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Social Media

How Technology Has Changed the Job Interview Process

Social MediaThere’s no debate that technology has changed the way we do business. Now, it’s also changing how businesses recruit and hire the best employees.

Over the last 15 or 20 years, the hiring process has been all about paper resumes and traditional sit-down interviews. Here’s how technology has changed the recruitment process.

Online Applications

Many jobseekers today apply online, as it speeds up the hiring process. Online applications benefit both employers and prospective employees. Companies can screen those who are eligible for the job and include them in the shortlist. They can see who’s the right one for the job, even by simply reviewing résumés online.

The Video Interview

Most businesses today conduct an interview through a video call, as it’s effective in cutting down time-to-hire. In addition, it’s less troublesome for jobseekers and the Human Resource team. During a video conference, businesses can hire employees based on the attitude, not IQ. No matter how smart or knowledgeable a person is, if he is arrogant, he can’t go a long way in any industry.

As Adigo, a leading provider of technological solutions, puts it: “There are plenty of reasons to put your money on video conferencing services for business. Apart from cutting the distance, having the ability to see whom you are talking to, and vice versa, makes the conference more personal and professional. It’s far easier to establish positive relationships and improve the flow of communication if conference participants see each other’s facial expressions and body language.”

Job Posting on Social Media

The days of posting job openings on newspapers or magazines are over. More and more applicants today are looking for job opportunities on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. On Facebook, jobseekers just need to join a certain group and look for the right job offer. LinkedIn, on the other hand, helps connect professionals with thousands of companies.

Recently, more and more companies have decided to adapt to the rapidly changing world of technology. If you don’t value its importance, your competitors may beat you and get the top-performing employees for themselves.

law library

Quick Guide on the DWI Laws in Texas

law library roomAlcohol and wheels will never work with each other, unless you’re after trouble. There are many factors to consider in determining if a person is drunk driving, including the body weight, gender, and number of drinks.

If there is something Texans won’t be proud to brag about, it is their title as the state with the most cases of driving under the influence of alcohol, which resulted in over 90 casualties in 2013. Here is a look at the state laws.

Basic Violation and Punishment

You can be arrested and charged with Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) if a police officer proves you’re legally drunk or got a rating .08 for your breath or blood alcohol concentration (BAC) test. If you’re impaired due to alcohol or any drugs, you’re also considered intoxicated no matter what your BAC rate is. Moreover, you can be fined by as much as $500 if there’s an open alcohol container in the car.

If you’re drunk driving with a passenger who is 15 years old and below, you may be charged with child endangerment. Furthermore, you’re likely to receive a fine of as much as $10,000, up to two years of incarceration in state jail, along with confiscation and suspension of your driver’s license for 180 days.

When Stopped by the Authority

If a police officer pulled you over, prepare to show your driver’s license and vehicle registration. If you refused to take the BAC test, your license will be automatically suspended for 180 days and be punished depending on the number of convictions. For two or more convictions within five years, you’re compelled to install a special ignition that prevents you from operating the vehicle if you’re impaired.

Seeking Legal Assistance

In case you’re charged with drunk driving, seek the services of legal practitioners. There are a number of DWI lawyers in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and other cities in Texas because of the common occurrence of the violation. Their knowledge and experience in handling such case should prove to be valuable.

No one should drink alcohol if they are planning to drive after. Ask someone to drive for you or just get a cab instead. If you’re in a friend’s house, it will be better to spend the night there.


Earning High Returns from Display Homes

HouseBuilders and developers often market display homes. These fully furnished homes are a great way for potential buyers to view the home as it would look like finished, while making money from it. This also allows people a chance to buy a home that has immense aesthetic appeal, as well as a number of extra features that enhances its appeal.

There are several advantages of buying a display home, no matter the reasons, as Cougar Homes points out in the following section.

Benefits of Buying a Display Home

1.    The display home’s design includes a number of extra features to improve the appeal of the home, like gazebos, modern designs and extensive landscaping. The furnishings of the display house are appealing and comfortable.

2.    Many builders often allow tenants to stay in display houses after they sign a lease or rental agreement. Moreover, the builder often covers additional or overhead costs, like insurance and maintenance costs.

3.    The homeowner can make a profit by investing in display homes. Upon buying the display unit, the owner can lease the unit back to the developer, and earn higher rates of return in the process. Often, these display units are also eligible for tax depreciations and deductions.

