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El Niño

New Zealand El Niño to Climax in December

El NiñoThe complex weather patterns of El Niño is expected to climax in New Zealand this December. Hotter, drier weather will occur in the east coast of the country, while raining is expected in the west.

El Niño, or El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO), occurs when large-scale ocean-atmosphere begin to warm the Equatorial Pacific’s surface. Extreme temperature changes that lead to drought, plagues, and crop failure are some of its effects.

Gales, rain, and fire warnings have materialised in Otago in a week. Threats of cyclones and a downfall on agriculture are said to follow.

Farmers Directly Affected by El Niño

Farmers are warned of extreme events that will result to lack of pasture and poor grass growth. Dairying, horticulture, and sheep and beef farming will be particularly hard due to the humid season and insufficient water irrigation.

Waikato and the Bay of Plenty will be extremely dry and well-irrigated areas in Canterbury are not exempted to drought. Milk production will drop and international prices of dairy will rise.

What Farmers Can Do

Farmers are advised to prepare for El Niño as soon as possible. Here are some ways to get through this weather condition.

  1. Manage Irrigation Properly

Water distribution is a high concern during El Niño. Check your irrigation system for holes and leaks. Farmers can also install a drip irrigation system that will maximise the use of water. Carlyle Drilling explains that drilling for irrigation is a great way to manage your water supply, and it also allows your farm to grow and keep the agriculture business thriving.

  1. Consider Farm Sharing

Farmers can share farming-agreements with rural businesses who will relocate their stock. Stock agents, farmers, and meat processors can work collectively in sharing land and resources. This way, business continues and properties, as well as profit, can be divided equally.

  1. Sell Crops that Grow in Less Water

Several root crops like sweet potatoes and onions grow well without much water. During drought, farmers can alternate produce to keep their business in the market. Sweet potatoes have 50 varieties and can grow quickly even in poor soil conditions.

Farmers can keep their business growing even with threatening weather conditions like El Niño. Remember that knowledge and preparedness are significant to natural calamities that can harm your commerce.

Retrofitting Old Clarifiers

Retrofitting Clarifiers: Giving New Life to Old Clarifiers

Retrofitting Old ClarifiersClarifiers are used in industries to filter and process water before it is allowed to enter the sewer system. Running the used water through clarifiers ensures that the levels of toxic suspended solids are reduced/ removed from the water.

Retrofitting or upgrading your clarifier could be for one of many reasons, including to increase the flow with the same footprints, and to ensure quality discharge effluents. In addition, there are also economic benefits, like lower costs incurred in the longer run.

Here are some things you should keep in mind about retrofitting clarifiers:

  • Retrofit clarifiers have an increased capacity – at least two or three times the capacity of the original clarifier unit.
  • Retrofitting your clarifier also means that only certain parts of your current clarifier are modified to suit your needs. You do not have to change the whole system – a definite cost advantage for you.
  • Retrofitting your clarifier can be partial or complete – you can choose which parts and mechanisms need to be retrofitted depending upon your requirements.
  • Clarifiers can be retrofitted to improve their performance as well. So if your business uses a lot of water, opting to retrofit the clarifier systems can be beneficial for you.
  • Retrofitting a clarifier takes less time and costs lesser than having to replace your current clarifier. The downtime involved is also considerably less. And the parts being fitted are new, and covered by warranty.
  • Manufacturers offer a range of clarifier parts for retrofitting purposes, like drive units, low-speed aerators and rotary distributor center mechanisms. All you need to do is check the compatibility of the part with your clarifier and schedule an appointment.

If you are planning to retrofit your clarifier, consult an expert before making your choice. Check with the manufacturer of your current clarifier to see if they offer parts for retrofitting as well as installation services.

Vintage Wedding Cars

No-Fuss Tips for Hiring the Wedding Car of Your Dreams

Vintage Wedding CarsDon’t think of your wedding day transportation as just an item you’ll be using for getting around on your big day, as it’s an excellent way to make a grand statement. With this in mind, your ride must match and enhance the overall theme of your wedding.

To ensure that you get the ride of your dreams, follow these handy tips from Noosa Woody Hire.

Book your ride in person, at least six months in advance.

If you’ve set your sights on rare or vintage wedding cars in the Sunshine Coast, try booking the car at least six to nine months out. It’s likewise crucial that you do the booking in person so that you can inspect the car for yourself.

Not another white stretch limo.

