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5 Surefire Ways to Make the Most of Your Trade Show Participation

Top view shot of a trade showMost companies perceive joining trade shows as an unnecessary expense. What you may need to understand, though, is that you do not have to participate in every one of them. If you can attend at least one in a year that is aligned with your company’s goals, it could be a great venue to expose your brand and connect with industry leaders and potential clients.

Below are some tips that will help you maximise our participation:

1. Know your objectives and identify your indicators

Like what trade show coach Susan Friedmann says, it would be absurd to buy space and expect that you would immediately get your returns. He puts emphasis on the importance of setting objectives that are measurable. What do you want to get from the show? Another friendly reminder is that quality is often a much better indicator than quantity.

2. Make your booth interactive

Booth design is what will make people flock around you. However, a visually appealing booth will not make them stay. Keep their interests up by thinking of creative ways to make it interactive. Perhaps you can make use of technology and other creative techniques like fun games to invite people over.

3. Ensure that your booth is well-equipped

Aside from displays, which are important especially if you are marketing products, you should also prepare marketing collaterals, such as brochures, calling cards, and flyers. Do not forget sign-up sheets for the visitors as well since these would come in handy in the future. Giftfinder likewise recommends scouting for promotional merchandise suppliers and choose items that are useful yet unconventional for giveaways. Most importantly, there must always be at least one decision-maker present to make sure that you are not missing important business opportunities.

4. Attend conferences

While you are there, attend interesting conferences and forum. Organisers of trade fairs usually invite industry leaders as speakers. Aside from delivering talks on industry know-how, you will also find investments and industry forums, which can provide substantive insights for your company’s growth and expansion.

5. Do not forget to network

Perhaps you would fail at driving traffic to your booth. That does not mean that your participation is an ultimate failure. Consider the other facets of the event. Many important people in the industry will be there, so take every opportunity to network with them. Always have your business card and your business pitch ready. Who knows, you might come across somebody who would like your product or service so much that he would be willing to invest on it.

Sure, you want to put your money where ROI is guaranteed, but you must also find other means to promote your business. Joining in trade fairs may not be necessarily new or unconventional, but you also cannot deny the ways that it can contribute to your business. You simply have to be clear with your objectives and prepare enough for it.

Theater Staff in Denver

The Art of Keeping Your Theater Production Staff Productive

Theater Staff in DenverMany theater-goers come to the theater to watch a dazzling, cathartic performance. What they don’t realize is that it takes painstaking efforts from the backstage staff to make everything onstage look perfect. Do keep these things in mind so the backstage staff can also go home happy.

Keep Meetings Brief – Enough time is spent on rehearsals and preparation. If you’re tasked with post-rehearsal meetings and one-on-ones, please don’t stretch your speeches too long. Not only does this use up time that can be used for more productive endeavors, it also gives people fewer chances of getting a full night’s rest. Remember, nobody benefits from tired staff and actors.

Tackle Issues Immediately – If there’s a real problem that needs solving then deal with it before it gets worse. Absenteeism, prop or stage damage, schedule workarounds, and ticket sales can ruin a good production if left unsolved. Don’t put off upgrading your theatrical supply in Denver, meeting with latecomers, and solving every issue as soon as possible no matter how busy you all are.

Don’t Single People Out – If a problem does come from a specific person’s errors or neglect, there are appropriate responses if you want to make an example of them. To outright pick a single person to humiliate for no reason can be unethical and criminal, especially when they’re innocent. Suspension from work, demotion and firing your problem staff would be a better option as long as the cause is justifiable.

Ranting is Dangerous – Several nights of bad rehearsals, poor lighting, and sound or an overall sense of mediocrity can put everyone on edge. As a manager, it’s tempting to be in complete “god mode” as you point out every error and add your own opinions to them. Sure be angry but you don’t need to extend it into a “meeting.”

These are simple but effective suggestions that can keep the peace backstage. It doesn’t matter if you’re the assistant stage manager, producer or director; it’s best to be simple, concise, and sincere. Rule of thumb: Keep the drama onstage unless you’re presenting a comedy.

Sentosa Singapore: The Perfect Vacation for You, Your family or Your Friends

Bridge In Sentosa IslandNeed to unwind? Are you having a hard time at work and want to enjoy your vacation? Singapore has many great things to offer. It is one of the top countries visited every year because of its tourism, attractions and exciting events. There are plenty of places in Singapore where you can relax and travel.

