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Say Goodbye to your Second-Hand Auto When You See These Signs

use carsSome people consider cars as more of a necessity than a luxury, thanks to highways and long travel time. This has prompted people to buy cars instead of traveling in cramped public transports. This has also resulted to the rise in car sales, even with second-hand models.

Second-hand vehicles have their merits, especially if they are as good as new. There are limits to the functions of a pre-owned vehicle, though. Whether you like it or not, time will come when you’ll have to replace your old wheels with new ones.

The question is, “How do you know when to bid your used car goodbye?”

Mechanic Trips

As the team of explains, the most obvious sign would be the frequent trips to the mechanic. This is a sure sign of possible engine problems that could bring even bigger issues later on. Even regular maintenance might not be enough to save your car if this is the case.

Basic Car Function Problems

Another sign to look for is when the engine light does not go off. It’s not dangerous in itself, but it can be an inconvenience. Continually replacing the wires and spark plugs can be a nuisance for you.

Performance Trouble

Your car not reaching its standard speed is also a sign you have to buy a new vehicle. A slow-moving car won’t live up to its main purpose: to transport you to places quickly. Similarly, you need to replace your car if it does not fit your lifestyle anymore. A four-seater drive will not suffice for a big family, and a large van
would be too spacious for a modest number of passengers.

Despite what the dealer says, used vehicles may have undetected problems. In other words, a test drive may not gauge the overall performance of the auto. If you were unable to find a quality pre-owned car, buying a new model would be the more prudent choice. With new cars, you don’t have to worry about performance problems anytime soon.


Human Thermal Comfort: Effects of Ventilation

An energy efficient air conditioning or ventilation system is only effective when it makes people inside, comfortable. The comfort levels vary among a group of people; that is why it is important to have proper air circulation, humidity, and temperature.

airconHuman Thermal Comfort

Thermal comfort is difficult to measure as it is a subjective matter that varies from person to person. It is the condition of satisfaction that you feel about your environment. A warm sensation is pleasing to the body, if it is too cold, inversely; a cold environment is satisfying when it is too hot.

Temperature affects productivity of workers in an office, but the temperature of the skin varies depending on the part of the body. The differences occur in blood flow and the subcutaneous fat; the insulative features of clothing and the condition of the environment affect these.

The humidity of a room plays a role in triggering an asthma attack and the thermal comfort that people feel. High levels of indoor humidity are often the cause of mould growth in homes or offices. The mould growth lowers the air quality and release allergens into the air, leading to a higher possibility of an asthma or allergic attack.

Eastside Refrigeration Ltd cites that proper ventilation improves air quality, helps control temperature, and lowers humidity levels of a room.

Proper ventilation allows air to circulate; it also filters out allergens, dirt, and other pollutants that may linger in the air. This makes sure that people with asthma or allergies do not have an attack while working or relaxing at home.

Research reveals that the optimum workplace temperature is somewhere between 21 to 23 degrees Celsius. This level provides the maximum productivity for workers as it is not too cold or too warm.

To reach the right temperature and air quality, proper ventilation is important. Install air conditioning and ventilation systems to reach the ideal human thermal comfort.


Restaurant Uniforms: What You Wear Flavours the Food

restaurantRestaurants are all about serving good food and making sure that the customers have a good dining experience. It’s easy to think that what the staff wears – be it the chefs or the servers – don’t really contribute much to that. But, what you might not know is that, whether you realise it or not, is that they actually have a big impact on the overall experience of dining in the restaurant.

How Uniforms Affect the Staff

To put it simply, wearing restaurant uniforms makes you feel like you’re a part of something. You end up feeling like you’re part of something committed to giving good service and good food. It also gives you a sense of pride as an employee of that restaurant, and allows you to identify yourself with it. Also, uniforms give a sense of professionalism to everyone at work. This boosted confidence is reflected in how everyone in the restaurant works – the chefs cook with more assurance, and the servers are more certain that they are serving great food.