If you love the classic white limo then by all means go with it. But, if you want something that will match your theme, you have endless options to choose from. A Volkswagen Kombi for example is perfect for the bohemian chic, beach wedding, while a vintage Aston Martin will go well with your vintage theme. A shiny silver Rolls Royce will look great for a more modern theme, while a screaming red Lamborghini works well for a glamorous, over the top wedding theme.

Plan for potential delays.

Factor in the traffic around all your stops and other potential delays. Bad timing will definitely affect your day’s timetable and bring with it unwarranted stress. Try to get at least 30 minutes of extra time in between all the stops you’re going to make during the big day.

Fine-tune your contract.

Prior to hiring your ride, get everything you’ve discussed with the person in charge in writing. Everything means the model, colour and size of the car, arrival and departure times at each stop, all addresses where you’re stopping, refund and cancellation policies, as well as extra requests, if you have any.

Plan your dismount from the wedding car.

It’s a good idea to practice going in and dismounting from the car especially if your wedding dress has a longer than usual train. Likewise, note the certain vehicles such as motorcycles or low sports cars will be harder to dismount from.


Spousal Maintenance in Colorado: On Temporary Alimony and Adultery

DivorceThe main purpose of alimony, referred to as spousal maintenance in Colorado, is to ensure that both spouses will be capable of living at, or as close to, the same living standard they enjoyed before their divorce.

Basic Spousal Maintenance Law in Colorado

Colorado courts treat spousal maintenance seriously, and the law recognizes that in the event of a marriage, the couple’s financial fortunes will be commingled. As per the Colorado General Assembly, the spouses’ economic lives are often closely entwined in marriage. It’s usually impossible to separate their respective contributions and decisions later on.

Because of this, the state has a legal assumption (presumption) that when the divorcing couple’s combined gross yearly income is lower than $75,000, temporary spousal maintenance should be granted during the divorce process. On the other hand, if the couple’s gross yearly income is higher than $75,000, it’s up to the judge to order temporary spousal maintenance or not.

The main objective of these statutes is to make certain that the less fortunate spouse won’t be completely disadvantaged while waiting for the divorce to push through. According to Lewis & Matthews, P.C., the decision to seek spousal support is one area that may require legal coaching. Later on, however, when the court issues a final, permanent order, it must decide if spousal maintenance must continue or not.

Can Adultery Affect Spousal Maintenance Orders in Colorado?

Under Colorado law, adultery happens when a legally married person participates in a consensual sexual relationship or activity with another person other than his or her legal spouse. The victimized spouse is the “innocent spouse”, while the spouse who committed adultery is the “adulterous spouse”.

In the majority of states, adultery can impact the divorce process. Some states that recognize fault grounds or justifications for divorce typically accept adultery as a justifiable ground. They may even go as far as to punish the adulterous spouse, for instance, with the reduced duration or amount of spousal maintenance.

However, know that being a no-fault state, Colorado courts won’t care why your marriage failed. They won’t take into account any past or ongoing marital misconduct, since the state doesn’t consider adultery as a ground for divorce. You just have to convince the judge that your marriage is beyond mending.


Look for Wedding Photographers and Hire the One Who Knows How to Highlight Precious Moments

WeddingCelebrating the day you officially become in union with the love of your life is a very precious moment. As the time goes by, you would go back to the stories of what happened during your wedding day. These stories would be filled with laughter and feelings of romance.

The memories may remain very vivid in your mind even after a long time. But one thing that can make it crystal clear would be that of nicely captured photographs, which are physically tangible and will never go away. Taking note of this, planning should also give a good amount of thought at looking into Brisbane wedding photographers.

Look Into Something that Will Let You Relive that Special Day

It can be very hectic to plan for your wedding day. You would have to decide on the food, the arrangement of the guests, the theme, and a whole bunch of other things. With all these things coming into play, you should not overlook nor underestimate the importance of having an effective photographer who will capture the precious moments as the wedding transpires.

With this day and age, anyone can easily snap a photo. Almost every gadget is equipped with a camera, where minimal skill would be needed to get a portrait or even a “selfie”. However, the photos which would be produced during your wedding have to be extra special compared to your common photographs. If you hire the right photographer, he or she will have a good idea on which moments to highlight.

Overspending Should be the Least of Your Worries

As you go on with the expenses for your wedding, you might be worried that hiring a photographer would be another expensive entry on the list. If you look into your options, though, it is likely that you would find one who would be considerate with your budget. At the same time, you could even be given the flexibility to follow an instalment scheme so that your finances would not be stressed so much.

