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Dealing with Deep Vein Thrombosis: What are Your Options?

health careDeep vein thrombosis is a common problem in the US. A study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed that about one or two out of every 1,000 persons may get this disease. In addition, it caused around 60,000-100,000 casualties, and about 10 to 30% of deaths within one month of diagnosis.

Treatment Options

DVT occurs when blood clots form and block blood flow in veins. Symptoms range from recurring wounds and pains to serious health problems if left untreated. Given the hazards DVT poses to health, doctors use the following methods to cure or prevent it:

Venous Stenting

Veniti suggests venous stenting treatments for those who manifest signs of DVT. Vascular surgeons will widen the narrowed or blocked vein using a small balloon. Afterwards, they’ll insert stents or tiny metal mesh tubes to improve blood flow.

Compression Stockings

People with mild case of DVT may use compression stockings to support blood circulation and prevent blood clot formation in the deep veins of the legs. Those who have inactive lifestyles or travel often should use them.


DVT occurs due to clots blocking blood vessels, which is why some doctors prescribe anticoagulants or blood thinners. While these medications don’t fully eliminate blood clots, these delay formation of blood clots and even prevent their development.

Vena Cava Filters

Some doctors use vena cava filters to prevent the blood clots from causing pulmonary embolism, which is a serious form of DVT in the heart or lungs. They insert these filters into the large vein that is responsible for returning blood to the heart from the legs and abdomen.

Thrombolytic therapy

Some doctors apply Thrombolytic therapy should other DVT treatments prove to be ineffective. These include the use of drugs like tissue plasminogen activators. Some researchers found side effects with these treatments, which is why this therapy is only used as a last resort, and only for patients requiring intensive care.

Keep in mind that DVT treatments depend on the patient’s condition. Therefore, people who exhibit signs of DVT should consult doctors for treatments that best suit their conditions.


Address These Issues and Conserve Water

showerA leaky faucet, according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), wastes a minimum of 34 gallons every year. This is just for a single appliance leaking one drip every minute. This 60 drip per minute rate, as calculated by USGS, will be equivalent to 41 baths per year.

Leaky faucets, however, are not the only water wasters. Common types of leaks found in the home include toilet flappers, leaking showers, and damaged irrigation system. Beehive Plumbing shares more information about these plumbing issues that waste a lot of water.

Leaking Shower Heads

Leaking shower heads waste even more water and money than a single, one drip per minute leaky faucet. According to the United State Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a showerhead with 10 drips per minute rate wastes more than 500 gallons a year, or the amount needed to wash about 60 loads of dishes in the dishwasher. Do not wait for your water bills to dramatically go up; take care of these leaky showerheads right away.

Leaky/Inefficient Toilet

The common cause of a leaky toilet is an old or faulty toilet flapper. It is best to replace the whole rubber flapper — an inexpensive and easy DIY project that pays for itself in no time. It is also best to replace inefficient toilets to save 13,000 gallons per year. The EPA notes that retrofitting the house could save about $2,400 in wastewater bills over the lifetime of the toilets.

Damaged Irrigation

Make it a habit to check the irrigation system each spring to make sure that it is not damaged by freezing or frost. A system with 1/32nd of an inch in diameter can waste approximately about 6,300 a month. It is best to check the garden hose and always ensure tight connection to the spigot. If there are leaks, replace the nylon or the rubber hose.

Don’t let these problems lead to bigger, more expensive repairs. Call a reliable master plumber to deal with the issues immediately.

Hong Kong

A $50 Day in Hong Kong

Hong KongHong Kong, being the New York of the East, is a popular tourist destination. As such, there is an abundance of tourist attractions where you will certainly spend your money. There is also the city being a shopping capital, which means there are so many things that will tempt you to spend money that you may or may not have.

Nonetheless, is it possible, as a tourist to spend so little and achieve so many? If this was before when all you can rely on are tourist guides, then it may not have been possible. However, travelling has become a habit for many people these days, and they are more than happy to share tips on enjoying Hong Kong in a budget. A budget so little that it only amounts to $50.

Sorting the Accommodation…

If you are trying to be economical, then Hong Kong Island should not be on your list. The cheapest hotels in the island are much more expensive than some mid-level hospitality elsewhere. Try to find hotels in Yau Ma Tei and other neighbourhoods. Aside from being the low-cost choice, you get to experience Hong Kong as the locals do. If there is something you can cherish in your travels, it is living as if you are one of the locals.

