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Horse-riding Basics: Getting the Right Gear

Horse Riding When you’re a new equestrian, you might be wondering what kind of gear you have to purchase. After all, the key to a good riding experience is your gear. Otherwise, the combination of sweat, fraying and irritated skin can take the joy out of riding.

What do you need?

Comfortable protective gear is necessary. The most important of these is a horse-riding helmet. Equally important are your breeches. These are necessary to prevent chafing and give a level of traction to your seat. A set of chaps also goes along with your breeches in that they help with your saddle grip as well as preventing the horse’s sweat from soaking your legs. Last is the riding jacket. Some jackets are functional and can protect you from the weather. Others are simply for showing your personal style. The same is true for your boots as the type of boots you choose. If you want to look like a cowboy then cowboy boots it is!

Check the Specifics

Take into account the types of gear available. For example, there are knee-patch breeches and full seat breeches as well as jodhpurs and jockey’s breeches. Knee patch breeches have leather inserts from the ankle to the knees while full seat breeches have inserts from the knees, the inside of the thighs and on the seat.

Check Your Budget

How much are you willing to spend and how serious are you about the sport? Dedicated equestrians choose to spend more on their gear since they can be expected to use them often and wear them out. But if you are new to the sport and are unsure of how well you will take to it, be a little more discerning.

It is worth noting that you will usually get what you pay for. Low-cost breeches may fray several times faster than higher quality ones. In the long run, it may cost less to buy a single set of good quality breeches than to buy several ones that wear out quickly.

Understanding the Outpatient Drug Treatment Process

Outpatient drug treatment programBreaking an addictive cycle can be a challenging thing to do. If you are one of those who feel like there is no way out, you might want to consider undergoing drug treatment programs. Depending on the gravity of your situation, you might be offered to undergo an outpatient program first.

What is an Outpatient Drug Rehab Program?

As the name implies, an outpatient drug treatment program does not require the patient to live within the facility for a specific period. At most, the patient would only be required to visit during a pre-arranged schedule. Because of its nature, an outpatient drug treatment program tends to cost less than its counterpart. It is also generally recommended only to those whose addiction is not severe as well as those who have successfully finished their inpatient treatment program.

Types of Outpatient Drug Treatment Program

Not many people may know it but there are actually three types of outpatient drug treatment programs – intensive outpatient, partial hospitalization, and therapy and counseling, Renaissance Ranch Outpatient explains. In an intensive outpatient drug rehab program, the focus is on preventing a relapse. That being the case, the program typically involves meeting thrice a week, with each meeting lasting for 2 to 4 hours. To make the program more effective, the schedule takes into consideration the work or school schedule of the patient.

In a partial hospitalization program, the patient would have to meet with his or her group in a hospital at least three times a week, with each meeting lasting no more than 6 hours. This is especially recommended for those who require medical monitoring every now and then but are still able to function in a stable manner.

Therapy and counseling are typically recommended for those who need support after undergoing an inpatient drug treatment program. Some of the modalities included in this program would include behavior therapy, group therapy, and family counseling.

How Do Skyscrapers Stay Upright?

SkyscrapersDubai’s Burj Khalifa, currently the world’s tallest building, stands at 2,723 feet from base to tip. Take that in for a moment. That’s about as tall as a low-rise mountain, for goodness’ sake. And the upcoming world’s tallest building, the Kingdom Tower in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, is said to be at least 3,280 feet tall. That’s almost one kilometer.

Ever wondered how in the world these buildings stay upright? Well, the folks over at MPFP sure do, like others in their field. Today’s mega-tall skyscrapers require unimaginable feats of engineering and architectural ingenuity to become a reality. Here’s a look at what their construction entails.

Forces of Nature

Nature is the mega-tall skyscraper’s biggest enemy. It all begins with the foundation. But know this: many skyscrapers are actually not built on solid ground. One example is London’s 95-story Shard Tower, which stands on soft clay. To be able to stand, its foundations go deep underground — a monumental concrete slab held up by hundreds of concrete piles supports the Shard. These piles go 173 feet beneath the earth. In cities with more solid ground, piles only go as deep as 52 feet.

Next up is gale force winds. Up there in the atmosphere, wind speeds can get crazy enough to topple anything or blow planes off course. An extremely sturdy skeleton, either inside or outside, is needed for this purpose. China’s upcoming 1,535-foot Chengdu tower has an exoskeleton to help it resist winds. Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, on the other hand, has an intricate inner frame keeping it upright.

