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New Study Finds That You Can Watch Your Dental Fears Away

Dental AnxietyOdontophobia, or dental anxiety, affects 5 to 10 percent of adults, preventing them from seeking dental treatment due to their fear. Dentists attempt to counteract this by adopting procedures that calm down patients, applying a generally more sympathetic approach to the act of sitting on a dentist’s chair. More than soothing words or anaesthesia, a new way of helping patients overcome odontophobia has emerged, and it is the most ‘in keeping with the times’ yet.

Digital Intervention

Video presentations are now helping patients conquer their uneasiness and anxiety. Teeth whitening dentists from Liverpool say that the video-based ‘dental anxiety intervention’, which was developed by psychologists from Temple University in the U.S., eases patients’ feelings of loss of control by showing them videos of the procedure they are about to undergo, peppered with encouraging statements throughout.

Professor Richard Heimberg, the developer of the video-based procedure, cites Rebecca Clay and her study published in the American Psychological Association’s Monitor on Psychology magazine, and how it inspired his clinic to refine the presented techniques which included cognitive behavioural therapy, relaxation therapy, medication, acupuncture, hypnosis, musical distraction and gradual exposure.

The Watchlist

Heimberg describes the three videos his ‘dental anxiety intervention’ requires. The first shows a dentist performing the procedure, accompanied by an animated graphic explaining it. The second is a close-up video of a patient’s face during a dentist’s therapeutic conversation, helping the patients translate their anxiety into positive, relatable thoughts. Finally, the video patient provides a voice-over for the actual patient during the procedure for them to develop ‘coping thoughts’.

The video-based procedure proved effective in the trials Prof. Heimberg’s team conducted. Among the 151 odontophobic patients studied, the team noted a significant, long-lasting reduction in anxiety. A follow-up observation even discovered that a number of trial patients had let go of their phobia entirely.

Particular triggers of odontophobia vary with each person, but Prof. Heimberg’s new video-based method may just be the simplest, most effective and digitally familiar solution.

The Perfect Machine: Your Dream Car in Top Condition

Dream CarCars have revolutionised transportation. This practical mode of transport employs the use of four wheels and a combustion engine to move people and property from point A to point B.

For all intents and purposes, cars today have become the modern beasts of burden. As personal property, cars have become their owners’ way of self-expression – a solid reflection of themselves in many ways. For car-lovers in New Zealand, nothing is more important than propping up their prized machines to be at their best.

Here are three ways they keep their steel steeds in peak condition, short of hiring automotive services to do it.

Regular Maintenance

It cannot be denied that car maintenance is a driver’s responsibility. Know the basics of car maintenance. Your car is a tool, and that tool should always be serviceable. This includes knowing when to change the oil and brake fluids. Make it a habit to check your car to the local repair shop. This ensures your machine’s welfare is looked out for, and extends its life for the long term.

Upgrades and Refit

Discerning car-enthusiasts rarely settle for the cookie-cutter machines the car factory manufactures. More often than not, car lovers tweak a few parts once they get their car. They replace a few parts and install upgrades to suit their personal tastes and specifications. Add-ons such as new tyres, sound systems, meters, lighting, gadgets and the like are among the many parts they fit in. Customising machines is the part where you make it completely yours. When your car is in its top condition, the only way to go is further up with upgrades.

Aesthetic Makeover

Lastly, in the effort to completely personalise their machines, car-owners turn their automobiles into extensions of themselves. The first step to this is a good scrubbing – a trip to the car wash. Then comes custom paint jobs, complete with stickers and decals. Giving your car a makeover is the cherry on top to turn it into your best creation ever.

Cars are machines that take on their owner’s personalities. For project cars, car-lovers want nothing but the best for them in maintenance, add-ons and aesthetic appeal.

What You Need to Know to Find the Perfect Weatherboard Cladding for Your Home

Weatherboard CladdingMechanised production of clapboard products started in the 1850s when new technology became available. At first, the lightweight cladding material was exclusively made from timber. These days, fibre cement, vinyl, and metal products are easy to come by.

The manufacturing process is inexpensive so that the suppliers can sell them at affordable prices. Clapboards are also known by other names, namely weatherboard, lap siding, and bevel siding.

Versatile construction elements

You’ve probably noticed lap siding being put up in renovations of historical homes. Communities that are proud of their architectural heritage are partial to timber boards harvested locally. However, clapboard panels are not exclusively intended for traditional homes. They also go well with any contemporary style. High-quality products provide protection from the elements as well as insulation year-round.