Delight in Fun and Excitement

But if fun is what you and your family needs, then Sentosa is the great place for you. Sentosa is a popular island resort and the state of Fun in Singapore where you can have plenty of activities to attend to even if you are a child or adult. The attractions and activities are not only for children, but could also be enjoyed by the adults. Sentosa has beaches, wonderful nature, dining, shops, golf, hotels and spas, which are perfect for you and your family. 

Here are some activities that you can do here:

  • Adventure Cove Waterpark

  • Animal & Bird Encounter

  • Crane Dance

  • Fort Siloso Skywalk

  • iFly Singapore

  • Palawan Beach

  • Tanjong Beach

These places and activities will just be seen around the island, so it will all be a one-stop getaway for you and your family.

Travel Without Worrying

Don't worry. In Sentosa, you can find exclusive online deals and packages for entrance fees to different attractions and events; and it is hassle free. You can surely find amazing offers that will be perfect for your weekend getaway.

Never forget to make a detailed travel plan, so your journey in Sentosa will be worth remembering.

The NZ Oil Recovery Scheme: 7 Years After

Recycling vehicle oil in New ZealandSeven years ago, the Ministry for the Environment (MFE) launched an oil recovery scheme named ‘Recovering Oil Saves the Environment’ or R.O.S.E. NZ. The programme encourages businesses, especially commercial and industrial sectors, to recover and recycle their vehicle oil.

Oil recovery is not a new concept for New Zealand, some companies such as Waste Petroleum Combustion Ltd in the North Island, also known as, have been collecting waste oil since 1981.

The new scheme introduced by MFE wants to encourage more businesses to recycle their oil and reduce their impact on natural resources. It is a combined effort of both the government and the private sector to reduce its environmental impact.


The oil recovery programme became an accredited voluntary scheme on 28th June 2011. It covers the entirety of New Zealand, and encourages companies to voluntarily recycle their used oil. Companies that join the scheme have free oil collections at designated points across the country. Those who want to participate have to store the oil in a leak proof container and leave it at one of the designated points.

Reusing and recycling oil is pretty straightforward, once the impurities are filtered, the oil can be used again. R.O.S.E. NZ will then distribute the recycled oil as a form of alternative fuel to diesel and gas.

A Success

Since the launch, the scheme has collected over 2.1 million litres of oil per year. More companies are choosing to use recycled oil as an alternative to other types of fuel. It is especially popular for use in industrial heating applications; waste oil is a cheaper alternative to regular fuel sources and works well for use in boilers and kilns.

Industries benefiting from recycled oil include horticulture, floriculture, bitumen plants, dry-cleaning, meat processing and many others.

Reusing oil minimises the need for more oil exploration and is better for the environment. The oil recovery programme of New Zealand will continue working towards a more sustainable future.

The Indoorsman’s Guide to Brisbane’s Nightlife

Dancing in BrisbaneYou either enjoy staying outdoors or you don’t. For those who prefer the comfort of their homes, you might entertain the idea of going out sometimes to enjoy your city’s sights and events. Brisbane offers a lot of spectacular views and events when the sun goes down.

Trade your cereals for a round of cocktail one night and follow this guide from to conquering the best of Brisbane at night.

Where to Eat

Before you start on your night’s first drink, you have to eat first. The first rule of being outside is to never drink on an empty stomach. Burnett Lane is one place you can peacefully eat to start off your night. Parallel to Queen Street Mall, it has a wide range of eateries that range from tapas to NYC street food.

Where to Drink

Down by the river is Mr & Mrs G, an intimate bar where you can mingle and meet new people without the overwhelming crowd you would want to avoid. It has beautiful floor to ceiling windows, not to mention the kind of bar you wish you had at home.

Where to Dance

Now that you’ve warmed up to the joys of staying out late at night, you will want to go dancing. Cloudland is one of Brisbane’s best. This two-storey club will make you feel like you turned up in a different era with it’s The Great Gatsby inspired décor and will make you want to let go and dance with its funk-dance vibe.

Where to Eat Again

Hungry again? Don’t rush home yet and try Greaser, a dive bar that makes the best after hours fried chicken, perfect for when you’re tired and craving something sinful and satisfying. You may even chase it down with tequila, for a nightcap.

Brisbane has your whole night covered.

2 Secrets to Boasting a Model Pet in the Home Environment

Pet In AtlantaWhile many animal lovers report positive experiences with their choice of pets, another group only has harrowing tales to give. The article highlights some of the proven secrets to having a model pet in your home.

