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Branding Your Identity: Mastering Who You Are

brand identity collageStrategizing your brand’s look is not easy. The process involves technical tasks ranging from evaluating colors to playing with words. It shouldn’t have to be so hard, though. Taking an easier yet more effective approach can drastically improve the efficiency of this project.

Here are some ways to improve your thinking when designing your brand.

Let Your Logo Do the Talking

There’s more to crafting your logo than just putting your name inside a shape and calling it a day. Designers are very in-demand, and for good reason. Logos impact the public’s perception and overall attitude toward your services. Far beyond a mere sketch, strong logos have meaning, regardless if it’s obvious and hidden. Whether you are creating a restaurant or a hospitality industry logo, it should be the reflection of who you are as a business.

Get Rid of Industry-Specific Terms

There is no shortage in buzzwords in marketing, and they only drag your brand down. Focus on substance. This way, viewers and potential clients can connect with you. Avoid using unheard-of jargons when communicating with people who are not familiar with your industry.

You Don’t Have to Please Everyone

You are never going to satisfy everyone, so don’t dwell on the impression that your brand should be for everyone. Learn to be the best brand to a specific type of audience. Do not be afraid to be yourself. Always remember that you are not in business to please everyone — you’re in business to offer solutions.

Lastly, building your brand is not a one-off project. You should know who you are, present it, and review it from time to time. Continue to innovate strategies that will add value to your clients. It will develop what your business truly stands for.

Modern Navigation Technology

How Did Ancient People Navigate?

Modern Navigation TechnologyNavigation is as easy as it’s ever been. With the existence of technologies such as GPS (global positioning system), it’s hard to get lost, especially off the beaten path. Furthermore, companies such as CAST Navigation are helping take GPS technology to whole new levels of reliability and efficiency.

Now, ask yourself this: what if GPS was never invented? You might think it’s impossible to find your way (not a lot of people are familiar with using a compass, for one). However, you only need to look at the past. The world would’ve never been opened up to all if it was impossible.

Star Gazing

Astronomy is perhaps the principal component of navigation before GPS. Henry Neeley, a lecturer at Hayden Planetarium in New York in the 1950s, is famous for claiming that celestial bodies can be used for navigation despite the existence of GPS. He is right in certain ways. Unless the technology can be designed for full infallibility, the stars in the night and day skies are as reliable as they can be, for they’re all fixed points.

Astronomers identify 57 individual stars that navigators can use to triangulate their positions. These stars are chosen because they shine brighter than all others in the night sky. Their wide spacing also makes it easier to identify them. A navigator must determine the altitude of a star above the horizon. Once he does, he finds out his so-called ‘circle of position.’ He then must go on to measure the altitudes of other stars to know where these points intersect, which is an approximate position on the globe.

Ancient Tools

Ancient civilization used various tools while using the stars to navigate. One good example would be the Vikings. While sailing the oceans, Viking navigators would use sundials to triangulate their location. They rely on the closest star. Sundial usage for navigation is perfectly demonstrated by the historical TV series Vikings, in which the lead character Ragnar Lodbrok sailed west to England in search of plunder.

But what if it was cloudy? Vikings have an answer in the form of crystal known as a sunstone. A team onboard the Swedish vessel Oden tested this theory and found that by looking at the sky through the sunstone, the sundial can be lit. Crystals work as filters with changing colors and brightness while pinpointing the angle of sunlight. With the help of the sun (and the Sunstone), the Vikings are arguably history’s most successful navigators before GPS.

Snore to Roar – Turn Boring Topics Into Engaging Content

Writing Quality ContentQuality content writing is not easy. You need to “percolate” ideas in a short period. You need to communicate those ideas to your readers the way a strong cup of Joe perks up a sleepyhead night shift employee. What if you’re in an industry where the subject matter can literally put people to sleep?

Technical Terms and Skimmable Content

Businesses in the culture, entertainment, food and beverage, and other lifestyle-oriented industries can produce “sexy” content. The topics are accessible to a wider audience, and engagement is effortless enough. When your industry deals with technical topics, it is a challenge to sustain reader attention. With 40% of website visitors spending fewer than 15 seconds on a page, you need skimmable content.