How Uniforms Affect the Diners

As for the customers, seeing the employees in clean, crisp uniforms makes them more confident and reassured that they are being served well, and served by the best. Also, uniforms make it easier to distinguish who the employees are. This gives the diners a secure sense that the staff are composed of people ready and willing to serve.

Clearly, uniforms are more than just something to wear. They can add a lot to the experience of the people who choose to dine in your restaurant. Of course, you have to get your uniforms made by someone who can make sure that you will look and feel your best in what they do.

Summer party

The Secrets to Planning the Best Summer Party Ever

Summer partyThe last few months has probably been not too much fun—cold days just make people want to burrow in their beds and generally not do anything. But with summer just around the corner (hurray!), the warm weather simply inspires everyone to gather together and have some fun! Whether you’re planning for a small backyard get-together with friends and family or for the party of the year, here are some tips that will make sure everyone you invite will be talking about come fall.

Plan and organize

Think ahead and plan. Do you want to have a theme? How many guests? Your menu? The venue? Create a simple checklist of the basics to make sure you will have everything that you need for the day. You can do it old-school with pen and paper or to make things much easier, suggests using any of the readily available event management applications on the market.

It’s all about the lights (oh and a theme would be great, too)

Make sure that you set the right atmosphere for your party by having the perfect lighting. The secret is to have just enough light so everyone can see everybody else’s expressions—bright lights can be too intimidating.

Speaking of atmosphere, having a theme will also help enhance it. Set a festive tone with a Hawaiian-inspired luau maybe? Or how about a classy retro backyard party for your pals? It’s all up to you.

…and the FOOD!

With summer parties, take advantage of what’s available. Why not try a watermelon (the quintessential summer fruit) inspired drink or dish. Also, do take into account if any of your guests have some food restrictions (allergies or diet) and make sure you whip up something that they can fully enjoy, too.
Oh and the music!

Set up a playlist in advance to ensure that there won’t be awkward silences. Have a good mix of slow and dance-y tunes that your guests will love.


Simple Kettlebell Exercises for Starters

workoutLooking at a dumbbell or kettlebell suggests rigorous workout. Perhaps the most popular excuse for not exercising is, ‘I don’t have the time’. With everyone’s busy schedule and family life, working out is often left out of people’s daily routine, without realising that this contributes greatly to a person’s overall wellness.

A kettlebell workout is a good cardio exercise. It helps improve mobility, strength, and endurance. Here are a few short exercises for beginners:

1. The Slingshot

a. With feet wide apart, hold the kettlebell horn with both hands. Your arms must be at waist-level.
b. Release your left-hand grip. Hold the kettlebell in your right hand and then pass it onto the left hand. Do this in a circular motion.

The slingshot targets the arms, abs, oblique, and back.

2. Kettlebell Squats

a. Grab the kettlebell’s handle and stand up with feet apart. Place the kettlebell in front of your chest, holding it firmly with both hands.
b. Start squats, holding the kettlebell in the same position. Make sure to observe the correct squat form.

Squats target the butt, legs, back, shoulders, arms, and abs.

3. High Pull

a. Stand with your feet wide apart, toes turned 45 degrees outwards.
b. Grab the kettlebell placed between your legs with both hands and pull it upwards to your chest.

The high pull targets the shoulders and the arms.

You can do these few routines easily using a kettlebell. If you are still thinking about using kettlebells for your daily workout, then knowing about its benefits can be helpful. For starters, Hollywood celebrities such as Penelope Cruz, Kim Basinger, Jennifer Aniston (who has really great abs), and Jennifer Lopez are fans of kettlebell exercises.

But before you go ahead and start training using kettlebells, make sure to have someone knowledgeable about it guide you.


Getting Your Dream Home

homeYou may get so worked up with all the property choices that you may forget to pay attention to the other important details that come with purchasing your very own home.

