Appliances that Can Kill You

Household Appliances In IndianaCarbon monoxide (CO), a type of gas, bears the title of “silent killer” for many good reasons. This poisonous gas has no color, taste, or smell, but can cause death in those exposed, since it prevents the blood’s ability to supply oxygen throughout the body. It can come from numerous sources, but the primary ones are from burning fuels including natural gas, oil, propane, wood, and gasoline.

This means that anything in your home using these fuels produce CO, so you need to take precautionary measures, especially in maintaining them.

Gas-powered heating systems

Your furnace that makes use of gas to produce that lovely warmth that envelopes you and your loved ones during chilly or cold days can be dangerous. This is particularly true when you neglect to have it regularly serviced or when you delay having it repaired when problems arise.

Do not put yourself and your family at risk of CO poisoning – contact an Indiana company specializing in furnace services right away.

Gas-heated water systems

To produce hot water, a gas-powered water heating system burns fuel, which then produces CO as an aftermath. When you do your job as an owner in terms of maintaining it properly and making sure it runs flawlessly, you do not have to worry about excessive CO engulfing your home. However, leave it in disrepair, and you can face a carbon monoxide poisoning situation.

Other gas-, oil-, or coal-burning household appliances

Fireplaces, gas stoves, and any other gas-, oil-, or coal-burning equipment in your home can cause disastrous consequences when you leave them in a state of disrepair. You should do your part in having them regularly inspected for any potential faults, in order to minimize the potential CO-related issues they may lead to.

Remember: prevention always trumps cure. So make it a part of your home maintenance to have all these appliances undergo routine inspections to avert the potential risks of CO poisoning that come with them.