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The Truth About Keratin Hair Straightening: Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid

ModelKeratin hair straightening is done by applying a keratin hair-straightening chemical on your hair. Keratin is a protein naturally found in human hair, and this straightening process puts some more keratin to your hair to become stronger and straighter.

For the keratin treatment to work, specialists apply the product onto your hair, and a flat iron seals the keratin in your hair. After the treatment, you cannot wash your hair for two to three days. Otherwise, the keratin will flake off.

The Real Deal

The formula of hair straightening is safe for your hair and it will not damage your strands in any way. The only thing that will damage your hair is the heat of a flat iron. Due to that, it is important that you let a professional handle your hair and to only apply the necessary heat to your hair to minimise damage, advises Circles of Subiaco.

Addressing Formaldehyde Concerns

Most keratin hair straightening products contain trace amounts of a chemical-organic compound called formaldehyde. Some experts link this chemical to numerous health concerns.

Expect that irritation will occur if it gets direct contact to your skin, nose, and eyes. The amount of formaldehyde applied to a customer’s hair in a salon is within safe levels. Still, salon professionals, who directly deal with keratin straightening products, should worry with such a risk.

Precautionary Measures

Most keratin straightening products have low amounts of formaldehyde and safe for such usage. The one thing that makes hair straightening a bit disconcerting is the chemicals that some salon employees mix with their products.

As a precaution, it is best that you go to a beauty salon that you trust. Alternatively, you can always ask the hair professional about the formulation of the hair straightening product that he uses and make sure that he does not add anything to it, which could risk your health.

Kuala Lumpur

The Cheaper Way to Travel from KL to Singapore

Kuala LumpurPenny-pinchers would surely love this deal: SGD20 (Economy) to SGD56 (VIP) for a Kuala Lumpur (KL) to Singapore one-way ticket, thereabouts. You would probably ask, ‘Who would be crazy enough to offer this deal considering standard airline tickets cost double the price?’

Travel by Land

Here’s the catch. You will be traveling by bus, not airline. Yes, traveling time may take longer, but think of what you can do with your savings. You can add this to your hotel and meal expenses and probably see other interesting sights in Kuala Lumpur as well.

Comfort Never Compromised

You do not have to sacrifice comfort either when you travel by bus. Like in a passenger jet, there is enough leg and elbowroom inside the bus. You can travel using a luxury bus if you wish, which allows you more space, adds

Some buses offer on-board meals so you will not have to buy food during stopovers. In addition, these buses offer Wi-Fi services to keep you connected. During the trip, you can therefore surf the Internet or chat with family and friends.

The Heart of Kuala Lumpur

Here is another deal that makes bus lines even harder to resist. Unlike airports where you need to check out and take a cab, the bus will take you right into Kuala Lumpur’s city centre. At Kuala Lumpur’s city centre, there are more public transports available.

Buying Tickets

Like airline tickets, you can now buy bus tickets online. On the other hand, if you want to spare yourself the trouble of finding a hotel to stay in and cars for rent, some travel and tour shops offer these miscellaneous services.

Buses are now the more preferred option of travellers and backpackers, considering that they are cheaper and afford more views (for far longer) than a plane ever would. Singapore now offers ticket reservations online, which makes it more convenient.


A Host’s Guide for a Cocktail Party

CocktailYou have finally decided to hold a cocktail party or function at one of the venues in Brisbane. However, you have to keep in mind the guests you are going to invite. This will determine how much food and drinks you would serve.

Typically, how much food and drink does an average guest consume? Here is your guideline.

Time and Food

Keep in mind that the time of serving the cocktails is crucial. This means that if you serve them before mealtime, guests are more likely to be hungry. Therefore, there should be enough food to constitute a meal. Eight to ten types of hors d’oeuvres would be enough. Conversely, five to six types of hors d’oeuvres would be sufficient if you will throw a cocktail party after meal hours.

The gender and age of guests determine as well how much of each type of food they would consume. Men generally have bigger appetites than women and seniors. Approximately each guest would eat two or three of each. Still, it is best if you add a few extras on the menu.


To be on the safe side, stick to popular alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Men typically prefer more alcohol while some women and seniors favour non-alcoholic.