But it doesn’t stop there. Believe it when you’re told that these buildings sway in the wind (it’s also true in the case of earthquakes). The ability to go with natural forces lessens the stress on the entire building. So if you feel like the floor is moving while on the 38th floor of your office building or in your penthouse suite, that’s why. Some even use actual counterweights (like New York’s Citigroup Center Building). These weights are moved by a computer system based on which direction the wind comes from. The result is a “smart” building that adapts to the forces of nature.

Buildings seem to be only getting taller. Who knows? Advances in engineering and architecture might make 2-kilometer-tall skyscrapers a reality.

Different Kinds of Roofing Shingles

Roofing ShinglesYou’ve found the perfect place for your home, but the question of which roof shingle to use stumps you. Is asphalt better than tiles? The answer may depend on your needs and what fits your budget.

Aside from asphalt and tiles, some of the most common roofing shingles used at homes in the U.S. include metal, wood, and slate. Eco-friendly options such as solar tiles are also emerging as a sustainable option.

In Houston, you may have needed roof repairs from commercial roofing companies at least once or twice, as hailstorms and other natural calamities are quite common in the state. In fact, a May 2016 National Insurance Crime Bureau report showed that the most number of hail loss claims in the U.S. originated from Texas between 2013 and 2015.

Topping Out

Choosing the right kind of shingles shouldn’t be that hard, once you’ve become more familiar with each type’s pros and cons, as well as the amount you’re willing to spend for your roof.

Asphalt shingles are one of the most commonly used materials, mainly because of their efficiency and cost. These can last up to 50 years, which you may find to be a practical choice. However, consider the climate from where you live, as asphalt shingles easily deteriorate in drastic changes in climate.

Shingles made from slate are your best option for longevity and toughness. These materials’ shelf life spans up to 100 years, although you should be ready to spend more as they are more expensive than those made from asphalt.

Sustainable Roofs

As many homeowners become more conscious of the environmental impact of materials they use, manufacturers have come up with sustainable options for roofing shingles.

For instance, solar roofing shingles serve a dual purpose by providing protection to your home and harnessing the sun’s energy to power basic home equipment and facilities. But be ready to spend more because like slate shingles, these solar roofing materials do not come cheap.

Still undecided? Seek advice from professional roofing contractors, because expert help will likely prevent you from mistakenly buying the wrong shingles for your roof.

Microbeads: Harmful to the Environment, Harmful to Skin, Eyes, Teeth

Gum disease caused by microbeadsFor over 20 years now, microbeads have become a common ingredient in facial scrubs, washes, and toothpaste — products touted to make us feel cleaner and more beautiful.

Recent studies show, however, that the minuscule plastic balls are also causing extensive damage to sea life after they are washed down the bathroom drain. That alarming development is not the only concern as well, as experts reveal another tragic irony: the abrasive particles may also damage skin, eyes and teeth.

Teeth Damage

Some toothpaste manufacturers put microbeads in their products to add texture and colour. Two years ago, two dentists in America raised their alarm on the tiny particles after finding tiny blue specks of microbeads in their patients’ gums.

The dentists warn that the beads could trap bacteria, which may lead to gum disease. Another concern is the abrasiveness of the toothpaste, which may wear away the enamel. This is particularly alarming, as teeth enamel cannot regenerate, according to dental practices like Jiva Dental.

The abrasiveness of the microbeads may also lead to receding gums and sensitive teeth.

Skin Damage

Exfoliating scrubs were very popular in the ‘80s, but the granules they contained were made of ground nutshell or pumice. The edges of these particles are extremely abrasive and sharp, so experts advised consumers only to use them once a week. When manufacturers turned to smoother, rounder particles made of oil called microbeads, people thought the newer version of scrubs is safer and less scratching and used them day and night.

The skin, however, cannot keep up — especially now with the rising trend of using battery-operated cleansing brushes. This weakens the skin barrier and creates small tears in the skin.

Eye Damage

Microbeads can also damage the eyes. Although these can be blinked away, the particles can get stuck under the eyelid, which then scratches the eye’s outer covering, the cornea. This can make the eye red and sore.

Microbeads may be smaller than the eye can see — but the damage it does to nature, as well as to our bodies, can be massive.

