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Terrain vehicle in muddy terrain

Addressing Stability in Argo Extreme Utilities Terrain Vehicle

Terrain vehicle in muddy terrainThere is a lot of praise for Argo extreme utility terrain vehicles over quad bikes. First is because of the inherent stability in Argo vehicles from their low center of gravity design. As they also come with wide tracks, the level of stability in these machines is so high that you do not have to worry about toppling or rolling over even when working in relatively steep terrain.

Argo Vehicles Safety Record

Both driver and passenger safety is a critical factor you cannot ignore when buying any vehicle. That is irrespective of the industrial applications in which you intend to use it. Thanks to the features above that enhance the stability of Argo vehicles, these machines have high capabilities to assure the exceptionally safety of operation.

Even the most basic of Argo vehicles will offer more safety to their users than even how a lesser wheeled vehicle would.

Reliability of Argo Utility Vehicles

Most applications of Argo vehicles are in harsh terrains. That includes in agriculture, drilling, government motorcades, hunting and recreation, and mining. And, regardless of the application, Argo vehicle manufacturer makes these machines with the mind that you need to protect its users from the harsh elements to which their work exposes them.

Both off- and on-road tests have proven Argo utility vehicles to be highly reliable even in the harshest of conditions in any of the four industries.

Reliability of use and stability are very critical factors when choosing any utility vehicle. Although other factors, such as durability, traction and carrying capacity, are key players here, it is unless your utility vehicle is stable enough that you will have few issues with how safe it is to operate. An Argo extreme utilities terrain vehicle come with these capabilities so that you can work on even harsh terrains and steep areas with nothing to worry about rollover accidents.

Close Up of a Porsche Car's Tail Light

Buying A Pre-owned Porsche? Make Sure It Is Porsche Approved

Close Up of a Porsche Car's Tail LightCar buyers today are more accepting of second-hand cars. In fact, statistics show that the demand for used vehicles remains high. CNW Market Research shows that used car sales in the United States from 2000 to 2015 plays at around $35 million to $43 million per year. In 2016, Experian reported that even people who could technically afford brand new cars are choosing to drive used vehicles instead.

If you are like these people, you might be considering getting a pre-owned Porsche. Don’t be discouraged by the stigma that luxury brands are expensive and that repairs could cost an arm and a leg. Pre-owned Porsches are actually practical choices for buyers looking for usability and luxury.

Accessible Service Centers

You don’t have to ship your Porsche to Germany to get quality servicing. There are accessible service centers in the country that can do comprehensive repairs and detail work. in NYC even offers a full warranty that is “even more comprehensive than Porsche specifies.”

What’s impressive about Porsche is that the company actively works to provide quality services to customers around the world. They are concerned with upkeep, not just sales of new units.

This is the purpose of Porsche Approved certification. It encourages owners and dealers to keep their units in excellent condition.

Porsche Approved Certification Guarantees

When a pre-owned Porsche is Porsche Approved, it means the vehicle has passed inspection (it must meet all 111 points in the checklist!) and met the brand’s preparation standards. Moreover, it means that the dealer only used genuine Porsche parts for replacements, and Porsche-certified technicians did all the body and engine work. Lastly, they have at least 12 months Porsche Approved Warranty and Porsche Assistance guarantee.

Buying a pre-owned car is practical; getting a Porsche is smart. Opting for a Porsche Approved pre-owned vehicle can give the best value for your money. 

Victorian Coroner Urges Review of Australian Car Safety Standards

Car seatsVictorian Coroner Sara Hinchey urged the Australian government to consider new safety guidelines for car seats to prevent infant deaths.

The proposed new rules may cover a wide range of products, including black duck seat covers and other canvas seat covers. Hinchey floated the proposal after she released the results of an investigation, which involves the death of a 22-month-old child in central Victoria in February 2015 due to heatstroke from a hot car.

Forgotten Baby Syndrome

Hinchey’s investigation revealed the “forgotten baby syndrome,” which occurs when parents become too disoriented due to their busy schedule and lack of sleep among other factors. Over the last 10 years, one in five children died from being left behind in a car.

