Are Smokeless Tobacco Products Safer to the Teeth?

Smokeless TobaccoCigarette smoking is a leading cause of dental problems, such as bad breath, tooth discolouration, plaque build-up, jaw bone loss, salivary gland inflammation and leukoplakia, among many others. It may also delay the healing process of dental surgeries and decrease the success rate of implant procedures.

Like cigarettes, pipes and cigars also cause the same oral health problems. It is not what people smoke, but the detrimental properties that all these products have in common. The practitioners from Bounty Road Dental Practice say that smoking cessation delivers significant changes to the oral health.

Ineffective Alternative to Smoking

As some people find it hard to quit smoking entirely, they look for alternative solutions. Many smokers turn to smokeless tobacco, thinking that the smoke itself causes the dental problems. But, these products are not safer than real cigars, as they contain no less than 28 harmful chemicals that increase the risks of cancer of the mouth, throat and oesophagus.

Scholars even say that smokeless tobacco products are more dangerous than cigarettes. For one, people who chew tobacco may get higher amounts of nicotine, making it harder for them to quit smoking. Also, a can of snuff contains more nicotine than a pack of 60 cigarettes.

Detrimental Contents and Effects

Gum tissues do not react well to smokeless tobacco. The product irritates the gum tissues, causing them to pull away or recede from the teeth. This gum recession exposes the teeth’s roots, increasing the risks of tooth decay. In addition, exposed roots make the teeth more sensitive to hot and cold food and drinks.

Furthermore, smokeless tobacco manufacturers often add sugars to the product to enhance its flavours, increasing the risks of tooth decay for smokers. Studies show that consuming products with high sugar content produces acid that will break down the enamel and draw out the minerals, making the teeth weak.

It is understandable that smoking tobacco is a hard habit to break, but it is possible. For the sake of their oral health, smokers should quit their vice even if it is with a smokeless tobacco.