Buying A Pre-owned Porsche? Make Sure It Is Porsche Approved

Close Up of a Porsche Car's Tail LightCar buyers today are more accepting of second-hand cars. In fact, statistics show that the demand for used vehicles remains high. CNW Market Research shows that used car sales in the United States from 2000 to 2015 plays at around $35 million to $43 million per year. In 2016, Experian reported that even people who could technically afford brand new cars are choosing to drive used vehicles instead.

If you are like these people, you might be considering getting a pre-owned Porsche. Don’t be discouraged by the stigma that luxury brands are expensive and that repairs could cost an arm and a leg. Pre-owned Porsches are actually practical choices for buyers looking for usability and luxury.

Accessible Service Centers

You don’t have to ship your Porsche to Germany to get quality servicing. There are accessible service centers in the country that can do comprehensive repairs and detail work. in NYC even offers a full warranty that is “even more comprehensive than Porsche specifies.”

What’s impressive about Porsche is that the company actively works to provide quality services to customers around the world. They are concerned with upkeep, not just sales of new units.

This is the purpose of Porsche Approved certification. It encourages owners and dealers to keep their units in excellent condition.

Porsche Approved Certification Guarantees

When a pre-owned Porsche is Porsche Approved, it means the vehicle has passed inspection (it must meet all 111 points in the checklist!) and met the brand’s preparation standards. Moreover, it means that the dealer only used genuine Porsche parts for replacements, and Porsche-certified technicians did all the body and engine work. Lastly, they have at least 12 months Porsche Approved Warranty and Porsche Assistance guarantee.

Buying a pre-owned car is practical; getting a Porsche is smart. Opting for a Porsche Approved pre-owned vehicle can give the best value for your money.