How do you make content with terms like “pseudopseudohypoparathyroidism” or even “mortgaged-backed securities” and “principal protected notes” skimmable? Consider the following strategies:

  • Find an unexpected angle to your complex topic

An SEO firm with an army of experienced writers uses surprising angles to create engaging content. Your medical blog, for example, does not simply have to explain pseudopseudohypoparathyroidism is an inherited thyroid disorder. An article can share famous personalities with thyroid disorders, while another can provide a guide to restaurant dishes for people with this condition.

  • Use relatable examples or comparisons

Your readers can get a better grasp of your topic with relatable analogies. Consider a popular story, a scene in a movie, or everyday life experiences to get your point across.

  • Help your readers

Informative articles are never boring. Your readers want to know the pitfalls and benefits of investing in mortgaged-backed securities and principal protected notes. When you provide what your readers need, your content will always get read.

  • Use enticing headlines, break up content into chunks

Headlines grab your reader’s attention. Chunking helps him or her process the information better. When readers understand your message, your business improves recall for the brand.

With the right approach to writing, your complex topics can become accessible and fascinating content. Both can create traffic that may lead to conversions.

Indirect, Abuse, Cycle Testing, and More: Variations in Testing Battery Capacity and Failure Points

Battery Testing VariationAll batteries, rechargeable and one-offs alike, contain chemicals.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a Nickel Cadmium (NiCd), Nickel-metal Hydride (NiMH), Lead Acid, Lithium Ion (Li-ion), or Lithium Ion Polymer (Li-ion polymer) because all of them have the propensity to explode under the right conditions.

According to Qualmark Corporation, there are different ways of testing batteries to make sure accidents won’t happen. Apart from the actual dry run of the battery to test its capacity, there various metrics that evaluators look at. You can find all about them below:

The Need for Indirect Methods

While direct cell power testing would produce the most accurate result, they’re not the most convenient and efficient method. As an example, if you try to measure the capacity of a battery by knowing the State of Charge (SOC), you will need to wait for hours before it fully drains. That’s why there are alternatives to direct measurements, which provide a more economic yet sustainable approach.

Shake and Bake

There are two types of shake and bake approach: mechanical and environmental. What transpires in a shake and bake approach is the determination of the dimensional accuracy and the dynamic adaptability of the batteries to function in both static and dynamic environments. The life span and the sustained mechanical effectiveness of the battery are what’s being measured in the shake and bake test.

Abuse Testing

Abuse or stress-to-failure testing makes sure the product will remain fully intact in case of accidental or intended wrong usage. The main objective of abuse testing is to cross-check the mandated safety use guidelines to the actual capability of the battery to withstand conditional factors. It’s also a requirement for most logistics firm, as transporting batteries without abuse tests are dangerous.

Cycle Testing

Perhaps the most disputed metric, cycle testing determines the exact number of time a battery can be recharged. It verifies the claimed life of the manufacturer along with the charging and discharge times. Generally, new batteries should be able to perform at least 90% – 95% of its rated capacity and slowly decline to 80% after 1 – 2 years of use.

The different approach to testing batteries is an important process that clearly sets the boundaries between a safe-to-use power cell to a potentially hazardous one.

Websites and Search Engines: Finding Common Ground

Search Engine OptimizationHaving a website for your business is not enough. It is simply having an address online people can search for. You still have to work hard to be visible in a crowded market. While search engines make it easy for users to find what they are looking for, they still choose what to present first based on different factors. Your website has to meet these factors for it to be the top result. Placing at the top means higher chances of site visits.

In the Twin Cities, search engine optimization is a priority for most businesses. You have to know what to include or not include in your website for it to work well with search engines. Here are some of them.

What to Include

Content is still the most important aspect of your website. From the titles and subheadings to actual text or meta data, the content dictates what is searchable on your page. Great content is not just attractive for search engines but also increases positive user experience. When an online user lands on your page, it should be easy to find what they are looking for. They would want a site that is easy to use and loads all its elements properly.

