Common Issues EEOICPA Claimants Face

Person Writing on a Health Plan DocumentThere are specific guidelines that determine who is eligible for The Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act (EEOICPA). You could get home health care, prescription drugs, housing modifications, health facility membership, psychiatric treatment, and chiropractic services from providers such as Nuclear Care Partners. That is, if you have met the criteria, qualifying you to some benefits. Even so, there are some common setbacks that claimants face, and a few of them are the following:

Program Approval

Program approval is perhaps the greatest challenge in obtaining reimbursement of EEOICPA medical services. It pays to understand that the treatment program needs re-authorization twice every year. Your physician would need to provide a plan of care for the first approval application. This letter would also need support in the form of an up-to-date physical examination. This needs to be within 60 days before submission of a request.

Personal Care

Depending on the state of a patient, he or she may need more than medical care. Most patients need help with meal preparation, grooming, housekeeping and personal hygiene. Ideally, a family member, such as a spouse or a child, opts to offer help with this. Yes, this arrangement is more convenient for the patient. However, it is unacceptable, according to the stipulations of EEOICPA.

Reimbursement for Family Members Offering Care

Another issue is a financial one. Family members who can provide personal care to claimants may not receive compensation. Services are only reimbursable if the expert assisting underwent training. They must have a license. They need to have qualifications that match the regulations of the policy. However, this often leads to financial issues because of the lack of funding.

EEOICPA home health care has contributed greatly to improving the lives of Energy employees who suffered from illnesses caused by their jobs. The Act provides for two types of benefit packages. Ensure that you seek care that matches the level and quality of assistance that you need.