Clapboards are also available in varied measurements and shapes. It won’t be difficult to find something that fits your current project from among the weatherboard profiles at the local showroom.

Classic versus shiplap profiles

Wedge-shaped clapboards are installed in an overlapping manner that does not thicken the wall excessively. Each board is held in place by nails, but the nails do not show because the board on top conceals then. Australians who prefer weatherproof cladding and a traditional look usually go for the classic configuration. Find a skilled installer to do the job because it requires some expertise to handle the corners.

The other type of clapboard is known as shiplap. Each plank is flat and joined to the next with a tongue and groove attachment. Since there is no overlap, the wall appears completely even. Shiplap cladding is usually installed starting from the bottom gradually putting them in place until reaching the top part of the wall. This option is the better choice if you prefer long boards for a contemporary look.

Traditionally, clapboards are only made using timber. You will still find various timber species such as western red cedar, macrocarpa, and radiate pine. Do not limit yourself to wooden boards. Metal, vinyl, and fibre cement products could also meet your criteria.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

3 Hacks to Help Your Business Stay Ahead of the Curve

Improve Customer Satisfaction in AucklandWith the increasing competition in today’s industry, it takes considerable efforts to stand out in a crowded marketplace. Competitors use every trick in the book to get ahead of you and land that lucrative contract. Faced with rapidly increasing options, customers become meticulous and well informed of their needs and do not settle for services that do not suit their particular needs. Rather than throwing in the towel, you can apply these suggestions to make customers choose you:

Embrace Technology

Emerging technologies not only make it easier to reach more customers and advertise your business, but also to streamline your business operations. Investing in a modern website enables customers to access your services at their most convenient time. Management software helps you streamline operations, meet you customer needs quicker and address their concerns much faster.

Get Reliable Service Providers

The key to customer satisfaction lies in giving them what they want when they want and at the time that you promise to deliver. For instance, if you make deliveries within a certain period, any deviation from the scheduled time counts as a strike against your business. Make sure to retain a reliable fleet servicing company to keep your trucks in proper working condition. Dr Diesel notes that timely deliveries are among the most beneficial ways to keep customers happy.

Hire the Right People

A successful business is the culmination of individual processes that make up a whole system and failure in any of the smaller processes can lead to a disastrous outcome. Inventory mistakes result to stocking the wrong items, run outs or overstock. Hiring competent people ensures a seamless operation, as they execute every action with the utmost professionalism.

Staying competitive in a competitive business world takes considerable planning, effort and innovative thinking to stay ahead of the curve. Having the right people for the job and streamlining your operations make an excellent start.

Fun Stuff to Do on Summer Vacation with Your Children

Summer Vacation With FamilySummer is coming.

You were a kid once, and you know why summer vacation is a big deal. No school, just pure fun. While kids probably want to spend this holiday by themselves or their friends, it wouldn’t hurt to spend some time with them, too.

“B-but my vacation leaves!”

Maybe you’re thinking about wasted vacation leaves, but you’re just human. You need your fun, too. There is a multitude of reasons why you won’t regret allowing yourself some days off.

The opportunity for bonding with your family is just one of the many reasons you should consider this. Maybe you enjoy your job, but there is nothing more rewarding than discovering and rediscovering your family. Though your spouse may always be with you, your kids only remain kids for so long.

Another reason would be seeing that your kids learn something worthwhile. If you’re the kind of parent or guardian that sighs at the sight of your children aimlessly scrolling through their social media feed and playing on their consoles, then maybe summer vacation is a great opportunity to distract them. Introduce them to more physical and outdoorsy activities, while making sure that they learn new skills.

The most important reason though is the fact that you’re going to have fun with your kids.

To-Do List: Summer Vacay Version

1. Go camping

Nothing really beats going outdoors and surviving in the wild—er, becoming one with Mother Nature. Gather around a campfire and go sky watching.

2. Go fishing

Maybe fishing can go as a combo for camping? Get those Loop EVOTEC rods from OutsmartingFish and teach your kids the sagely lesson of being patient and attentive at the same time.

3. Remodel the house

Get your kids into caring for the house by letting them help remodel the house. Let them paint and cut some wood (with supervision, of course).

4. Play sports

Exercise those muscles! Let your kids learn the value of sportsmanship and exercise.