Pets are warm, caring, and indiscriminate and make excellent companions that melt the heart of all animal lovers. Across all animal kingdoms, people welcome all manner of animals into their homes for companionship and safety.

 While cats and dogs are the most common pets with many households, others prefer birds and smaller mammals such as guinea pigs. Regardless of your choice of pet, you should ensure to provide and care for its needs, including shelter, food, and health care.

House train your pets of choice

The internet abounds with harrowing tales of pets going gung-ho in the house, wreaking havoc and causing thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. In most instances, it turns out the animal in question was hardly house trained. Many people lack the time or fail to make an effort to house train their pets, and it causes severe conflicts. Pets on television are an absolute joy since they are always on their best behavior. However, what you cannot tell is the amount of effort someone put into training the animal to be that way. Training your pets from an early age, in addition to taking some housebreaking classes enables you to get it right from the get go.

Do have an excellent medical care for your pets

Like humans, pets also suffer from pain and diseases, and may require hospitalization or even surgery. Such are the realities of owning a pet that you should reconcile with before making a decision to acquire one. Also, a regular health check-up safeguards your family from pest and diseases. While many people envision a long, happy life with their pets, sometimes fate has other plans.

They may suffer from terminal illness or suffer from severe, life-threatening injuries after an accident. Rather than subject the poor creature to endless suffering, you should call the best pet euthanasia services in Atlanta and put them out of their misery.

Owning a pet provides companionship, brings joy in addition to improving your quality of life. However, you need to ensure that you provide a comfortable living environment for your animal companion for the best results.

Retiring Doesn’t Mean You Have to Give These Things Up

Retirement AgeWhen you approach retirement age, you may think, “Oh, great. There goes the rest of my life.” It’s true that you’ll have to say goodbye to some habits, especially if they concern your health and well-being. But, it doesn’t mean you’ll stop having fun and living the rest of your life.

While retirement looks like grandma sitting on a rocking chair in a retirement home and sleeping all day long, it doesn’t have to be the case for you. Just ask Cozy Retire. Before you well up and think hitting the senior years will keep you from enjoying life, know that there are more than a few things you don’t need to give up just because you’re advancing in years. Check them out.

Working Out

Age and salt-and-pepper hair shouldn’t keep you from getting and staying in shape. Take your cue from the ojiisan and obaasan from Japan, whose regular visits to the gym show how aging is shaping up in the country.

This, of course, doesn’t mean you’ll carry heavy weights and dumbbells despite a bad case of arthritis. Exercise as much as you can. Do regular jogs, and don’t shy away from housework and parties. They get you moving, and you need it.


As you hit the senior range, you may start feeling a little blue. Your grown kids don’t seem to need you like they used to. You don’t feel like you’re as helpful as you were before. When the blues hit you, gardening can cheer you up.

Tending to something and seeing it grow brings a lot of satisfaction. Plus, you get to show off those beautiful colors, too. Whether or not you enjoyed gardening in your younger years, you will surely love it now.

Being Creative

Displaying your creative flair, through different art forms like painting, playing music and puzzle games, or even baking, keeps the mind active and sharp. Show off your talents and enjoy doing so! It’ll keep you in high spirits.

Pigging Out

This doesn’t mean you’ll binge eat or drink, but this also doesn’t mean you can’t have a slice of pizza or a bag of chips during special occasions. If you keep it in moderation, there’s no reason not to savor great food.

Getting older shouldn’t stop you from living the life you want. There are some habits you need to quit to stay healthy, but there are also other things you can continue enjoying. Go ahead, have a happy retirement.

4 Common Mistakes When Selecting Event Venues

Corporate VenueThe right corporate or convention venue serves as a prime asset for your event. Finding a space with the appropriate facilities for your needs is key to laying a successful foundation for your conference or get-together. Here are some mistakes to avoid when choosing function rooms:

Selecting an Inappropriate Location

Regardless of whether your guests live nearby or on the outskirts of town, it is important to choose a venue that is accessible and convenient. Choosing a venue that is difficult to access is likely to reduce the number of registrations you receive. What’s more, you ought to evaluate the surroundings of the corporate venue. For instance, a road construction occurring at the time of your occasion will diminish the experience of your attendees.

Services and Amenities

Besides the location, noted that you shouldn’t neglect the venue’s facilities. For instance, you should inquire whether it provides catering. Often, venue owners waive facility fees, opting to charge a down payment and the cost of meals. In addition, the right venue should have adequate parking space for all your attendees.