The Regatta Hotel explains that one litre bottle of alcohol yields approximately 22 mixed drinks. On the other hand, a 750-ml bottle of champagne fills six regular champagne glasses. Each guest usually drinks an average of two glasses during the first hour and finishes off with another before closing time.

Garnishes are relatively cheap, but you do not need plenty of this. Each guest can have 1/2 lemon and 1/2 lime and two each of olives, cherries, and onions. Ice on the other is very cheap, so keep a good stock. Any unused ice can keep bottles cold.

To make sure all of your guests are satisfied, just add a few extras of each. Should there be any leftovers, you may offer some of your guests to take home.

mold removal

Controlling Mold Growth in Your Home: A Few Things to Consider

mold removalMold damage can have some effects on the health of the people in your home. Not only can mold cause allergies, but it can also cause breathing problems. In rare cases, it can also cause the development of rashes. If you ignore mold growth, it can cause bigger, costlier problems for you. Keeping your home free of mold makes sure your home looks clean and presentable, and that the health of your loved ones is not affected.

You need to act fast to avoid this problem. Here are some tips to make sure your home is free of molds:

  • Reduce the clutter. Clutter can block the airflow in the room and cause condensation. Excess moisture in your home can promote mold growth.
  • Keep an eye on the temperature in your home. Hot and humid homes present an ideal environment for the growth of molds and fungi. Make sure that the thermostat and air conditioning units in your home are set to the right temperatures. House humidity that’s over 70% can cause mold growth.
  • Keep your doors and windows closed when the AC is turned on. Leaving the doors and windows open when the AC is running allows humid air into your home, which can cause condensation to form.
  • Make sure there are no leaks in pipes. Leaky pipes can promote the growth of mold and fungi on walls as well as in places where the water collects. To avoid mold damage, Utah homeowners recommend checking for water leakage near your pump, hot water tanks, freezer, refrigerator, etc.

If the mold growth in your home gets out of control, you need to hire a professional. You can easily find professionals who specialize in controlling mold damage. Check the local and online directories for listings of professionals and companies near you.

machinery sheds

4 Ways Machinery Sheds Can Work Wonders for You

machinery shedsMachinery sheds. If you own a farm, a large garden, a big yard, or any industrial or commercial workshop, building one seems practical. Apart from giving machines and tools a long-lasting home, they make sure they are always protected. But, do you know these equipment shelters can actually make your life a bit easier, too?

Here are four ways machinery sheds can be beneficial to you:

1. You can complement your workshop.

Why not check out the coolest designs of sheds for your machinery and complement your workshop’s appearance? Rather than settling for a basic shelter, consider installing different types of doors, walls, roofs and other materials for your machinery shed. If it suits your line of work, take things up a notch by going for a contemporary style. Let your creativity loose and awe your customers.

2. You have a storage place all your tools.

Your tools are among your most valuable assets. Since it’s not rare for them to go missing, you could use a storage place. If they’re often left lying around within your workshop, don’t be surprised if you can’t find any of them the next morning. By building a shed, you can give them a home of their own.

3. You get to be more productive.

Just because it’s raining heavily doesn’t mean you have a reason to skip a day’s work. The same goes when it’s scorching hot outside. With a shed for machinery, you (and your equipment) can stay safe from concerns regarding harsh weather conditions while attending to your usual load.

4. You have a comfortable spot when taking breaks.

Whether you have a wooden shed, a plastic shed, or a metal shed, having a shed for machinery within your workshop can be convenient for you. Make sure it’s insulated, so you can be comfortable inside.

With a machinery shed, you wouldn’t have to go someplace else to rest once in a while. It saves you time and effort.

Electric Fences for Animals

Efficient Animal Control: Electric Fence Systems

Electric Fences for AnimalsCompared to traditional fencing such as woven and barbed wires, electric fences are more versatile and have revolutionised pasture management profitability in terms of animal and livestock control. Other than separating different groups of animals and keeping predators and vermin out, electric fencing also prevents livestock from eroding trees, rivers, and roads.

The typical electric fence serves as a psychological barrier that keeps farm animals in and unwanted animals out, even from long distances. further explains why electric fences are a much better option.