In such case, being able to acquire superb photographs does not necessarily imply that you have to pay so much. A passionate photographer will know more than to just charge so much without reflecting the beauty of your special occasion. With a little effort in looking, the one who will help you create fantastic memories will just be around the corner.

sports physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is the Key to Your Recovery from a Sports Injury

sports physiotherapy Sustaining an injury is perhaps the one thing that professional players and anyone who engage in sports activities fear the most. And this is understandable, especially when you consider that sport injuries are quite common. Aside from enduring the pains and discomfort, this would mean being away from the game you love.

But while this can be devastating, this should not be a cause to lose hope. Thanks to the specialised field of sports physiotherapy, an injured athlete can get effective treatment that will allow him or her to get back to the playing field in the shortest possible time.

Sports Physiotherapy is the Key to Recovery

There are many injuries that an athlete may sustain, ranging from the minor to the very serious ones. These may require medical attention, with treatments including medications and even surgical procedures. And whatever treatment one receives, physiotherapy is a vital component.

It is through physical therapy that you can achieve recovery and rehabilitation from your injury. Your progress here will determine how soon you can regain your old condition and readiness to get back to competitive sports.

Objectives of Sports Physiotherapy

Muscle People Physiotherapy explains your physiotherapist will come up with a rehabilitation programme after conducting a thorough evaluation of your condition. They will consider the type and extent of injury, the sports you are engaged in, and other relevant factors. These are vital in achieving the following:

  • Hasten recovery using various physiotherapy modalities. This will also ensure the prevention of further damage and pain management.
  • Restore your strength, mobility and functional movement.
  • Assessment of your readiness to get back to your sports. Your physiotherapist must ascertain that you are 100 per cent recovered; otherwise, you may be exposed to unnecessary risks.

You have much to be thankful for from physiotherapists. They help you recover and ensure you regain a competitive condition. And of course you will get valuable guidelines in preventing further injuries.

Online Training Course

Newbie Resources for Augmenting Your Online Training Course

Online Training CourseSo you finally decided to try out an online PT course. As a newbie online student taking a personal training course, you may be unaware of options these courses can offer you to expand your knowledge and academic growth. Aside from the actual lessons, you have articles, reviews, and external sources to use. Check out these three online suggestions and see where you’d like to focus on.

Videos and Articles – One of the biggest things you can learn from online PT courses, especially the good ones, is that they give you a clear and understandable vision of the lessons you can look forward to. Those who are confident with their skills can utilize these videos before the actual lesson is conducted in future sessions. Should the course or the website itself grant access to view material meant for future use, why not do a bit of advanced learning so you can come in prepared for your lesson?

Client Reviews and Recommendations – An important part of anything that’s being sold or promoted online are the reviews and recommendations that come with it. Check how far back the reviews go and take note of what makes your courses worth taking and if it’s better to look for another similar subject altogether. Should these ratings appeal to you, check the other materials and online courses that coincide with your main subject so you can get an idea of what you might want to take next once receiving certification with the current topic.

Sources and Miscellaneous MaterialA good teacher of any course, whether online or offline, does not restrict his or her students from learning the ideas and methods of other teachers. They would encourage you and others to find a good balance between what they’ve imparted to you and to expand your own understanding through other resources. Links and sources to outside material can give a lot of insight to what you’re studying. Like how researching in a library helps you expand your knowledge while in a classroom situation, researching online (and offline) adds substance to any course you are taking.

Online courses are great places to expand your understanding. When you’re aware of all the multiple resources that can be utilized hand in hand with your lessons, you can gain greater knowledge in a shorter amount of time. Take advantage of your tools, source out more information and get those mental juices flowing. You’ll be surprised at how fast you will be able to finish your course in no time.

Luggage and passport

Do You Need the Intervention of an Immigration Attorney in Utah?

There are instances when just about anybody needs a lawyer, but one of the most common cases is when somebody needs to move to another country.

Here is some information you need if you are wondering whether you should hire an immigration attorney in Utah, from

The Process of Obtaining an Immigration Permit

Luggage and passportWhenever you are trying to obtain a green card to live in a certain country for more than the stipulated time, the procedure gets complicated. In this case, the immigration laws could be filled with inconsistencies and exceptions. The requirements in line get overwhelming. Also, delays from the Immigration Department become a pain.

