Boost the Effectiveness of Display Ads with These Ideas

Effectiveness of Display AdsCertain cases indicate that display ads have an abysmal performance when measuring conversion and click-through rates. The common approach when using this type of advertising is disrupting or distracting the activity of a user, in the hopes of a click. This strategy is ineffective and may even turn visitors off even more. Despite the unfavourable odds of conversion, certain practices will allow you to improve the percentage to your favour.

Perceived Value

Singtel advertising, a.k.a. Singtel Media cites that paying attention to ads must provide its viewer with value. What is the display ad giving your visitors? Does viewing the advert provide more information or anything in return? The answer to these questions enables you to craft displays that reach your target audience and boost conversion rates.

Language Matters

Does the ad speak in the language your target audience responds to? With display ads, you have the chance to segment your market depending on their demographics. Use this granularity to your advantage with the right words that resonate with a corresponding potential customer. A ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach will only hurt your campaign and yields little to no results for your advertisers.


Forms on a display ad provide an excellent opportunity to entice a viewer to fill them out or engage them further. Interactive adverts are increasing in popularity among advertisers. If you want to incorporate this into your campaign, make sure that interactivity is real rather than faking one, just to boost click-through rates.

Emotional Core

People are emotional, sometimes irrationally so, and in some cases, make decisions based on what they feel. Use this as leverage, when it comes to creating and publishing display adverts. The four basic emotions that elicit responses are disgust, sadness, anger, happiness and surprise. People respond to these in varying ways and degrees, but most take action once they feel these.

These elements provide you with the opportunity to improve the chances of converting a visitor or at least boost click-through rates.