What You Should Exactly Wear For the Slopes

SkiingAs the holidays draw closer, snowfall in most areas of the U.S. is just as expected. With this, you are probably bringing out your box of winter clothes. These sweaters and socks are your best defense against the daily chilly winds. Don’t think, however, that it’s enough when you ski.

Many manufacturers and retailers now offer the latest winter apparel to keep people comfortable and dry while skiing. It’s not that hard to get a hold of such gear, as you can buy these essentials in shops such as American Ski Exchange. The question is, do you already know what exactly to wear?

For Outer Layering

First and foremost, get a standard hard shell jacket that strengthens air flow and insulation using down pillows that create space between it and your body. It should be breathable and waterproof, given the conditions of the slopes. Maintaining body heat is important, which is why you need to keep it secured.

Of course, you should match that jacket with a hard shell pants. It’s essential to wear a specific ski pants to avoid snow from getting inside. In addition, some pants can be too stiff, preventing you from moving your legs freely. Frozen legs also prevent you from proper balancing and gliding.

For Inner Layering

Flannel shirts are the most appropriate top to wear, according to experts. The extreme insulation it provides will keep you warm all throughout the day. If you want to feel warm while skiing, wear pure merino wool long sleeves as a base layer.

For the inner bottom, wear a pair of pants that is a combination of spandex, merino wool, and recycled polyester. This provides extreme flexibility and durability, which is essential for constant movements of the sport. This type of apparel is odor-resistant and takes the moisture away.

Other Essentials

Sub-essentials include wool hat, leather gloves, and shin-high wool socks. These will keep other parts of the body away from experiencing frostbite. Moreover, protect your face by wearing soft fleece balaclava and sunglasses. UV rays reflect on snow, which is why you need protective gear for your eyes.

Your winter house clothes have no place on the slopes. To make the most of a good skiing experience , wear the essential gears suitably designed for the snow activity.