What to Avoid

While content may be important, this does not mean you have to stuff your page with all the keywords you can use. Search engines can detect such actions and may even cause your site to not be featured on top result. Too many ads can turn people off and sometimes, they may even affect the layout of your page. It is understandable to have them if you wish to earn from your site but it has to be streamlined with the design.

User experience remains the top priority when it comes to designing your website to work with search engines.

Want Digital Solutions for Your Pathological Department? Use Whole Slide Imaging

Digital Pathology SolutionsPathological tests form an integral part of a complete clinical examination. And of course, with the advancement of technology, pathological tests have become more efficient. The whole slide scanner or Whole Slide Imaging (WSI) has not only revolutionized but also digitalized pathological tests.

The whole slide scanner doesn’t use glass slides, scan them, and produce digital images of the pathogens. WSI, also referred to as ‘virtual microscopy’ as it functions like a microscope, instead allows the images to be viewed on the computer screen instead of through a microscope. This makes the evaluation of the sample much simpler.

What are the Features and Benefits of WSI?

Mikroscan Distributed Pathology explains why whole slide scanner or WSI is important with regard to pathology.

Evaluation process made simpler: Digital scanning of the slides removes chances of human error. As the data collected from the slide is transferred to software that interprets it first level, the chances of errors are reduced. Moreover, the diagnosis will be done by a pathologist, but based on the primary information provided by software.

Sectional scanning: For WSI, there is no need to provide an entire set of slides. The imaging process can be done only if a part of the series is available, or in case there is no sufficient amount of pathological material available. This is important in cryogenics as slides may not be available in the required number, but with enhanced digital imaging, the pertinent details can be accessed.

Slides are undamaged: The scanning of slides ensures that there are no chances of damage or contamination of the slides. Once the images have been taken, the slides can be returned to be stored and reused in the future.

Thus, to conclude WSI not only makes the work of pathologists simpler but also features technological advancement in the field of pathological study.


Dedicated Vs. Multi-Tenant Hosting Environments

ServerWhen you consult a company specializing in the deployment and implementation of cloud solutions, you should be ready with your questions. If you are seriously considering having sharepoint hosting, you must first ask: “What are the most important differences between a multi-tenant and a private hosting environment?”

Dedicated hosting

Your business will benefit from a dedicated architecture because you will own it, thus eliminating the chances of security breaches. If security is a priority, there’s no better option than a dedicated hosting solution.

For instance, if your enterprise has a huge ecommerce component, a multi-tenant option is too risky, and perhaps inadequate. A private cloud environment offers ample space and protection for company data.

If your main requirement is a large space and a support for huge volumes of activity, your company’s best bet is an exclusive hosting environment.

Multi-tenant hosting

Despite the attractive features of dedicated hosting, it does not mean multi-tenant solutions are at a disadvantage. The latter may even be better if it fits your current needs.

Small businesses usually go for a multi-tenant setup because it is more affordable. In addition, the public cloud is used by many clients. To keep tenants satisfied, the vendor usually provides frequent improvements. Innovating is one way of keeping them interested and satisfied in the service.

The disadvantage is that security issues, such as unauthorized access, are more common since the resources are shared by many occupants.

If you require plenty of customization, a dedicated hosting is more suited for you. If you have budgetary restrictions, a multi-tenant hosting environment can provide your basic needs for a reasonable amount of money.

The best approach is to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each option. You also need to list down your needs and make the choice based on current requirements.

POS machine

The Different Types of Point-of-Sale Equipment

POS machineThe moment a customer hands the money to the retailer or merchant for the services or goods, that is the point of sale. The most basic POS system is a receipt book and a cash register. There are different types POS systems of to fulfil the needs of retail businesses, as there is an array of merchants, as well.

