Dedicated Vs. Multi-Tenant Hosting Environments

ServerWhen you consult a company specializing in the deployment and implementation of cloud solutions, you should be ready with your questions. If you are seriously considering having sharepoint hosting, you must first ask: “What are the most important differences between a multi-tenant and a private hosting environment?”

Dedicated hosting

Your business will benefit from a dedicated architecture because you will own it, thus eliminating the chances of security breaches. If security is a priority, there’s no better option than a dedicated hosting solution.

For instance, if your enterprise has a huge ecommerce component, a multi-tenant option is too risky, and perhaps inadequate. A private cloud environment offers ample space and protection for company data.

If your main requirement is a large space and a support for huge volumes of activity, your company’s best bet is an exclusive hosting environment.

Multi-tenant hosting

Despite the attractive features of dedicated hosting, it does not mean multi-tenant solutions are at a disadvantage. The latter may even be better if it fits your current needs.

Small businesses usually go for a multi-tenant setup because it is more affordable. In addition, the public cloud is used by many clients. To keep tenants satisfied, the vendor usually provides frequent improvements. Innovating is one way of keeping them interested and satisfied in the service.

The disadvantage is that security issues, such as unauthorized access, are more common since the resources are shared by many occupants.

If you require plenty of customization, a dedicated hosting is more suited for you. If you have budgetary restrictions, a multi-tenant hosting environment can provide your basic needs for a reasonable amount of money.

The best approach is to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each option. You also need to list down your needs and make the choice based on current requirements.