…Then Going Crazy

In Hong Kong, as is it in China, there are streets where all you will see are food. Even by setting a small amount, you will certainly have your fill eating local delicacies. Wherever you go, from local markets to streets beside seven-star hotels, there are delicious meals that sell for a dollar. With this kind of sustenance, you are well on your way to spending less than $50.

The small shops in the local neighbourhoods will give your money’s worth without ever taking so much. It does not matter if you want to shop or have a drink; there is enough at the right location in Hong Kong. Try Jardin’s Bazaar for shopping and Lan Kwai Fong for partying. Both offer the best of Hong Kong, without the fake premium value.

If you came for the sights, forget the hundred-dollar, rehashed trips and go to the tourism office. They provide free cultural tours, bringing you to all the popular sites without charging you a single penny.

Wherever you go, there will be a way to spend a day in it economically. Now that you know how frugally spend a day in Hong Kong, you should pass the knowledge to others. Let those who do not have much to spend their time in the Pearl of the Orient happily.

Pest Control Myths

Popular Pest Control Myths You Should Stop Believing In

Pest Control MythsMany consumers do not have a complete knowledge about the importance of pest management. Most of the time, they have some mistaken ideas about the proper handling of pests and exactly how pest control professionals work.

This causes bigger problems for homeowners, which means a much bigger responsibility for pest control businesses. It takes a lot of hard work; that’s why service providers look for ways to streamline their operations, so they can focus on addressing the needs of their clients. They get the best pest control software available, for example, to make things a lot more organized (and make sure each client gets the best of their service).

To avoid these issues, here are some of the myths surrounding the industry, proper pest handling, and the facts to correct them:

1. To attract mice into a mousetrap, you need plenty of cheese.

Reinforced by so many fictional shows over the decades, this idea isn’t entirely true. The fact is, instead of cheese, mice prefer food items with high amount of sugar, such as peanut butter, dried fruit, cookies, bits of cereals, and sugar cubes. These will be more enticing and will better work as bait to mice.

2. All exterminators just spray chemicals to get rid of pests.

Completely false. While spraying is indeed a part of the process to treat an infestation, pest control professionals also have other options available, such as gels and baits, to allow precision placement. It is important to note that proper pest management has now moved towards an integrated approach, which involves getting rid of what pests need to survive: water, food sources, and shelters.

3. Using pesticides is more dangerous than the pests themselves.

While it’s true that some of the older pesticides used were harmful to the environment, stricter laws have been implemented. Professional pest control products have to be thoroughly tested before they can be used, and it should be in accordance with EPA-approved label instructions. These will serve as proof that the pesticide poses little threat to humans or pets.

These are just three of the most common pest management myths many homeowners have heard of. We hope that our brief discussion helped shed some light about this topic.

boat painting

Bottom Painting Basics: Secrets of the Trade

boat paintingWhether you’ve got a 17’ runabout or a 30’ cabin cruiser, you need to have the bottom repainted at some point. If you’re not sure whether you’ll have it repainted professionally or by yourself, you need to be familiar with the repainting process to help you make better decisions.

Inspect the Bottom

Before laying out the tools you’ll need, you must thoroughly inspect your boat first. Pay close attention to the areas where most issues crop up — hull, rudder, and keel interfaces — to see if there’s grounding damage. While an experienced DIY-er can work their way around some moderate issues, if you spot leaks, delaminated areas or stress cracks, it’s best to contact a professional to examine the severity of the damage.

Preparing the Bottom

Assuming that the bottom portion is in great condition — existing paint is still intact and the surface still looks smooth — now comes the hard part, prepping your boat for paint. First, you’ll have to thoroughly clean the bottom to remove as much grime and barnacles as you can. After that, you’ll have to meticulously sand it.

Sanding is in fact half abrasive tools and half the energy you put into it. Stay away from normal sandpaper since they won’t work. Find sandpaper that doesn’t clog and retains it abrasiveness as you work it. Professionals typically use 80-grit sandpaper or electric sanders to make prepping more efficient and easier. Once you’ve finished sanding, you can now apply the primer.

Bottom Painting Tips

Once you’ve done all the necessary prep work, you can now move on to the actual boat painting.

  • Lay down some plastic sheets to protect the ground from paint drips and chips.
  • Note that if your hull is unpainted, you should clean it first using a dewaxing solution to ensure that paint will adhere better.
  • Make sure to perform boat painting at temperatures of 10°C to 26°C and 65% relative humidity for better results.
  • Ensure that your paint is compatible with the bottom of your boat.
  • Remember that multiple coatings in thinner layers are better than a single, overly thick coating.
So Are You Up For The Job?