More Affordable

Electric fences do not have very heavy physical barriers, so construction is typically cheaper than most other fences. They may need newer posts and wires, but they require less labour to put up. It is also suitable for DIY, as it does not need special abilities other than precise and careful handling. You can install a fence safely on your own by following a few simple instructions.

Safe Alternative

Electric fences provide a safe alternative to barbed wire or any other conventional fences. The electric shock from the fence causes no physical harm to animal pelts or skin. There is only a short and safe pulse of electricity that creates a psychological barrier. The electric shock is sufficient enough that the animal will remember and stay away from the fence.

Flexible Choice

Various electric fence systems offer flexibility in designing an enclosure. You can choose from permanent, semi-permanent, and portable application. These fences can also be designed to work in different environments and geographical conditions. You can place them on all types of soils, including sandy and rocky.

Extended Service Life

Electric fences do not suffer the same physical pressure from farm animals, which can therefore contribute to extended service life. Monitoring of the voltage and periodic inspection of vegetation approaching the fence lines will avoid costly problems in the future.

A good quality fence can keep your livestock safe for 25 years or more without major rebuilding. Make sure that your electric fences are installed properly and maintained on a timely basis to get all the advantages of an electric fence.

Nissan cars

3 Things to Expect When Selling to a Car Wrecker

Nissan carsOften, vehicles not in a running condition, for which repairs will cost more than it is worth, are a waste of your yard space. While you can sell your out-of-commission vehicle to a junkyard, you have another option available: to sell your car to a wrecking service.

Selling your vehicle to a wrecking service ensures that you gain more money in your sale. An auto wrecking service buys vehicles that no longer run or those that are impractical to fix, and then dismantles the vehicle. The wrecking service then sells the parts extracted to other vehicle owners who are looking for reasonably priced and hard-to-find parts., a Nissan car wrecker in Perth, discusses three things to expert if you want to sell your car to a wrecker.

1. Every vehicle is of different value. The price the wrecker offers you will depend upon a range of factors, including the car’s year of make, the number of parts in good working condition, and the overall condition of your vehicle.

2. Some wreckers offer vehicle pick up services. This saves you the trouble of having to have your car towed to the wrecking yard, in terms of cost and effort. Usually, the wrecker or the wrecking service offers you money on the spot for your vehicle as well.

3. To ensure that you get the best price for your vehicle, you can have the value of your car assessed independently. When you sell your vehicle to a wrecker, this helps you negotiate a good price.

Car wreckers offer low prices for their car parts. These parts can be either branded or generic that they salvaged from vehicles sold to them. Some wreckers deal exclusively with parts and vehicles of a particular brand. Perth is home to many car wreckers; you need only do your part in researching.

Taking Care of Your Knees

Ways to Keep Your Knees Healthy

Taking Care of Your KneesYour legs probably the strongest part of the body because they carry the weight of the whole body. With extensive force and tension, though, your knees become weaker over time, causing problems to occur.

Lifetime Vibe explained that “Knee pain can come from an injury, a sprain, or tear. It can come from a disease like osteoarthritis or from inflammation such as bursitis. It can be a deformity or a syndrome, such as runner’s knee.” Taking care of your knees is important to do the things you want to.

Age is the primary cause of knee problems. The older you become, the more you get prone to arthritis – a problem wherein the knee cartilage breaks down and the joint gets inflamed. You can’t avoid this condition, but you can delay its occurrence by keeping the flexibility and strength of your knees through exercise.

Live a Healthy and Active Lifestyle through Exercise

Through daily exercise, you can manage your weight, relieving sufficient downward force to your knees and legs. The most ideal exercises for the knees are running and jogging. These develop muscles in your legs. If you don’t have the spare time, you can just make it a habit to walk to and from your office every day.

Prevent Problems Even Before They Happen

Exercise is really helpful, though it can also cause problems when not done properly. Spending too much time on using your legs can wear it out easily. If you’re already feeling pain in your leg muscles, let the doctors check it for injuries. Keep the intensity of the exercise to manageable levels as much as possible.