Should there be any mistake on the forms submitted by the applicant, the consequences can be unbearable. Your application may be denied if the stipulated conditions are not met. An immigration attorney helps you make a thorough petition free from any errors.

Visa Adjudication

Should the parties involved feel you are ineligible for a visa, you will receive a denial letter. There may be additional processes that may be required to complete the application that you may not know about. These are the steps that may delay the adjudication.

If you have appeared in the court deportation proceedings, an immigration lawyer should help. If the proceedings are still on appeal, your situation is entirely in the hands of the federal court. In administrative tribunals, non-lawyers can represent you but not in a federal court. In the latter case, only a lawyer will have access. Even after your proceedings are over, be sure to check with your attorney if the outcome will affect your present application.

Waiver of Inadmissibility

Entering a country without proper documentation or inspection, or giving an unlawful presence, can hinder you from obtaining your Visa or green card. Having a criminal record, working in a country without authorization, extending a visa, along with other grounds should lead you to request a waiver in court.

These are indisputably very complicated and require the assistance of an experienced immigration attorney. The attorney should rule out if the waiver will be available to you. They also help you submit the most appropriate waiver. An experienced lawyer has the power to create an effective package of your case for a quick approval.

Ski Equipment

Selection Guidelines when Shopping for Ski Equipment

Ski EquipmentTo get the most convenient equipment, you need to think about your weight, height, size, and skill level. Ski style, turning radius, ski width, ski length, rocker type, your favorite terrain, and ability level will also influence your final decision.

Aside from the mentioned aspects, elements such as ski category, snow type, bindings, and personal preference must never be ignored. For beginners, get assistance from an expert in a ski store to be sure that your purchase is worth it.

Mounting Angle

The angle will affect the performance of your ski. Different terrains and snow conditions may cause different accidents. They require specific mounting angles. Stores selling ski gear often have professionals who can assist you with the settings, but when buying the ski without any help, use the default settings.

Always buy your equipment from credible dealers who can handle the mounting adjustments. Pedigree Ski Shop suggests finding shops that pay attention to the individual needs of their customers.

Shims and Canting

Install the shims under the bindings before skiing, if your body geometry requires ramp or canting angle adjustments. Do this during the mounting process.

Too much pressure on the edges of the ski means there’s a need for some adjustments. This may also indicate that you have picked the wrong equipment.

Size Matters

It’s not just the ski equipment you need to pick depending on your skills and body type. The Telegraph reminds that when buying ski boots and other gear, you should be honest about your skills. As an additional reminder, avoid wearing skinny jeans when skiing.

Ski equipment can either ruin or make your skiing experience worth your time. Make the necessary adjustments in line with your preferences and ability level.

Fine Art Painting

Explaining The Value in Limited Edition Prints

Fine Art PaintingYou would think that a digital printout of artwork, no matter how pretty, would ultimately have little value. The printing technology is certainly available to anyone. You would be right in thinking this if you simply download an image of the artwork you want and have your local printer print it out for you.

That is perfectly fine if you just want to cover a bare wall in your office or home. However, if you want artwork with some value, but cannot afford the original, you can buy limited edition prints at shops and online galleries that sell and print some, like


The original artwork is unique and its value depends on the artist. A well-known artist can command quite a bit of change for each piece. However, prints of high-value original artwork can still be worth a lot even it is not the original.

The value of a limited edition print relies on the fact that there are only a few of them around. The artist authorizes the printer, usually a gallery, to print only a limited number. The artist authenticates these prints by either signing each one, or providing a certification for the series.

Value Scale

The price of a limited edition print will depend on three factors: the value of the original artwork, the number of prints authorized, and the type of printing used in the run. You can determine the price you should pay for the first two factors by looking up the going rates for others in the same edition. For the third element, you need to know a little bit about print media.

Print Media

The best type of print is a lithograph, which was how they made reproductions back when digital means weren’t accessible yet. Back then, lithographs were expensive. Etching and screen-printing were also common, but did not reproduce the original as well as a lithograph.

Nowadays, the preferred method is giclees, which are inkjet printers that reproduces the artwork exactly on paper or canvas. A digital pigment print would be the best type of giclees. Nowadays, there are also several other equally efficient ways of printing.

Limited edition prints are a way for you to get good quality yet affordable artwork for your home and office. To make sure you get value for your money, go to a reputable online gallery to order your print.