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A $456M Nickel-Copper Mine Gives Hope to WA’s Mining Sector

DrillingWestern Australia’s embattled mining industry has been plagued with several closures of mines in Ravensthorpe, Kambalda and the Kimberley in the last two years, yet a new facility could revive the sector.

WA Mines Minister Bill Johnston officially opened the $456 million Nova nickel-copper mine on Sept. 8, which is located 360 kilometres from Kalgoorlie-Boulder. As the use of electric vehicles increase, miners hope that the production of new vehicles will influence a higher demand for nickel.

Mining Business

The Independence Group, which owns the facility, expects the mine to be “a string of Novas waiting to be found,” instead of only being a lucrative investment over its initial 10-year lifespan. Global nickel supplies for steel manufacturing used to account for up to 70 per cent, according to Independence Managing Director Peter Bradford.

However, the emergence of electric cars somehow served as encouraging news for nickel miners, since demand for delivering nickel supplies has shifted from steel to batteries. The Nova mine will be fully operational by Sept. 30, when Ravensthorpe Nickel Mine is expected to be shut down. The Nova mine and Rio Tinto’s opening of a new iron ore mine in Pilbara region in August will support the state’s mining sector.

Positive Outlook

Johnston remains confident that the Nova facility will allow Western Australia to take advantage of an “energy revolution going on around the world.” He agreed on Bradford’s comments about the opportunities brought by nickel mining, which could be a new export product for the state.

Aside from mining, businesses that rely on large amounts of fuel for projects in remote areas should consider using a self-bunded diesel tank, mostly because of its mobility and large storage capacity. Johnston believes that nickel will provide companies with new opportunities for business.

Western Australia’s mining industry continues to forge ahead, despite several mine closures that affected the sector in previous years.

Benefits of Industrial Pallet Racking

An Organized Shelving System With Boxes in Distribution WarehouseThe effectiveness and convenience of the industrial pallet shelving make them one the most important facilities in the warehouses. The greatest benefit of Pallet racking system is that it allows you to store and distribute your good without much destruction.

Additionally, this system allows you to accommodate multiple racks over each other thus allowing you to create more space to hold more goods in your stores. The following are primary benefits of industrial pallet shelving units.

Enjoy complete versatility

One of the greatest benefits of this system is that it can be customized to fit in almost any available space in your warehouse. This means that for you to install industrial pallet shelving, you do not have to remove the existing shelving unit. Instead, you need to customize your pallet shelving unit to fit in the available space.

Maximise the storage space

Most of the warehouses have larger spaces available from the ground to the roof. Though the pallet shelving has a restriction of about 12 meters, it permits you to utilise most of the available space in your commercial premises. This is because you can stock many pallets on top each other to create sufficient space to hold your goods.

Inventory accessibility

Pallet shelving allows you to access all the pallets available in your warehouse easily. This allows you to remove as well as to stock goods in your warehouse without much hustle. Additionally, industrial pallet shelving system allows you to keep up with the orders of your customers because you only require minimal time to move goods from your warehouse to your customer.

One of the most effective ways of ensuring that your business is running smoothly is ensuring that you have a good racking facility in your stores. This means that installing industrial pallet shelving system in your store is vital. Additionally, this racking system help to protect your goods so that they can maintain their best conditions.

Man Pulling Up a Mattress

What Makes A Good Mattress?

Man Pulling Up a MattressYou spend approximately 7–10 hours every night sleeping. On average, that’s 2,500 hours every year! Your daily performance is directly proportional to the quality of your sleep. Another huge factor that relates to your overall performance is the quality of your mattress. The wrong mattress can be full of chemicals disrupting your hormones and destroying your joints and muscles. Don’t get alarmed, but your mattress might be slowly killing you. Here are some factors to consider when buying your ideal mattress, according to an expert in South Jordan, Utah.

All-Natural Chemicals

The legislation requires that mattresses comprise flame-resistant material. However, some manufacturers started using retardant chemicals that were apparently toxic. These compounds were PBDE, boric acid, formaldehyde, and antimony. They cause reproductive and brain damage, decrease in sperm quality and can even be carcinogenic. Go for a mattress that uses as close to 100% of natural chemicals as possible.

Good Biomechanical Support

Your hip and torso should be ‘pushed up’ gently into proper alignment as you sleep. A firm mattress is not always the best option for your back. The best mattress according to recent studies is a medium firm one. It is best to get a medium firm support that feels comfortable. However, personal preference plays a big role in your comfort levels.


