crucial because without good communication, the photographer will never know what you want, and you’ll never get the results you desire. This will only add up to wasted money.

So, if you’re at ease talking and working with the photographer, rest assured that your wedding photo book will be the envy of all your friends.

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Dental Dilemma: How Many Missing Teeth Can You Replace?

If you have a healthy mouth, there’s no limit to the number of teeth you can replace with implants. In fact, dental experts can use implants to replace a single tooth or a whole set teeth. You don’t need to have every tooth removed, though. It’s possible to replace only a few teeth and then bridge them together with a wire. To understand more of their uses, here’s a brief discussion from Currambine Dental, a highly personalised dental practice in the northern suburbs of Perth:

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Natural-Looking Teeth Replacements

Dental implants are artificial teeth. They’re secured to the jawbone, making them look, feel and function like natural teeth. These work well in many cases. However, it’s advisable to consult a good dentist and get the job done by a reputed professional to avoid problems later.

A single tooth can be replaced with an artificial one. They can also replace messy partial bridgework and dentures or badly decayed teeth.

For cases where a pricey and extensive treatment is needed to save a tooth, it may be more advisable to replace it with an artificial one. For people who are cavity-ridden, this is a very good option, as artificial teeth will never get a cavity. But, replacing one tooth or many is an intricate process. The extent of complications will depend on where the damage teeth are situated on ridge bone and the number of teeth to be replaced. Replacements might involve partial or complete dentures along with a bridge to hold them to the natural teeth. Dentist can also replace the visible parts of the lost teeth like the crown.

Customised Solutions for Teeth Issues

Dental implants are small devices made of titanium, which are surgically inserted directly into the jaw bone. They can replace the roots that support the lost teeth. Dentists specifically design the device to address the unique situation of each patient. If a single tooth or several teeth are to be replaced in a row, then a bridge can be fixed with two dental crowns at each end. These crowns are fixed to the natural teeth just next to the gap.

But, if several teeth have been lost in different areas, but with healthy teeth remaining between the gaps, partial dentures are advised. If the patient already has a bridge or a denture, the dentist will be hesitant to remove them, as the patient has grown used to them. So, the dentist will work around them. They can improve the existing dentures by providing a stronger support system.

The artificial teeth and inserts offer unmatched stability and help improve the function of the teeth. They also indirectly help preserve the density of the jawbone, as proper chewing and biting will improve blood circulation in the area.


How to Choose the Right Awning for Your Patio

Patio awnings are fantastic additions, adding both aesthetic appeal and overall value to a property. The right awnings can transform unremarkable patios and gardens into stunningly beautiful havens. They not only look great, they also provide protection from the weather.


As patios are places to have fun and relax, you should do your best to select an awning that creates a pleasant atmosphere while blending in with the surroundings. Specialists like The Blinds Gallery can offer advice on style and functionality. Consider the awning’s shape, materials, and any additional adornments, as these small things make a big difference.

  1. Choose the type of Awning – Patio awnings are split into two types: retractable and permanent.
    • Retractable awnings are best for small patios, and are often matched with wind screens. We suggest choosing between umbrellas, canopies, and retractable covers.
    • Permanent awnings, such as pergolas and gazeboes, are generally more expensive. But they add a great deal of value and beauty to large patios, and are definitely worth their cost.
  2. Choose the right materials – Awnings are made from a wide variety of materials, and each has its own unique flavour to add to your patio. For a rustic appeal, wood is a good choice. Metal is great for more modern designs, while aluminium is also good, but suffers in windy conditions. Fabric awnings vary widely in design, and can either complement or clash with your home and patio.
  3. Determining its shape and size – While there are some safe choices, you can let your creativity fly during this stage to add a unique flair to your design, turning your patio into something different from all the rest in your area.
  4. Adding awning adornments – For a minimalistic patio design, you can skip adornments entirely. Otherwise, you can place accessories, such as solar lights for a cosier atmosphere during evenings, or attach flower pots to make it livelier. These depend on your personal tastes and the style of your home.