By familiarising yourself with the basic prep work and painting, you’ll have a much clearer idea if you can do the painting yourself or not. If you’re going the DIY way, make sure to strictly follow the manufacturer’s instructions indicated at the back label of your paint and keep yourself adequately protected.


The Warning Signs of Lyme Disease in Dogs: What You Should Do About It

DogWinter’s arrival can mean two things: extremely cold winds and unpleasant short days. For many people, however, there is much to celebrate – from bonfires and S’mores to big coats and fluffy gloves. As evenings become colder and darker, you probably have that urge to just cuddle with your dog.

While you are staying under the duvet and watching your favourite TV show, many stubborn ticks are keeping warm under the carpet of your living room. Some pet owners believe that a tick cannot survive the icy weather because it is too harsh for the pesky pest. This is a common misconception, though.

Even if it is not tick season, it’s important to be fully aware of the potential danger of the sneaky insect. This article lists down the clinical signs of Lyme disease in dogs that you should watch out for.


Is your dog reluctant to move? The first symptom you must observe is recurrent lameness of the limbs. Limping may be mild at first, but you should not ignore what your dog is feeling. When left neglected, industry professional Mangere Veterinary Clinic notes that mobility problems may shift from one leg to another.

Lack of Appetite

If your dog is not eating his favourite food, there is something wrong. Lyme disease causes digestive tract upset and anorexia. Apart from refusing food and eating less, an infected dog can experience diarrhoea, renal failure and other serious health problems. Visit a veterinary practice to accurately diagnose your dog for tick-borne infections.

Swollen Joints

Another sign you should pay attention to is joint soreness that can last for several days. Depression and fever may accompany inflammation of the joints. Do not let your dog suffer from multiple organ system damage. Get some professional help immediately.

Symptoms vary from mild to severe. Lyme disease is not just a problem for humans, but also dogs. To prevent becoming infected by the disease, never forget to check your dog regularly after all outdoor walks and playtime.

Property in Alfresco

5 Things An Alfresco Area can do for Your Property

Property in AlfrescoOne of the best things about having extra space in your yard is it allows you to hold parties, dinners, and similar events that are more intimate and special. In Australia, where people love to enjoy staying outdoors, an alfresco area is a great place for entertaining.

These open-air areas are always a great home feature to have, as these add a great deal of value and functionality to any property.

A New Place to Cook and Dine

With an alfresco area, you can have an outdoor kitchen or BBQ anytime the weather permits. You can prepare and cook for loved ones all while enjoying the fresh air and the great view of the garden.

Outdoor cooking, aside from being an exciting activity, does away with the smoke and odour from the kitchen and reduces indoor condensation.

A Go-To Party Venue

An alfresco area can serve as a great location for holding parties or special events. More than being an outdoor kitchen and dining area, it can serve as your own little quiet spot or entertainment area.

Add outdoor roller blinds for your Perth home, throw in a couple of furniture, and put up some lighting fixtures. With this, you can easily have an outdoor space ready for a crowd of one, twenty, or more.

A Quiet Place for Relaxing

An alfresco area can also be an extension of the living room where you can relax and lounge in after a hard day’s work. Instead of a dining table and chairs, put a sofa, recliners, a coffee table and other living room essentials and you can turn the open-air space into a living room outdoors.

A Mood and Health Booster

Spending time outdoors can be of great help to your health, as it gives you a much-needed dose of Vitamin D and reduces stress, tension, and anxiety.

A Curb Appeal Boost

An alfresco area can also improve your property’s curb appeal, as it boosts its look and function. The greater the curb appeal of a property is, the higher its overall value will be, which is a plus for when you want to sell.

All it takes is a little backyard space, a few furniture pieces, and a little creativity, and you can have an alfresco area that’s perfect for outdoor dining, entertainment, or whatever purpose you fancy.


Teeth Whitening

The Limitations of Teeth Whitening Procedures

Teeth WhiteningMany people expect a teeth whitening session at the dentist to give them a perfectly bright and white smile befitting a model. While the procedure does make a remarkable difference to how great your teeth look, there are times when you could still be disappointed by the results.

Why do some teeth whitening cases fail to give your teeth that perfect shade you really want? What most people need to understand is that this procedure has its limits, and there are some problems that it cannot fix on its own. This is something that your dentist will likely explain beforehand.

Understanding What Teeth Whitening Really Does

Tooth whitening is a process that removes persistent stains and discolouration from your teeth. These stains might be from the beverages or food you consume – coffee, tea, and berries can have a major effect on how your teeth look. Tobacco stains are also common, and can be removed easily. This treatment is offered around the world in practices such as Harley Street Dental Clinic.