Settle for a mattress that lasts more than a few years before it is time to throw it out. An ideal mattress comes with a 10-year warranty. Purchasing your mattress from a trustworthy retailer ensures it will serve you for a significant time.

When shopping for your mattress, keep in mind advertising gimmicks such as ‘orthopedic’ and ‘medically approved’ especially when no medical group has adopted this. You can, however, talk to your doctor about what he or she would recommend. Your sleep is important for your health. Ensure you get the best mattress for reduced body pains and quality sleep.

Worker Checking The Valve Of A Water Storage

Heated Storage Tanks And Their Inspections: API 653 Standards

Worker Checking The Valve Of A Water StorageFollowing the environmental damages that early 1990’s tank failures contributed, large-tank engineers and manufacturers created API 653 codes to which all tank installers and maintainers should adhere.

That is not to say that there have not been any challenges in complying with these standards of API 653, especially among terminal operators of large storage tanks. The company owners also incur high costs in tank inspections, and in repairs, replacement parts, and general maintenance.

The Inspections

API 653 recommends you schedule monthly inspections besides the 5-year and 10-year service inspection of external and internal features, respectively, of the large tanks.

Since, as the site operator or owner, you do not need API 653 certification to conduct these monthly inspections, you can do so by yourself.

You, however, need to be knowledgeable of the particulars to check and keep a detailed record of the inspections so that your licensed tank regulator can refer to them when reviewing your tank’s status.

Inspecting Heated Storage Tanks

It can be very challenging to inspect heated large storage tanks that have a layer of insulation. Every year, large tanks publications cite cases where inspection fails to identify critical defects from corrosion in heated storage tanks that by the time a certified inspector comes in, most tanks are beyond repair.

So, should you be a site owner or operator of such tanks, it is highly advisable you always engage a certified API 653 specialist even in the monthly inspection.

For instance, if a leak occurs in a hidden area, or between the insulation panels, without expert help you can hardly identify the points of intrusion that caused the leak.

Not only will contracting an expert that has specialized knowledge in API 653 standards save you a failed storage tanks, but you will also enjoy long-term solutions to larger storage tank maintenance issues.

Cubicle in an Office

4 Advantages Of Buying Used Cubicles

Cubicle in an OfficeWhen moving to a new office or refurbishing your current one, you certainly need to buy necessary furniture such as cubicles and other furnishings. This is usually a costly and tedious task. Buying used cubicles as opposed to new ones comes with numerous benefits. Here is a look at some of them.


Used cubicles here in Salt Lake are cheaper than new ones. This is a relief especially if you are on a tight budget. If you search keenly, you are likely to get some barely used, high-quality cubicles at a bargain.

These will give your office a new and fresh look thus giving you value for your money. You can use part of the money you saved to customize them to suit your personal preference by repainting or redesigning them.


Since the used cubicles are already cut and shaped, installation is faster and affordable. They are also readily available for you to take with you immediately, hence saving you the time and hassle of constant follow-ups.

This is unlike new ones where you might have to wait for the stores to re-stock or wait for their delivery to you as per the stores’ delivery schedules.

Environmental Conservation

By buying used cubicles, you help preserve the environment in numerous ways. Most companies dispose of the furnishings they no longer need by dumping them in landfills. This inappropriate dumping poses a great danger to the environment.

Also, by buying used cubicles, you also reduce the emissions released into the air during the production of new ones. Additionally, when you buy old cubicles, you lessen the usage of natural resources such as wood, fiberglass and rubber.

The human labor and energy resources required to produce new cubicles in the form of fuel and electricity also reduce significantly.

Wide Variety

Some stores specialize in the sale of used furniture. They purchase a variety of used furniture and furnishings from different individuals and offices. This, therefore, means you are not limited to any quantities, size or design of the cubicles.

Buying used cubicles is undoubtedly a wise choice that gives you great value for your money. The money you saved can cater for other crucial business activities.

Match a Great Wine with a Great Label

Wine Collector Holding Bottles of Wine

How do you reel consumers into buying your wine products? Although you can do many things to do so, for one, you can slap on great wine bottle labels you can get from firms such as Unimax on your products. The better the design, the higher the chances consumers may be attracted to your products.

Of course, you still have to deliver wine of great or very good quality to retain consumers who have already tried your wines. Labels can be enough for consumers to try out your products first, however.