Failure to Visit the Function Venue

Neglecting to visit the venue before your event is a grave mistake. Although viewing the venue’s layouts and images online is helpful, it is not enough to determine the space and amenities available. As such, you should visit the venue to arrange for registration areas, display booths, and socialisation areas. Before choosing the function rooms, establish the number of attendees to avoid picking a small venue.

Failure Getting Written Estimates

Documented estimates are another integral aspect that many event planners forget. The written estimate should outline all the services that you are supposed to pay. The last thing you want is to end up renting tents at the last minute. Once you have the fine print, go through it carefully and ensure that there no hidden costs.

When choosing a venue to hold your event, you should consider certain factors. These include parking space, accessibility and the facilities provided. Also, ensure that you get a written estimate of all the costs.

Au Jus and How You Can Use it to Enhance Many Recipes

Au Jus BeefAu jus is a culinary term of French origin, which means “with its own sauce” or something cooked in its juices. In cooking terminology, au jus refers to a dish prepared with roasted meat and served with its own juices. Defined simply, jus is pan drippings derived from the roasted meat.

Au jus is a light juice from beef, traditionally poured sparingly over meat or used as dipping sauce for meat sandwiches. Au jus can be made from a beef base, which is easier to prepare than using fresh beef stock. Jus made from beef base gives a strong flavor, so you can add more water if you think the flavor is too strong for your taste buds.

Jus variations

Poultry and roasted meats that are cooked with their own jus are traditionally known as prepared “au jus.” One example of this manner of cooking is roast rib of beef (or prime rib) au jus. Au jus can also be prepared using poultry, veal, and lamb and can be turned into an au jus mix.

If you prefer something like pan gravy, you can make a thickened variation of jus called jus lié or fond lié. Simply add arrowroot or cornstarch to brown stock and then simmer.

Jus is also a favorite combination with what is known as a French dip sandwich (sometimes called beef dip). It is a sandwich made of French stick bread and sliced roast beef, and sometimes garnished with cheese and caramelized onions.

Incidentally, French dip sandwich didn’t originate from France. It seemingly had its beginnings in Los Angeles and was termed French dip due to the bread it used. The sandwich is dipped in the jus, which is served in a small jug or bowl.

Commercial versions of jus

Jus is available in commercial bottled versions for use in home cooking. The ready-to-use version will make an indispensable addition to every kitchen. It will provide a flavorful base for gravies, sauces, and soup dishes. Simply mix the commercial brand au jus to boiling water, add the ingredients, and enjoy the flavor.

Enhance the flavor of your soup, stew, and stir-fried dishes and add zing to your gravy, with an au jus ready in your kitchen. You will truly enjoy and appreciate its real roasted meat flavor in any meal you prepare.

Thinning and Receding: Hair Loss in Men

Hair LossWhile all men lose hair with age, the loss for others is much more obvious. When hair loss is severe or happens at a much younger age, the result can be very distressing. With thinning hair or receding hairline, some men may feel less good about their appearance, which will then affect their mood and well-being.

Variation of Hair Loss

Hair loss in some men may start at the anterior hairline and continue backwards. This happens to some degree in all boys as they transition from adolescence to manhood. The loss is mild, with some developing noticeable hairline recession, which may precede hair loss by many years.

Hair loss on the crown may start around the back of the head and continue outwards, producing a circular type of baldness. Thinning of the hair may also occur at the top of the head, which is first noticed as the widening of the central parting line.  

Potential Causes

Hair loss can be hereditary or caused by a combination of genetics, the aging process, and hormone levels. Men may experience this as early their late teenage years or early 20s. Hairy Bastard recommends starting treatment at this stage to prevent it from aggravating. Hair thickening fibres, biotin and horsetail supplements may help.

A condition called Alopecia Areata also causes round patch of hair loss that can lead to baldness. Stress is another culprit, with hair thinning starting about three months after the physical or emotional stressor. It is advisable to manage stress, as it can cause shedding and accelerate hereditary hair loss. Exposure to external factors such as UV light and tobacco may also play a role.

If you’re experiencing hair loss, it is best to avoid chemicals and overstyling. Using too much shampoo and styling products, as well as over-processing hair can cause temporary hair loss. Dandruff may also clog hair follicles, which makes it difficult for hair to grow. Using a sulphate-free shampoo can help if you have dandruff.