This trend prompted the Victorian coroner to urge the Federal Government to act on revising car design standards. The introduction of sensory technology also serves as a good option, according to the probe. In the U.S., this type of technology has been used for cars to send “memory cues” to drivers if they are about to leave someone behind in a car.

Sensory Tech

As car sales in 2016 reached a new record figure of 1.178 million vehicles, the proposed review of new rules for car seats may come at a right time.

There are, however, some tools and equipment that can help parents and other drivers, according to Monash University associate professor Matthew Mundy. For instance, specialist mirrors on vehicles could let parents know if someone is still inside a car after they lock it. Video monitoring systems could also remind them in case they forget about their child.

The new safety guidelines will help parents to be more mindful of their children. As car sales in Australia reached record numbers, more people should be aware about safety since anyone could accidentally leave a child behind in a vehicle.

Protect the Workers Against Lung and Eye Irritants

Protective GearMost government agencies implement policies and rules regarding the safety and well-being of workers in their designated areas of work. Failure to comply with these rules can result in severe penalties.

Environmental and health protection laws usually set sights on specific workplaces often viewed as areas where health hazards abound. These workplaces, such as factories and shops, follow strict environmental regulations for the protection of its workers and nearby communities. If these businesses do not abide by the rules, they risk being embroiled in legal costs and worse, it might shut them down. So how do you protect your workers against health hazards like lung and eye irritants?

Below are some of the common protection measures implemented by various factories and construction sites: 


Wearing safety eyewear to protect against particles like dust or irritants like smoke and fumes reduce the risk of injury significantly. Usually, the eyewear is designed to be worn over prescription lenses or glasses without any problem. Workers in shops that perform tasks like abrasive blasting benefit greatly from this type of eyewear as it protects their eyes from dust. These dust particles are usually generated by sandblasting equipment and would swirl uncontrollably around them. With a protective goggle or safety eyewear, their eyes are protected against irritation and possible infection caused by fine dust.


There are many types of masks used by different kinds of factories and shops. Some workers in factories use masks similar to those used by doctors, while others use a more complex mask complete with air filter. Shop welders use thick hard masks with darkened lenses to protect them from bits of metals and spark that bounce toward their faces. The darkened lens on the mask protects their eyes from the sun-like glare of the welding process which can cause permanent damage. Worksafe strongly recommends that the mask should be non-flammable and will not obstruct the view of the welder.

Safety and Environment Control Devices

Many shops, such as those that use sandblasting or abrasive blasting equipment, provide additional protection apart from masks and goggles. They discovered that fine particles of sand and other materials swirl around the shop long before the blasting tasks are done. To protect the workers, you might want to install a dust extraction machine with the help of Syntech to suck out excess dust generated in the workplace. This improves the air quality in the workplace area and significantly decreases the health risk of their workers.

All businesses consider their workers as their gems and the reason for their successes. It is, therefore, important to keep them safe and healthy at work to ensure they maintain their productivity levels. With an unsafe work area, the company risks not only reduced output, but also huge costs should the worker pursue legal remedies. To prevent these from happening, it is better for businesses, especially sandblasting shops, to invest in protective gear and equipment.

Utah Ranks Among States with Reasonable Costs of Car Ownership

Cars in Utah Car ownership can be both a blessing and a curse, depending on the situation.

Sure, vehicles under your possession may sometimes earn admiration from others. On a practical point, it makes life more convenient by knowing that you have a certain means of transportation at all times.

Yet like everything, owning a car entails costs and that involves several of them. From insurance to taxes, you should be aware how much it would cost you to buy a car aside from the sale price on the vehicle itself.

State by State

The state where you live also contributes to the cost of acquiring and maintaining vehicles. In Utah, the expenses related to car ownership ranked 26th in terms of affordability in buying and owning a car over a three-year period, according to data from GOBankingRates.

The analyzed data focused on factors, such as car sales tax and title fees, registration costs, insurance and expenses involving fuel and car maintenance.

While Utah ranked in the middle of the list, the price from where you plan to buy an automobile across the state still affects the overall price tag. For instance, the cost of buying antique cars in Salt Lake City will certainly be quite different from purchasing one in Midvale.