Bottle Labels Matter

When you match attractive labels with great-tasting wines in your products, you can expect to sell more than before. According to experts, consumers do tend to judge bottles by their labels. Sometimes, better labels actually indicate better wine.

The Sight Factor in Taste Expectations

One psychology expert commented that consumers tend to expect quality wines from wine bottles with appealing labels. He based this on the fact that human beings look at what they are drinking or eating first before putting it in their mouths.

What people see can create expectations in taste that can dictate what consumers buy.

Emotive Labels Prove Effective

With all the proof above, you can have confidence in investing into great wine bottle labels to increase sales. You can go with emotive or elaborate descriptions about your wine products. An Australian study found that such labels effectively convince consumers to pay more for wines.

Consumers also better appreciated and responded more positively to wines with emotive descriptions.

Still, Deliver Great Wine

Again, even when you go with emotive labels, you still have to offer quality wine. The Australian research also discovered that consumers felt disappointment more keenly when their expectations of the wine did not match.

Conversely, they also expressed more intense positive emotions towards wines that matched or exceeded their expectations as set by the wine labels.

You can work with labeling solutions here in New Zealand to create the perfect labels for your wines. You can expect more sales when you deliver great labels with great products.

Practical Characteristics Most Consumers Look for in Smartphones

Using a SmartphoneHaving a smartphone is more practical than taking along a bulky laptop with you when all you wanted was to read or send emails, surf the net, chat, send SMS and make or take calls.

Smartphones are everywhere and it seems everyone you know has one. Try riding the subway train and you will see a lot of people hunched over their smartphones. Perhaps it owes its popularity to the fact that it allows you to surf the net, post updates, send or read email, and perform just about anything computers can do. More people are using mobile devices like smartphones to access the Internet as compared to those who still use a laptop or desktop.

Do you have one?

If you still do not own a smartphone, perhaps it is time you consider getting one. Even if you do, you might want to get the latest smartphone. However, with the countless smartphones available in the market today, you might be confused which model to get. In such case, reading smartphone reviews can help. So what do people look for in smartphones?


Most people prefer a sleek and eye-catching look for their smartphones. The reason for this is quite unclear but it has been surmised that phones have become an unofficial fashion accessory for some.

Screen Size

Small screens have become a thing of the past as smartphones have become alternatives to computers when going online. A lot of smartphone owners prefer their screen sizes to be anywhere between 4 inches to 5.5 inches. These sizes offer convenience and comfort in viewing emails and Internet pages. At the same time, they easily fit into your pocket.


If you mentioned this preference to your friends three years ago, they would have asked why. Today, speed is a necessity in smartphones, particularly if you use lots of apps at the same time to browse the net, check emails, chat, watch movies, and play games.

Battery Life

Using your phone to go online or talk to someone can rapidly drain your battery. This is why battery life is one of the things that most people consider when getting a smartphone.


Everyone knows that even the most sophisticated phone may be no match for a state-of-the-art DSLR camera. Nevertheless, people still prefer their smartphones to capture great photos and videos with picture quality that come close to that of a DSLR camera.


You might be surprised but there are some who prefer their phone not too light or heavy. You see, many still equate weight to quality. Perhaps, there is some truth to this because if you notice, lighter phones do tend to be very cheap and easily get broken.


Many people like their smartphones because of its durability and if they are to buy another unit, they usually get one with the same brand they are using. Qualmark Corporation notes that people are always on the lookout for durability in a smartphone. Manufacturers know this which is why they have accelerated stress test machines that stretch the limits of their products’ ability to withstand abuse over a period.

There are many other characteristics that people look for in smartphones but the ones mentioned above are the most common. So if you wanted a smartphone, or would want another unit, then you now know what to look for.

Manage the Holiday Shopping Rush with These Shipping Tricks

Shipping WorkflowDuring the holidays, many businesses are preparing to deal with the chaos and profits that come with Cyber Monday, Black Friday, and many more holiday sales. If this sounds familiar to you, below are some simple steps you could take to manage this end-of-year shipping rush more efficient:

  • Enhance your Shipping Workflows for Improved Efficiency

Prior to the holiday rush, think about how you could enhance your shipping workflows to make data entry more straightforward, automate steps, or other similar refinements. For instance, perhaps using a scan and ship procedure might be more effective than single order processing. Put simply, when you operate the same, exact workflow multiple times every single day, tiny enhancements will make the entire process easier and quicker.