5. Volunteer for community work

Not only does this help your community, it also teaches your children the importance of helping others.

This is just a starter guide. With some creativity, you can probably think of something more novel and memorable. Just remember that the activities should be both fun for you and your kids or you might get the opposite effect and bore them instead.

Dentist’s Orders: The Ups of Good Oral Health and Hygiene

Good Oral Health in HamiltonCavities, plaque, and gum disease? You may have heard these words tossed around the dentist’s office or through the toothpaste commercial aired on local TV. These words are disorders associated with your teeth and oral health in general.

According to Hamilton Dental Emergency Centre, dental care in Hamilton is an important aspect of keeping your body in overall good condition. Here are only a few of the many benefits of keeping your teeth in great condition.


Your teeth play a factor in your physical appearance, and most certainly increase your attractiveness. Pearly whites are an indicator of good health and hygiene, marking you as a prospective partner – the same way peacocks show off their tail feathers. So keep brushing your teeth regularly, and keep those visits to the dentist coming. You may even choose for cosmetic treatment to improve teeth, gum and/or bite appearance.


In case you haven’t noticed, teeth that suffer from disorders anywhere from cavities to misalignment hurt. Nobody likes pain, especially from toothaches. Regular visits to the dentist help prevent this, giving you lasting comfort and relief. Keeping your teeth straight and in a good condition also means that your diet is not limited to soft or liquid foods.


Did you know that receiving regular dental care saves you a fortune? It has been said that prevention is better than a cure. And quite so. Keeping your teeth in good health saves you from having to undergo dental procedures that may take a toll on your wallet in the future. Regular cleaning from the dentist, checkups make sure you can keep everything in order and treat minor conditions before they become a problem.

The dentist is there to help you. Have your teeth checked today and avail of his services and care to keep your set of pearly whites in excellent condition.

Binge Eating Disorder

Facts Everyone Should Know About Binge-Eating Disorder

Binge Eating TreatmentYou’ve probably heard these phrases: “Why doesn’t she get off the couch and exercise?” “Why doesn’t he do anything about his weight?” “How does she live this way?”

These are what judgemental people used to say, as they believe everyone should have a certain weight or shape. Due to this stigma, issues to deal with binge-eating disorder and obesity are swept under the carpet. Erroneous assumptions lead to misconception. Let this article enlighten you.

Binge eating disorder is a psychiatric disorder

While most people tend to eat too much particularly on holidays, Eating Disorder Center of Denver says that those with BED have an urge to overeat and this causes major distress. These people binge at least once or twice a week for three months. As one of the many mental health conditions, BED is classified as a mental disorder.

Binge eating disorder is more common than HIV, Cancer or Schizophrenia

According to a national survey, BED affects an estimated 2.8 million adults. It is also more common among adults in the United States than bulimia and anorexia combined. Moreover, this disorder occurs at a similar rate across Asian communities, Latino, African Americans and white people.

Binge eating is not similar to bulimia

When making a physical observation, BED and bulimia seem similar as both people eat compulsively large amount of food and end up feeling guilty, ashamed or distressed. However, the difference is that people with bulimia try to get rid of extra calories by purging. This can be done through the use of diuretics, over-exercising or vomiting.

People who have BED are all not obese or overweight

You cannot tell if someone has BED by just looking at them. Binge eaters come in all sizes and shapes. While two binge eaters may consume the same amount of food, one may be bigger than the other depending on the rate at which calories are burned.

The good news is that binge eaters can greatly improve their health and have better quality of life once they visit eating disorders treatment centers. Going through a psychotherapy session can help address issues that contribute to this disorder. Medications have also been shown to help treat binge eating disorders.

Enjoy a Stress-Free International Business Trip

Business TripThere’s already plenty going on in your mind about the business at hand. This can be further compounded by the stress of travelling to far destinations. Coming up with small yet efficient travel preparation hacks can make the entire process less of a headache for you. 

Here’s a guide to help you enjoy a smooth and hassle-free business trip: 

Organise Your Work Tools

Travelling comes with its own set of unexpected delays and missed deadlines. This makes it important for you to ensure all your devices are in top functioning form. Charge you electronic gadgets fully before making the trip.

Carry the power chords, portable chargers and any other tools that help sort out the communication aspect. Efficiently functioning devices and backup tools will allow you to work hitch-free, in case of unforeseen contingencies.