The Future of Driving

Since GOBankingRates’ data only tinkered with conventional vehicles, the expenses tied to owning self-driving cars remains to be an area for exploration. Even if the technology is yet to be introduced on a broad scale, many states have already thought of ways of catering to these autonomous vehicles.

In Virginia, transportation planners asserted that high-tech roads would soon be a normal sight in traffic. These are installed with fiber optics and signaling equipment to aid and ensure self-driving cars travel quickly, yet safely, while on the road.

If you live in Utah (or planning to move there), why not get yourself a car. You deserve it anyway.

Here’s Why Bulk Haulage is the Heart of Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing IndustryEvery manufacturing company relies on the delivery of raw materials from other vendors. The efficient, safe, reliable and consistent delivery of raw materials makes puts bulk haulage at the heart of the manufacturing industry. Bulk transport is also the most important service in the good transport business. Here are some reasons why bulk haulage is crucial to the manufacturing industry.

While there are manufacturing companies that only rely on smaller quantities of raw materials, the big ones rely on bulk transport for the delivery of larger quantities. This is why the haulage truck drivers receive special training to manoeuvre specific types of fleets. There are also cargos that require element-sensitive features. Operators who transport extremely fragile materials also receive extensive training and specialisation.

Bulk transport is a crucial part of a company’s overall raw materials management and delivery, especially for the ones that require special handling and transport equipment or the ones that need to cross state borders. Manufacturing companies should coordinate efficiently with their vendors and transport service companies to be able to get the materials consistently on schedule.

When raw materials are received late, it can affect the entire manufacturing process, not to mention goods delivery and sales. This is especially important for the manufacturing companies that work with specialised equipment that require long hours of preparation — days or even months. Delayed transport means sales losses for both the manufacturing companies and the business that sell the finished products.

Every business that works in the manufacturing industry makes use of good transport from the raw materials all the way to the finished products. The reliability and consistency of the delivery increase with the amount of raw materials that need to be transported. What’s important is that a company chooses the right transport service to handle efficient, safe and on-time delivery materials.

Appliances that Can Kill You

Household Appliances In IndianaCarbon monoxide (CO), a type of gas, bears the title of “silent killer” for many good reasons. This poisonous gas has no color, taste, or smell, but can cause death in those exposed, since it prevents the blood’s ability to supply oxygen throughout the body. It can come from numerous sources, but the primary ones are from burning fuels including natural gas, oil, propane, wood, and gasoline.

This means that anything in your home using these fuels produce CO, so you need to take precautionary measures, especially in maintaining them.

Gas-powered heating systems

Your furnace that makes use of gas to produce that lovely warmth that envelopes you and your loved ones during chilly or cold days can be dangerous. This is particularly true when you neglect to have it regularly serviced or when you delay having it repaired when problems arise.

Do not put yourself and your family at risk of CO poisoning – contact an Indiana company specializing in furnace services right away.

Gas-heated water systems

To produce hot water, a gas-powered water heating system burns fuel, which then produces CO as an aftermath. When you do your job as an owner in terms of maintaining it properly and making sure it runs flawlessly, you do not have to worry about excessive CO engulfing your home. However, leave it in disrepair, and you can face a carbon monoxide poisoning situation.

Other gas-, oil-, or coal-burning household appliances

Fireplaces, gas stoves, and any other gas-, oil-, or coal-burning equipment in your home can cause disastrous consequences when you leave them in a state of disrepair. You should do your part in having them regularly inspected for any potential faults, in order to minimize the potential CO-related issues they may lead to.

Remember: prevention always trumps cure. So make it a part of your home maintenance to have all these appliances undergo routine inspections to avert the potential risks of CO poisoning that come with them.

After the Storm Comes the Calm – Or the Mold

HVAC SystemsAfter every storm comes a period of calm. Unfortunately, for those whose homes were also flooded, that period of calm may mean the attack of dangerous mold.

The country is no stranger to floods and heavy rains. Apart from the soaked environment and general clean-up, storms cause mold problems. Initially, it doesn’t seem like a big threat, but in time, it will result in costly home improvements or repairs and family health risks.

Keeping the mold from growing seems like a challenge. But for Prestige Air Conditioning & Heating, LLC, a local service, the right heating and cooling system is a big help.