The tooth whitening procedure does not repair damaged or thinning enamel, however, it can only restore it to its cleanest condition. Perhaps your teeth experienced strong physical trauma, and now have a noticeable discolouration. Maybe the enamel has become too thin after constant wear, exposing more of the yellow dentine underneath.

Any discolouration that goes beyond superficial causes, and affect the enamel itself, usually cannot be reversed by a simple teeth whitening treatment. But do not fret, as there are other cosmetic procedures that your dentist will recommend.

The Alternatives to Teeth Whitening

Once the dentist has determined that your teeth are discoloured because of your weakened or damaged enamel, he or she may suggest a variety of possible solutions. The most common by far is to attach veneers and crowns to the affected teeth.

These porcelain coverings not only restore your teeth to premier whiteness, they also hide other physical imperfections. Any chips or cracks will be hidden away, and your smile will look better than it has in years. Crowns and veneers do need to be replaced eventually, but they are highly durable.

A professional tooth whitening procedure can do wonders for your smile, but in some cases, it will not be enough. Make sure to communicate with your dentist, and find out what options you have.

Chiropractic Care

Conditions that Can Be Relieved by Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic CareStudies show that approximately 80 percent of American adults suffer from prolonged back pain. This substantially affects a person’s quality of life, because extreme discomfort hinders normal functions. Muscle pain impedes an individual’s productivity at home, work, or school.

More people are seeking effective techniques to provide long-term relief for nerve pain. Chiropractic care is one of the most frequently used methods for pain relief because of its therapeutic effects on several conditions.

Nerve Compression

Aside from its established effects on back pain relief, chiropractic care also treats nerve compression. Since the nerves in the hips and lower extremities support body weight throughout the day, these parts deal with extreme force and stress.

In turn, nerve fibers become squeezed, resulting in impaired transfer of impulses from the brain to the muscle and vice versa. Based on the cause of the nerve compression, chiropractors can use different chiropractic methods such as spinal manipulation or cold therapy.


Chiropractic care is an effective treatment option for tension headache, which is the most prevalent type among Americans. Since the pain normally originates from the neck region, chiropractors can use spinal manipulation. This prevents  the pain from affecting other regions of the body.

Joint Discomfort

If you experience joint discomfort, you may find relief through chiropractic care. Salt Lake City chiropractors apply sudden force and pressure on the affected joint so that it will return to its normal configuration. This stabilizes adjacent structures to restore the mobility of joints.

Several people underestimate the effects of nerve pain just because they don’t seem life-threatening. However, pains can significantly worsen if not treated early. Don’t hesitate to try several treatment options until you find one that works for you.

Glass fence

The Clear Benefit: Pros of Glass Fencing for Your Property

Glass fenceGlass is one of the most popular materials for fencing and balustrading systems in Australia. As a material, glass is stylish and sophisticated. More importantly, it is highly versatile and durable. Glass provides a safe and cost-efficient solution for indoor and outdoor applications, such as in staircases, pool fences or deck balustrades.

The team of Clear AZ Glass Fencing shares some of the pros of using glass fencing in your home or commercial property:


Fencing panels are not made from normal glass sheets that easily break. These have thick tempered glass that is six times tougher than the standard material. This makes it almost impossible to shatter in pieces. The tempered glass panels can also withstand outdoor elements, offering a long-lasting fencing system.


Glass fences come in frameless, semi-framed and fully framed panels. Whichever you choose, your fence requires proper installation to maintain the necessary stability. It can be by spigots, buttons or slot installation. Contractors ensure the secure and balanced attachment of the panels to the floor, regardless if it is wood or concrete.


On the very rare occasion that the toughened glass breaks, it will not produce sharp pieces that can cause injuries. It also serves as a smart pool enclosure, as the panels can be very difficult to climb over. This makes it easier to keep the kids away from the water when there is no one to supervise them. The Australian Glass and Glazing Association (AGGA) sets strict standards on the quality of glass and on installation practices to provide customers with a safe fencing solution.


The material can come in almost every size and shape. Whether you need it for a spiral staircase or for a chest-level balcony balustrade, your contractor can provide you with designs to match the glass panels. Many glass fencing companies in Perth offer customised products to meet the needs of customers.

These are the reasons many property owners switch to glass fences today. If you are planning to install glass as a pool enclosure or as a deck balustrade, look for a qualified glass contractor to get the job done for you.