You don’t need medication to keep your knees healthy. These are just some of the natural ways to avoid getting that important body part from injuries. Eat right and exercise regularly to prevent unwanted diseases and injuries from happening. Healthier and active knees mean a better quality of life.

online ads

No Kidding: Humor Makes Ads More Effective

online adsName three television commercials you remember in detail. Some of the most likely examples of TV ads that may have gotten stuck in your mind for weeks include the Cadbury Dairy Milk ad where a gorilla drums to the beat of the Phil Collins song “In the Air Tonight,” or perhaps that Budweiser ad where everybody calls each other and moans and bawls “Whassup?”.For sure, the commercials you remember most are those that made you smile—laugh your heart out—in one way or another.

Humor has long been used in many advertising campaigns—may it be television, radio or print. Humor makes ads more enjoyable. It keeps the attention of viewers, and stops them from changing channels. Most importantly, humor makes the brand memorable. It effectively increases brand recall.

Humor, although influential and contagious, must be used strategically and should support branding and communication for the ad to be effective.

How Humor Makes Ads Memorable

Did you know that almost half of all ads worldwide have a tinge of humor? That’s how common an element humor is in advertising. Research and advertising experts from Penna Powers say that humor is effective in ads because of the element of unpredictability. If something in an ad is unexpected, it’s more likely to be remembered.

The Viral Effect of Humorous Ads

Because it effectively increases brand recall, humorous ads are more likely to go viral. Plus, humor is social by nature. When people find something funny, the natural response is to share it with others.

Inject a hint of humor if you want your ads to be memorable and viral. Given the fine line between humor and annoyance, the dilemma is in how to deliver the right tone of humor.

Market and Medium, Key to Nailing the Humorous Ad

When planning an ad, it’s important to remember that humor is relative. What’s funny to you may not be funny to your audience, and what’s funny to a certain audience group may be offensive to another. This is why it’s important to know your market well.

Another thing to consider is the medium. Humor can have different impressions, depending on whether the medium is public or private. For instance, online ads are primarily viewed privately. But when the ads go viral—when there is a collective sense of enjoyment—it becomes more effective.

Harness the power of humor in your ads. Work with advertising experts, so you can guarantee that your ads stay relevant, memorable and contagious in the market.

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3 Things Tennis and SEO Have in Common

stockimages at freedigitalphotos.netIt was just the first round of Wimbledon, but things were a bit intense for players John Isner and Nicolas Mahut. Both players made tennis history when neither of them could defeat each other. The match, which was suspended for several days, lasted about 11 hours and five minutes. Isner emerged victorious when he broke Mahut’s concentration and won the longest tennis match ever.

An intense game in tennis is much like an SEO campaign. You will have determined opponents and your competitors will push your game to the limit. You have to do your best and challenge your old methods to gain the top spot.

Tennis and SEO, however, are more than just an intense game with tough opponents. There is a price up for the match, and it is way more than what you can imagine. Bambrick Media shares the other things tennis and SEO have in common:


Tennis is focused on winning matches to up your rankings. Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer, and Rafael Nadal gain the top spots this year because they dominated most of their recent matches. Ranking is everything for a tennis player. It defines them and it is actually a long journey of getting the top spot.

The same goes for SEO. Your Google ranking defines your business; your SEO efforts will be reflected on your current rankings. If you are on the first page of search results, your efforts are paying off. If you are nowhere to be found, however, then there is a long journey ahead if you want to see a major increase in your rankings.

Statistics and Numbers

Novak Djokovic gained the top spot this year because his stats are impressive. According to his ATP match facts, Djokovic has only six double faults and won more than 90 per cent of service games. When you manage to play well in a match, your tennis statistics will improve and ranking will take care of itself.

SEO also involves a lot numbers such as conversion, bounce rates, and visits. If you manage to perform well on these numbers, you will see improvements in your rankings. You need to challenge your old methods and beat your competitors to see big improvements.


Rafael Nadal lost his recent quarterfinal against Tomas Berdych because his performance was simply bad. He was not in good form and this was evident in his serves, backhand technique, and unforced errors. Berdych took advantage of his weakness and defeated the world number three in three sets.

Weakness can spell trouble on your journey to the top. If you can’t compete with competitors, you will surely fall back and lose your rankings. You have to address your weaknesses and always keep an eye on your competitors.

A tennis match is like a game in SEO. If your game plan isn’t working, you have to tweak it according to your opponent. This is the only you can win a match and up your rankings.