These four factors determine the overall look of your awning, and whether or not it will fit in with its surroundings. Keep them in mind when choosing one to complete your patio design.

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Hiring a Recruiting Agency: Benefits and Services You Can Expect

Established recruitment agencies perform vital services in the field of selection and recruitment of personnel for companies. They cater to those who may not have the time, resources or even the expertise to manage the employment process. There are a number of different staffing agencies – temp, contract workers, and areas of industry, among others. Regardless of the type of employees a company may want, there are some advantages for employers who use staffing agencies.

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  • Expertise: Staffing or recruiting agencies have more expertise in finding and placing people in the right positions. Their databases are much larger than that of an employer. Also, they already have pre-screened and tested employees on their rolls, which cuts down on search and training costs for companies. Employees who come through recruitment companies have a lot of expertise and job related skills. Many staffing agencies specialise in particular fields and their placement is very accurate.
  • Costs: Staffing agencies lower costs by managing the entire recruitment process, doing pre-employment tests, background checks, and even drug testing. Every agency handles payroll processing and administering benefits, making it easier for companies of all sizes to focus on managing resources and capital.
  • Networks: Recruiters have access to a larger pool of workers than employers. For instance, employers can skip the step of advertising and interviewing for seasonal posts by hiring through staffing companies. All the paperwork is taken care of, and employers get the right employees immediately.
  • Employee retention issues: Employers who work with recruiting agencies for short term and even contract employees get an opportunity to evaluate how employees perform based on their qualifications and work habits before keeping them permanently. This aspect cuts down on employee attrition rates beyond the trial period. Recruiting agencies also provide employers and companies tremendous savings by cutting down on training, paperwork, and turnover. Even employees feel happy when they find the right job, leading to good morale within a company.

Staffing companies are now beginning to offer their services to multinationals by having people with portable skills on their rolls. Many agencies even use social media to encourage prospective employees to get in touch. After all, social platforms are a great tool to showcase talent and skills. Overall, the impact that staffing agencies have on the job market is undeniably remendous.

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Sun Safety on the Road: Preventing Sun Exposure Damage

While you will unlikely have a sunburn if you are in a car, UV rays can cause harmful skin damage. According to a 2011 study, people who spent most of time driving in a car each week are more likely to develop skin cancer.

Sun Damage

Although sun exposure is good for the body, too much can be harmful. The skin damage from different kinds of UV rays is cumulative. Sunrays can go deep into the skin, which can speed up the aging process. UV rays may also cause long-term damage that is not easily noticeable. This is one of the main reasons people do not realise that their skin can still sustain damage even when they are inside a car.

UV damage is extensive on the side of the body that is closer to the window. In the US, drivers have more skin damage on the left side of their face. In Australia, the damage is more prominent on the right side. Long-time drivers usually have rougher and more wrinkled skin on their window side.

Woman driving a car

Protection While Driving

Tint Works suggests that people who drive long periods during daylight hours use different sun protection measures. These include wearing protective clothing such as long-sleeved clothing or UV blocking sunglasses. It is advisable to use window tinting on cars as well to reduce the risk of sun exposure.

Window tint provides skin protection that can help prevent skin cancer. It acts as a sunscreen that offers daily sun protection. Quality window tint can block up to 99.9 percent of harmful UV rays, which offers a long-term solution to sun damage while sitting inside a car. It can reduce the amount of UV radiation transmitted to a vehicle.

It is also important to take additional precautions in convertibles or cars with sunroofs. It is advisable to wear a wide-brimmed hat and apply sunscreen to exposed areas like the neck or scalp.

Sun safety precautions are necessary to stay sun-safe while reaching the preferred destination, as noted by the World Health Organization. Protective clothing and UV-protective film or window tint are all important to avoid the damaging effects of the sun’s radiation.