What Does a Perfect Sunroom Look Like?

A perfect sunroomSunrooms are popular among homeowners who want to have another living area without having to spend for another fully furnished room. Designed perfectly, sunrooms are a stunning addition to any home. If you have plans to add a sunroom to your home, below are the elements of a perfect sunroom.


Sunrooms are usually built near outdoor areas. They serve as a transitional space between the indoors and outdoors. To create a seamless flow between your indoor living area and the garden or lawn, it is essential that you place potted plants or other greens in this room to create an effective connection.

Cosy Ambience

Since this room acts as a second living room, it is vital that people feel comfortable hanging out in it. With the right combination of upholstered seating, a few tables, indoor rugs, and plush pillows and throws, you can create a comfortable ambience in your sunroom. It will also help if your sunroom has clean, beautiful, and durable flooring, as recommended by Handy Sanders and other floor specialists in NZ.


Of course, you want your sunroom to be sunny. It is good to get your daily Vitamin D by sitting and drinking coffee in this room. Nevertheless, you still need to install curtains and other insulated windows to prevent harsh sunlight during certain times of the day. You still need to balance it out as without enough shades, sunrooms can be too hot for anyone.

Temperature Controls

Mostly built without heating or air conditioning, sunrooms need elements that allow people to control the temperature in the room. An installed ceiling fan, for instance, can greatly help ease the heat during warm days. In the same way, a fireplace in your sunroom is essential during chilly nights.

With all of these elements, a sunroom will look stunning and function perfectly at the same time. So, make sure your future sunroom has all the things listed in this article.

The SR22 Insurance Requirement: Fast Facts

SR22 Insurance Requirement In Tennessee If you’re a driver that practices safe and responsible driving, you probably won’t need to obtain an SR22. In the unfortunate event that you’ll ever have to get one, however, below are some fast facts for easy reference.

  • What Exactly is the SR22? It’s a requirement for drivers who need to maintain or reinstate their driving privileges following specific traffic offenses. It’s called the Certificate of Financial Responsibility in some states. It’s not a kind of auto insurance. It’s a document verifying that you have an active car insurance coverage that satisfies the liability requirements in your state, explains
  • Where Can I Obtain the SR22? You have to get one from a provider of auto insurance that’s approved by the state. In addition, a car insurance provider in Tennessee states that even if you already have an SR22 in your state, but are planning on moving to another state, you’ll still have to satisfy the requirements in your former state.
  • Is an SR22 Expensive? While the cost differs from one state to another, the cost is roughly between $15 and $25. But keep in mind that you could only get one if you already have auto insurance. Otherwise, you’ll have to get car insurance first and file for an SR22.
  • Will I Need an SR22 For Life? No. In general, you’ll only have to maintain your SR22 for two up to five years, with the specific duration being dependent on the reason you need it in the first place and the state requirements.
  • Can I Just Refrain from Driving Instead of Getting an SR22? Yes, but you’ll still have to get an SR22. Once you go to the DMV following your three-year no-driving vacation, you’ll still have to obtain insurance, with an added SR22 for another three or five years so that you could reinstate your driver’s license. Put simply, there’s no getting around it.

It is likewise crucial to know that depending on your specific violation, once you’re ordered to get the SR22 requirement, your current auto insurance provider might drop you because you’ll be considered an increased risk client. When this occurs, you’ll have to look around for providers willing to cover you.

Retiring Doesn’t Mean You Have to Give These Things Up

Retirement AgeWhen you approach retirement age, you may think, “Oh, great. There goes the rest of my life.” It’s true that you’ll have to say goodbye to some habits, especially if they concern your health and well-being. But, it doesn’t mean you’ll stop having fun and living the rest of your life.

While retirement looks like grandma sitting on a rocking chair in a retirement home and sleeping all day long, it doesn’t have to be the case for you. Just ask Cozy Retire. Before you well up and think hitting the senior years will keep you from enjoying life, know that there are more than a few things you don’t need to give up just because you’re advancing in years. Check them out.

Working Out

Age and salt-and-pepper hair shouldn’t keep you from getting and staying in shape. Take your cue from the ojiisan and obaasan from Japan, whose regular visits to the gym show how aging is shaping up in the country.