The Fight Against Mold

Mold is everywhere; similar to bacteria, the spores are present in the environment. Dark and damp conditions left by storms encourage faster mold growth. In most cases, it only takes as little as 48 hours.

After the rainstorm, acting fast is the number one solution in avoiding mold growth. Keep in mind that mold thrives in hidden areas of your home, such as the attic, the insulation, walls or vents. If you’re not fast enough, the mold will spread to visible parts of the house. Before you know it, the problem is already out of control.

Your HVAC’s Helping Hand

Local heating and air conditioning contractors know that ventilation is important in discouraging mold growth. This means your HVAC system plays a big role in keeping the house mold-free.

Going without a change in the system is common for most homeowners. HVAC filters, however, are important in preventing mold growth. By replacing them every three months, you limit the amount of dust, allergens, mold spores, and dirt in your home’s air. Also, a well-ventilated attic reduces HVAC energy bills by at least 10%.

Hiring local HVAC experts to do the job makes life easier. After the storm, call the nearest one and have your system checked. 

After the storm, problems are bound to appear, but with clean filters and water leak solutions, molds shouldn’t be part of your list.

5 Essential Things Every Car Owner Should Have in Their Car

Car Owner in PinkenbaWhile a majority of car owners store essential things in their vehicle — enough to save them in case of an emergency — there are some who keep nothing at all. That’s a bit concerning since you’ll never know what will happen on the road.

Here is a run-through of the important things you should have on hand, so you’re geared up for different situations you may face along the road:

Emergency Safety Kits

Make sure to have these in your trunk. Buy a packaged emergency safety kit from the market if you don’t know where to start. These usually come with a first aid kit, a flashlight, and many other items you can use in case of an emergency.

Spare Tyre

Along with a spare tyre, other items you need to keep in your car are a tyre iron and jack. Of course, you can’t install your spare tyre without these tools. The tyre is useless if you don’t know how to change it, so why not ask someone who can teach you.

Contact Information

Ready Towing and other experts recommend keeping all the necessary contact information in your glove compartment. These include your towing and road assistance company, insurance company, and hospital or preferred doctor (in case of injuries).

Tyre Pressure Gauge

Check the tyre pressure regularly to boost fuel efficiency, save lives and promote tyre longevity. You wouldn’t want to lose control of your vehicle, do you?


Should you have a problem with your car, having its vehicle manual with you could be of great help. Do not forget to put it inside your glove compartment, as well.

Of course, these are only a few of the important things every driver should keep within their vehicle. It’s better to stay prepared for any emergencies, as you may not know when it strikes.

Solid Suggestions for Keeping Your Car Safe and Secure

Pre-Owned Cars in New ZealandCongratulations for finally buying your first car. Now it doesn’t matter if it’s new or pre-loved, your car should be secured against thieves. After all, no matter how well-maintained your car is, it wouldn’t do you any good to have it stolen.

That said, here are a few simple guidelines that can help you protect your new ride.

Upgrade Your Locks

This is probably the essential aspect of safety and security. Though it may seem a bit superfluous for some, having a secondary defence to your already existing locks can make a difference. Consult vehicle locksmiths for possible choices, which would fit your needs and your budget.

Out-of-Sight Storage

Leaving your bags and packages in full view calls attention that can encourage burglars to try their luck with your car. Keep the space under your seat clear of clutter and use that to keep your purchases and baggage away from sight. Or if they won’t fit there, store everything in the trunk and make sure that its locks are as secure as those installed on your car doors.

Records and Peripherals

Your keys should never be marked with your name or any sort of personal information. Instead, keep a written or digital record of your car’s info such as registration number, plate number, vehicle identification number, model, year, etc. and keep it with you all the time. Make sure that there’s no one following you before you use your keys and avoid far-off and dark parking spaces. Most importantly, double check your windows and doors before leaving the parking area.

There are a host of other safety and security suggestions online that you can look up and keep to heart. However, these three basic but very effective pointers should be prioritised since this is your first vehicle. And while you’re getting a better feel of your car, don’t ever forget this very important newbie tip: always carry an extra set of keys just in case you lock yourself out.