According to, some common pieces of point-of-sale equipment in Australia include the following:

  • Money counters – These are used to collect data and record transactions as required by management. This equipment ensures the safe storage of cash.
  • Point-of-sale terminals – The equipment operates in a similar manner: the money is registered and encoded to other computers.
  • Electronic readers– These scan the codes where other data and price information are stored.
  • EFTPOS (Electronic money Transfer Point of Sale) terminals – These are used to transfer payment directly and electronically to the retailer’s bank account from the customer’s bank account.
  • Scales – These are used to weigh out items for sale.
  • Conveyor belt – This is typically used to move goods up to the sales associate in supermarkets.
  • Security detachers – These are used as pieces of point-of-sale equipment when security tags need to be removed from merchandise. These tags refer to those on electronics, DVDs, clothing and other items
  • Personal announcement (PA) systems – These communicate information and usually used in larger stores.
  • Clearance chutes – These are used to clear excess cash safely.
  • Imprint machines – These have become rare, as EFTPOS terminals have become increasingly popular. Imprint machines were used on approval cards to process sales. If the EFTPOS terminals are down and fail to process merit label auction, these machines may be used as a backup.

Point-of-sale equipment will remain essential to retail stores for years to come. Make it a point to know the functions of each piece to maximise its benefits.

Home Cinema

Front Row: Creating a Home Cinema Experience

Home CinemaHome movie theaters are all about recreating the atmosphere and experience of a real cinema auditorium. The best thing about having one is the comfort and convenience it provides because you are sitting right at home. It allows you to pause and rewind the film, and does away with the unnecessary interruptions usually found inside movie theaters. The front row is always yours and you can watch whatever film you want.

If you would like to create a cinema experience in your home, here are a few steps you can follow:

The Sound

Where you put in your home theater dictates the appliances you will need. A huge sound system can overpower a small room, while small speakers will be insufficient for a spacious room. If you’re setting it in a large living room or a dedicated home theater, design or choose the best components you can afford.

The Screen

Premium LED TVs are available in large sizes and are perfect for creating an enhanced viewing experience. The new and sleek designs of larger TV screens also take up less space because the outer edges that wrap the screens have become much thinner. It is better to choose a large TV, 50 inches or above, for better visual impact. For a much larger screen, however, you can set-up a projector.

The Seat

Furnish your home theater with authentic theater style seating if you have the budget. Genuine leather seats with cup holders are your best choice. Having such will allow you to sit back, relax, and enjoy your feature presentation. If the budget is tight, however, comfortable sofas and loveseats will do.

It is much better to have a dedicated home theater room for the best movie experience. If you don’t have enough space, a large living room or den are great alternatives. Make sure to dim the lights and choose the right appliances. Soundproofing the room is also a good ideal for a surround sound experience.

car gps

GPS Fleet Tracking System: How Does Vehicle Fleet Tracking Improve Business?

Fleet tracking systems are some of the most useful tools that business owners have at their disposal. This technology allows them to track the location of each vehicle through global positioning systems (GPS). Satellites trace the signal of the vehicle and triangulate its coordinates, before sending the information to the console tracker. Apart from looking cool in action movies, tracking systems have more than a few real-world applications for people, as well as business owners.

car gps

Increased Efficiency

A dispatcher can use a vehicle tracking system to access up to the minute information on their personal computers. This will provide the right information to service technicians and deliverymen. They know which vehicles are already on the road and how many are on their way back. They can then provide more efficient dispatching information that saves time and money, which results in better quality of service for customers.

Assist in Navigation

According to Navman Wireless, one of the most important benefits of a GPS fleet tracking system is that is assists vehicle navigation. Getting the vehicles to their delivery location quickly and efficiently saves fuel and time. If a driver is stuck in traffic or gets lost along his route, it will result in potential losses to the company not to mention customer disapproval for late deliveries.

The GPS mapping system can help drivers check out different potential routes, if the current one is suddenly not passable. Moreover, drivers no longer have to be worried about passing through unfamiliar territories, as the GPS can map the delivery route for them.

Employee Monitoring

The GPS vehicle monitoring system can help employees track their drivers and delivery personnel. It reassures the business owner that their staff is doing their jobs. They will be able to monitor, if they are deliberately taking the long route to avoid more stops or if they are stopping in an area longer than they should.

Apart from the real time information it offers, the system can provide employers with tracking history to analyse employee performance and verify customer complaints about late deliveries. The system helps in providing security information as well, because employers know where exactly their vehicle is. They can inform law enforcement authorities, if someone steals one of their vehicles.