This, of course, doesn’t mean you’ll carry heavy weights and dumbbells despite a bad case of arthritis. Exercise as much as you can. Do regular jogs, and don’t shy away from housework and parties. They get you moving, and you need it.


As you hit the senior range, you may start feeling a little blue. Your grown kids don’t seem to need you like they used to. You don’t feel like you’re as helpful as you were before. When the blues hit you, gardening can cheer you up.

Tending to something and seeing it grow brings a lot of satisfaction. Plus, you get to show off those beautiful colors, too. Whether or not you enjoyed gardening in your younger years, you will surely love it now.

Being Creative

Displaying your creative flair, through different art forms like painting, playing music and puzzle games, or even baking, keeps the mind active and sharp. Show off your talents and enjoy doing so! It’ll keep you in high spirits.

Pigging Out

This doesn’t mean you’ll binge eat or drink, but this also doesn’t mean you can’t have a slice of pizza or a bag of chips during special occasions. If you keep it in moderation, there’s no reason not to savor great food.

Getting older shouldn’t stop you from living the life you want. There are some habits you need to quit to stay healthy, but there are also other things you can continue enjoying. Go ahead, have a happy retirement.

The Potential Dangers of Unprofessional Stump Removal

Stump Removal in TaurangaYou are probably thinking of personally removing the tree stump on your property, but this job is easier said than done. Unlike gardening or fixing your car, tree stump removal is an issue of safety that involves more work. The job requires training, expertise and the right equipment.

Damage and injury happen far too often even with professionals – imagine the grim scenario for the untrained. A YouTube DIY tutorial or an online instruction manual simply will not do this time.

Here’s why you should leave tree stump removal in the hands of the Tauranga experts:

A Deadly Occupation

Tree-related injuries occur far too often, making tree work one of the deadliest occupations in the world. That makes it twice (or even ten times) as dangerous for the unskilled and inexperienced.

Here’s what the untrained usually do: yank the stump out of the ground with a strap tied to their car or use a piece of equipment they do not know how to operate properly.

This ‘technique’ is extremely dangerous. For one, you can end up dismantling your car or your home. The stump can shoot straight into the windshield and damage the top of the car. It can also fly across the yard and break the window of your home, or worse, someone’s face. The strap can also tear apart and hit someone nearby. And you may cut yourself open with the equipment.

Safety is Invaluable

The cost savings in DIY stump removal is not worth the potential damage. Stump removal experts get the job done and, more importantly, they do it safely and efficiently. They have the equipment and the techniques that you don’t find in an instruction manual. The success of the project will prove cost-effective in the long run.

Many have tried removing their tree stump without professional help, and have learned their lesson the hard way. It is better to pay upfront now than realise later on that safety has no price.

Avoiding a Hazardous Experience: The Urgency of Car Repairs

Car RepairMaintaining the condition of your automobile is important. Basically, you should deem anything concerning your safety as of important matter. Going on the road in a vehicle that could break down at any time is unsafe — what if you were climbing a rather steep incline and your brakes were to give out?

Before unfortunate things happen, it will be best if you prepare for them. Avoid accidents and road mishaps by getting all the necessary automobile repairs.

Rapid Loans, a provider of personal loans in New Zealand and Australia, can help you come up with the money to finance your automobile repairs. The company discusses repayment periods of 6 to 36 months, further stating how you can pay for a future holiday, rental fees or car repairs quickly and easily.

The Ministry of Social Development, too, can help Kiwis address the urgency of car repairs. To address your safety is of utmost concern. If you are unwilling to take out a loan but want to drive around in a hazardous vehicle, you might encounter difficulty with certification.

Repair Certification

The law requires vehicle repairs to be of a quality comparable to how it was like upon manufacture. This covers all types of repair, from structural to mechanical and electrical.

Also, imported used vehicles require checking and certification. It is not until registration when these vehicles can roam the streets. An entry certifier evaluates the vehicle for damages and necessary repairs, as well as the need for a specialist repair certifier.

A specialist repair inspection can only spell additional costs for you, so be wary of the impending expenses of car repairs. This inspection, by the way, may cause vehicle disassembly. If the inspector determines your vehicle as damaged beyond registration approval, you will need to transport it for repair.

You may avoid all the trouble and expenses this entails if you recognise the urgency of car repairs. Until your vehicle meets all the legal requirements, you will not be able to use it on the road. In being practical, consider your safety.