Get a Local Sim Card before Travelling

Some of the hugest expenses Australian business travellers incur on their smartphones are pricey surcharges and high usage rates on international roaming. Cut down this needless expense by purchasing a sim card for your destination before making the trip.

Industry professional suggests buying a UK pre-paid sim right here in Australia to help you save on expensive international roaming.

Carry Versatile Clothing Pieces

Resourceful packing is the key to maximising your luggage space. Pack smartly to mix and match your outfits during the business trips. Carry along smart basics that can be paired with more than one piece. This makes your wardrobe look varied, yet allows you carry less.

Some formal trousers, a versatile white shirt, a dapper looking blazer, a few knit shirts can be cleverly paired with each other to offer a different look each day.

Organising your gadgets for effective communication in unforeseen circumstances, packing resourcefully and saving on international call costs can help to undertake a stress-free and productive work trip. Planning ahead can help you focus on the business task at hand, and not worry about trying to figure things out in unknown destinations.

Aspects That Determine the Cost of a Piece of Land

Land for sale in Waurn PondsWhen buying land as a recreational property, future investment or to build a home on, it’s imperative to consider its future and present market value first. Being cognizant of the land’s market value helps you determine whether the property is worth the money you want to part with. However, land price depends on certain factors as explained below.


What borders the piece of land can hike or lower its market value. A land with attractive slopes and beautiful views of mountains, forest and rivers will have a high market value even if these natural scenes are not part of it. Contrary, a property that’s just next to an industrial park, busy freeway or landfill may have a lower market price. Those who want to build residential houses on it may not find it desirable.


A property with exhausted soil will have a lower market price compared to a fertile agricultural land. Most people may be willing to expensively buy a property with a healthy forest than that with clear-cut forest. Not many people will spend much money buying industrial wasteland or brownfields especially if they are not in pleasing urban centres. The market price of a land with unusual aesthetic or superior appeal will be higher than that of lots without enticing features.


Most people will be willing to buy a land with particular well-maintained structures more expensively depending on the condition and use of those structures. Conversely, a land with dilapidated structures will have significantly reduced value. This occurs because old and dilapidated structures pose environmental or safety issues through old oil tanks or asbestos.


The price of land increases with the proximity of the property to popular centres and important amenities. A land in a densely populated location is on high demand that eventually increases land-buying competition. Many people may change their mind about buying a particular land once they learn it’s located in a sparsely populated area.

Ashbury Armstrong Creek says that although the size of a land for sale in Waurn Ponds can determine its value, the above aspects play a critical role in value assessment.

Though a property may have admirable vegetation, its location, condition, surroundings and structures dictate its market value.

Pub-Grub: Traditional British Tavern Food

Traditional Pub Grub in KentRenowned the world over, the British pub is famous for its beer, ale and good food. Tourists and locals alike can enjoy the rich offerings of traditional pub-grub. Pubs have been serving food since its inception, but they originally only served small snack foods.

Nowadays, gastropubs and bar-restaurants serve a much more sophisticated range of dishes. The Barn Pub & Restaurant, for example, offers everything from American burgers to exotic Cypriot halloumi salads. Despite the exciting new flavours, the majority of pub goers still prefer traditional tavern food. They will always be a favourite on the British pub menu.

Snack Foods

Snack foods will always be a mainstay of pub grub. Here are some of the most common ones:

  • Crisps – Simple, salted potato crisps
  • Pork scratchings – Crisp, roasted pork rind
  • Pickled eggs – Hard-boiled eggs cured in vinegar or brine
  • Cockles – Cockles have been around for a very long time. Served with vinegar or lemon, many pub goers eat cockles raw. They can also be steamed or boiled.
  • Black pudding – A thick blood sausage with suet, blood and oatmeal
Pub Meals

Pubs serve full meals in addition to the snacks. Traditional food items include:

  • Fish and chips – Lightly battered fish, fried and served with chips. Gained popularity in England in the 19th century.
  • Bangers and mash – Sausages with creamy mashed potatoes
  • Shepherd’s pie – A rich meat pie with a crust of mash. Traditionally uses leftover Sunday roast.
  • Ploughman’s lunch – The quintessential English cold meal. Consists of cheese, pickle and some bread.
  • Steak and ale pie – Another meat pie, this time made with steak, vegetables and strong ale.

Food will always be an important part of a pub’s trade. Sometimes, a pie and a pint with some good mates are all that is needed after a long day at work.