It may be quite stressful, but don’t just dismiss options without thinking about what you really want in a home. This is important so you can perfectly envision that dream home you’re longing for.

What to consider

Money and property availability are two important concerns that should be foremost things in your mind. You have to work within your means and think about present and future scenarios.

If you are a first time buyer of a property, you might as well think about applying for the stamp duty allowance and First Home Owner Grant plans courtesy of the Australian government. An experienced professional or property developer may help you understand the issues associated with the purchase of your preferred property.

Buying an existing home

If you are thinking about buying an existing house, it is better to talk things through with a real estate agent. You must first consider the condition of the house and the possible renovation expenses you would have to cover in negotiating for the final purchase price.

In case you want to get a unit within a residential building, do not be shocked with all the fees you need to settle like the sinking funds, liability insurance and corporate payments.

Buying land for your future home

According to in Melbourne, buying land for sale is a great option for ending up with the home of your dreams. Consulting with a property developer gives you access to land that is ready for development within well-planned communities. You may select the location of the lot and choose from a wide range of home designs that will suit your preferences.

Before buying either an existing home or a lot, list down what you are looking for in a home. You should always be clear with what you want, so you will get a home that will be just right for your needs.

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Practical Yet Overlooked Remedies for Curing Bad Breath

open mouthAnyone can have smelly breath sometimes, and getting rid of it is quite a challenge. Even with brushing, flossing and mouth washing, cavities and gum disease can still give you bad breath. There are numerous ways to fight dental problems like halitosis, including these simple tips.

Clean your tongue after brushing your teeth.

According to research, there might be more bacteria gathered in your mouth than there is in your entire body. Bad breath is caused by germs, and mouthwash is only a temporary solution.

Brush your teeth regularly as a defense against plaque and germs. Brushing helps remove food specks that have stuck between the teeth.

Use a toothbrush that has a tongue cleaner.

The rough surface of the tongue is home to a potentially bad smelling combination of dead cells, food debris, and bacteria. This cleaner scrapes the surface to remove odor without harming the tongue. A separate tongue scraper is also available from drugstores.

Drink a lot of water and stay hydrated.

Don’t depend on mint to freshen your breath. Drinking water will keep your saliva flowing throughout the day. Mint and chewing gums can help you remove bad breath temporarily, but these won’t kill the bacteria. In addition, chewing gums that contain sugar can worsen the condition of your teeth.

Rinse your mouth after eating or drinking.

This helps you to get rid of food particles that may get stuck in between teeth. Soda or other acidic beverages will release composite into your bloodstream that will, in turn, release odor. Try buying natural breath fresheners the next time you visit a store.

Find the cause of bad breath.

Highlands Ranch Dental Group explains that there are several causes of bad breath, from stomach problems to teeth problems. There are also non-dental reasons, such as sore throat, tonsillitis and infection. Get help from your oral hygiene expert to find the right treatment options for your condition.

With the many things that can cause bad breath, everyone can deal with this oral health problem. Make sure to keep your breath fresh by finding the root cause and getting the necessary treatment.


Playing in Outdoor Playgrounds: Safety Rules for Parents

playgroundStrolling around the park and having your kids play in a playground is an excellent way for your kids to get their much needed exercise and a dose of fresh air. Playing in an outdoor playground will be hassle-free and fun when you and your kids always keep in mind the importance of playing and staying safe. Here are some basic rules to live by:

  • Outdoor play equipment must have suitable landing surfaces. They should be sufficiently deep and soft enough to absorb falls. Suitable materials include sand, mulch, wood chips, and pea gravel.
  • Raised equipment like those for climbing and sliding must have sturdy barriers and handrails to prevent falls.
  • Thoroughly check structures for potentially hazardous surfaces or objects that can harm your kids.
  • Make sure that your kids only play on equipment suitable for their age group. A good rule of thumb is if your kids can’t reach or grasp the equipment, then they must not spend their time there at all.
  • Always supervise your kids when playing to keep track of hazardous or risky behaviour.
  • While your first instinct is to always keep your kid safe, avoid sliding down with your little one on the sliding equipment because it’s much safer for your kid to be alone.
  • Tell your kids to not play with or pick up trash from the ground and to inform you or other adults if they see syringes, broken glass, or other harmful things lying around.
  • Make sure your kids’ clothing and footwear won’t get stuck or become loose while playing to minimise injury risks. Also, make sure they’re sufficiently protected from the sun.
  • Before going to the playground, make sure that you teach your kids about playing safely and other important things that will keep them safe.

Remember to clean your and your kids’ hands after playing outdoors, most especially if they’ve played in a sandbox since it could have harmful things like animal feces or urine. More importantly, familiarise yourself with basic first aid, so you’ll know what to do in an emergency.

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It’s Still a Sweet Life: Living with Diabetes

healthy eatingThe moment your doctor told you that you had diabetes might also be the moment you felt the world turned against you. It meant no more binging on chocolates, cookies, and cakes. It may feel like life won’t be sweet again.

This, however, is just negative thinking. Life can still be sweet even if you have diabetes. All you need to do is put your mind in the right frame and commit yourself to healthy living. Here are some things to keep in mind when adjusting to life as a diabetic:

Eat Healthy

The adjustment period starts with what you eat. Apart from eating more fruits and vegetables, you should keep track of your sugar intake. If your family is a big fan of sweets, store ice cream and other food out of sight to avoid being tempted. You may have a nutrition log that you can use when monitoring your diet.

Come up with a Routine

Diabetes management should come as second nature. This means you need to come up with a routine. It should include every aspect of your life, from exercises to stocking your supplies to buying affordable drugs from sites like in Canada.

Form Your Support System

Diabetes may alter the way you view yourself; your self-esteem may be negatively affected. To avoid such issues, you should form your own support system, which includes your family and closest friends. This support group of yours will help you cope with the initial stages of your adjustment.

Talk to Your Doctor

Make it a habit to visit your doctor. Your doctor will discuss with you your treatment’s progress and the alternatives in case some things won’t work. You may also seek the help of other specialists, such as dieticians and counselors.

These are only some of the things to keep in mind when adjusting to a life with diabetes. Following these tips will make you realize that it’s still a sweet life, after all.


Awnings: Beauty and Function in One

AwningYou can make a number of additions for your home, but not all of them can serve the twofold purpose of being aesthetical and functional. Some are simply decorative, while others are just functional and lackthat aesthetic appeal your home needs. Awnings are one of the few additions that can both beautify your home and serve numerous purposes.

Here are three benefits that make awnings one of the favourite additions in Australian homes:

1. Provides Additional Temperature Control

Awningshelp in regulatingtemperature in your home, as these provide additional insulation. During cold or hot days, you can simply have your awning unrolled to receive optimal shade and protection. According to studies, the shade under the canopy of a top quality awning can be up to 20 degrees cooler. As these block the sun, you can keep the temperature inside your home to a minimum. This makes you rely less on your cooling system, which, in turn, can help you save on energy costs.

2. Helps Extend the Life of Your Expensive Furnishings

The shade that awnings provide is helpful for your furniture, carpeting and upholstery. As UV rays can affect the quality of your furnishings, it is important that you keep them away from direct sunlight. Awnings can help you with that. When you ask about awnings, Perth suppliers will guarantee the benefit these provide for your furniture.

3. Gives You an Instant Shaded Outdoor Living Area

Thanks to the shade that high quality awnings give, you can have a shaded outdoor living area. You, your family, and even your pet can enjoy the cool, shaded area that these awnings provide during afternoon playtimes. There’s no need to worry about heat and discomfort while you’re relaxing outside.

Awnings improve not only the appearance of your home, but also your lifestyle. With these additions, you can have that comfortable outdoor living space and protection from the harsh Australian weather conditions.