  • Increase Accuracy in your Billing, Shipments, and Quotes

Evaluate the accuracy of all processes related to sending quotes, billing, and shipping. Is your enterprise shipping software giving you accurate quotes? Is your shipping process capable of accurately capturing dimensions of containers so that customers fully pay for applicable dimensional weights? Do your people include services for appointments, residential, lift gate or others in order that these costs are also included in billing and costs of customers? Ask yourself these kinds of questions to determine if you need to tweak something or not.

  • Lower Costly Surcharges and Shipping Fees

Carriers make lots of money from additional surcharges and shipping fees. Take note that these costs could be easily overlooked if your shipping and accounting teams don’t compare their records on a regular basis. Basically, make sure that your shipping and accounting people see eye-to-eye and meet regularly.

  • Consider Other Carriers with Quicker Service or Lower Fees

Try to find other carriers and give them a chance to see if you could work with them in the long run. See if their prices and are really better by sending them small shipments and go from there.

The holiday season need not be one giant headache if you could fulfill deliveries efficiently and affordably. With the proper mix of technology solutions and advance planning, you could really benefit from the holiday shopping rush and welcome the New Year with a bang.

Air Compressed System

Assessment or Audit: Which Is Best for Your Air Compressor System?

Air Compressed SystemThere are currently two ways to go about inspecting a facility’s compressed air system, according to The first way, a simple compressed air system assessment, can provide improvements and insights on the efficiency and function of the facility. The second way is a comprehensive air system audit, which will attempt to delve into root causes that can interfere with compressed air quality and pressure.

Which, however, would be best to use on your facility?

Compressed Air System Assessment

A standard assessment of the compressed air system is the first phase of a facility analysis. A compressed air expert will utilise readily available statistics from the monitoring department along with partial measurements to determine areas for improvement. It can expose many hidden problems including system instability, leaks, potentially inappropriate compressed air uses, capacity control problems and maintenance issues.

This basic stage of analysis can help considerably decrease maintenance and energy costs, as well as instances of unscheduled downtime. Given that this assessment neither consists of an action plan to resolve problems nor does it cost much, it is an ideal starting point for various analysis procedures.

Compressed Air System Audit

A compressed air system audit probes deeper as compared to a standard assessment. Therefore, only highly experienced compressed air auditing professionals can perform the audit. Instead of simply checking the entire system, it delves further into system specifics. This includes identifying system problems, setting customer objectives, using measurement and data logging to establish a baseline and searching for solutions that align the demand side with the supply side for efficiency, reliability and optimal performance.

Which Is Right for You?

When the compressed air in your facility is the lifeblood of your business, it is important that you take care of your compressors to prevent it from breaking down at the height of production. Regardless of whether you go with a simple assessment or pull out all the stops with an audit, it is always a good idea to keep an eye on your system. Preventive maintenance reduces the likelihood of poor air quality, pressure drops and leaks.

Dying Prepared: Giving You and Your Family Peace of Mind

Funeral Arrangement in OgdenAs the years go by, your body and your mind will undergo changes. In many cases, they are of negative in nature. In other words, the older you get, the higher the risks of your overall health becoming poorer and poorer. This is especially true when you have not taken good care of your health when you were still younger.

As much as you want to avoid the topic of preparing for your passing, you should, while your body and mind still can. You should realize just how important it is for you to make funeral arrangements now, says Lindquist Mortuaries and Cemeteries.

Reconcile with the Inevitable

You need to accept that people pass away – it is inevitable – and that one day, you will, too, whether the reason is due to old age, health issues, or an accident. When you begin to understand and embrace that death will come for sure one day, you will realize that it is extremely important to prepare now, while you are still in good health. Making arrangements now relieves a huge burden not only off of your shoulders, but of your family’s as well.

Passing Away Shouldn’t Mean Leaving Nothing

When you die not having prepared for your death, you leave nothing but memories, may they be good or bad. But, you also leave your family at the expense of having to spend a fortune on your funeral and everything else associated with your passing away. Death should not mean just leaving your family forever; it should also not mean leaving them with nothing.

Die Prepared for You And Your Family

Dying prepared, on the other hand, will give you and your family a sense of peace. Yes, preparing for your passing away really does take an emotional toll. But only through preparation and pre-arrangements for your death will you have the ability to still take care of your family even after your passing.