Au Jus and How You Can Use it to Enhance Many Recipes

Au Jus BeefAu jus is a culinary term of French origin, which means “with its own sauce” or something cooked in its juices. In cooking terminology, au jus refers to a dish prepared with roasted meat and served with its own juices. Defined simply, jus is pan drippings derived from the roasted meat.

Au jus is a light juice from beef, traditionally poured sparingly over meat or used as dipping sauce for meat sandwiches. Au jus can be made from a beef base, which is easier to prepare than using fresh beef stock. Jus made from beef base gives a strong flavor, so you can add more water if you think the flavor is too strong for your taste buds.

Jus variations

Poultry and roasted meats that are cooked with their own jus are traditionally known as prepared “au jus.” One example of this manner of cooking is roast rib of beef (or prime rib) au jus. Au jus can also be prepared using poultry, veal, and lamb and can be turned into an au jus mix.

If you prefer something like pan gravy, you can make a thickened variation of jus called jus lié or fond lié. Simply add arrowroot or cornstarch to brown stock and then simmer.

Jus is also a favorite combination with what is known as a French dip sandwich (sometimes called beef dip). It is a sandwich made of French stick bread and sliced roast beef, and sometimes garnished with cheese and caramelized onions.

Incidentally, French dip sandwich didn’t originate from France. It seemingly had its beginnings in Los Angeles and was termed French dip due to the bread it used. The sandwich is dipped in the jus, which is served in a small jug or bowl.

Commercial versions of jus

Jus is available in commercial bottled versions for use in home cooking. The ready-to-use version will make an indispensable addition to every kitchen. It will provide a flavorful base for gravies, sauces, and soup dishes. Simply mix the commercial brand au jus to boiling water, add the ingredients, and enjoy the flavor.

Enhance the flavor of your soup, stew, and stir-fried dishes and add zing to your gravy, with an au jus ready in your kitchen. You will truly enjoy and appreciate its real roasted meat flavor in any meal you prepare.