4.    For the builder, leasing the display home frees up capital to allow them to undertake other tasks and projects. Developers usually invest a lot of money into designing, building and furnishing the display home. Hence, finding a good buyer for the unit allows them to get back a portion of this investment.

Buying a home does not always have to be a mass-produced unit; it pays to look at display homes as well. Even if you do not want to use such an investment to earn, it helps you gauge how your home would look fully furnished, as well as judge the builder’s quality of work.

Eco-Friendly Gate and Fence

Ways to Make Outdoor Renovation Eco-friendly

Eco-Friendly Gate and FenceMany people tend to spend their time indoors, especially with the humid weather in Western Australia. It is not a valid reason, though, to neglect the needs of these spaces.

A lot has been written about indoor improvements, like cleaner air techniques or installing solar panel roofs. As much as the home receives eco-friendly improvements whenever the year begins, so too should the patio, swimming pool, gates and fences. Here are some ways to extend the energy-savers outside the home.

Swimming Pools

The most adored swimming pool can use technology to save on warming energy for one. The trend is still on when it comes to no-chemical all-natural swimming pools.

These are basically low-tech and affordable swimming pools that are filled with organic plants. They use more gravel and clay instead of concrete and fibreglass. Aquatic plants instead of chlorine and expensive mechanical filtering systems. The best thing about it is its natural purification system. It enriches the pool with oxygen, supports beneficial bacteria and provides natural habitat for aquatic life.

Gates and Fences

The gates and the fences do not merely comprise the first defence of the fortress. And neither are these just tools giving the first impression about your home. These, first and foremost, secure your property perimeter.

As much as the swimming pool, the gates and fences can benefit from energy-saving improvements. Any home may benefit from fences and gates, says Designed for affordable security, aluminium gates and fences can be environmentally friendly if they used proper paints. Powder-based coatings are solvent-free and are healthier than liquid paint.

For maximising the airy breeze in the suburban, gates and fences should contribute using designs that let the air permeate the home. Horizontal pattern is recommended for this purpose.


The patio can benefit from a little spruce changes in the lighting system. Compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) are replacing incandescent bulbs. CFLs can save as much as 75% less energy than incandescent. That means less heat by product, less electricity consumption and more savings.

More on energy savings, installing motion-detector units for lights is one way to ensure that the lights are only on use when needed.  These motion-detectors have timers that are set to automatically switch outdoor lights on and off for maximum cost-efficiency.

Other than these, patios that are bedecked during special occasions can use linear fire that uses bioethanol. Great for parties, bioethanol fires are not only attractive, but it can replace bonfires to warm up outdoor parties.

Now there’s nothing to keep anyone from ticking that going green resolution from your list. Start the year right with these energy-saving methods and save thousands of dollars later on. Environment-friendly improvement is not only for aesthetics, but also for money-saving.

The Framework of Caregivers

The Framework of Caregivers

The Framework of CaregiversHome care services are non-medical support and care delivered at the residence of the elderly. The goal of such services is to keep the elderly parents at home for as long as possible without sending them out to any senior care or assisted living centres.

The following is a discussion of how in-home care services can help seniors.

Ideal Option for Senior Care

This is the best option if they are healthy and only need assistance with their daily activities. With this kind of care, they can continue to live in the comforts of their residence.

Professionals called caregivers provide in-home care, and by extension an informal network of family members, friends and neighbours.

Within the framework of home care, it offers several services, although only non-medical care is in the contract of senior caregiving. This includes a little supervision and companionship during the time you are not present to take care of their needs.

You can also hire them to help the elders with their daily living such as toileting, bathing, shaving, dressing and taking medication, even when you are present.   You can have a day nurse and another night nurse, if you feel your parents need assistance 24-7.

General Housekeeping

Whether the elders live with you or away from you, these caregivers can help with the cooking and housekeeping. They can even run errands, help with bank work and attend to mail. They can liaison with your parent’s general physicians and dentist, and accompany them during their regular health checkups. Some agencies even offer some modes of transport, if these are not available.

In some cases, if the agency feels that certain aspects of the home needs modifications for the safety of your parents, they will arrange for such renovations as well. They can also provide respite care, when you need a break for a couple of hours or days.

Caregiving is not a medical profession; for treating the elderly with an illness, you should still consult your doctor. Still, caregivers provide seniors with the comfort that they deserve in the waning years of their life, and make it that even with an illness they can live as easily as possible.