Facials and How Frequently You Should Have Them

Medical Spa in DraperFrom specialized diets to skincare products, to visits to the dermatologists, people are willing to try them out, hoping to get the glowing skin they always wanted.

Visits to dermatologists often aren’t complete without a facial, which is the go-to skin treatment for virtually all sorts of skin problems. Clinics and medical spas like Clarity Skin see hundreds of clients asking for facials every day. But, how often do you really need to have a facial?

Facials: NOT Fast Fixes

While they may seem like the quick solution to a number of skin issues like whiteheads, blackheads, and acne, facials don’t treat them overnight. You need to have the treatment regularly to maintain a clean and clear skin and give your face enough resting time to let the cells rejuvenate.

What Does “Regularly” Mean

Regular facials often mean a visit to the dermatologist every four weeks to suck out all the dirt from your skin and pores. You may argue that drugstore products are enough to address these problems and that a facial isn’t necessary. But, if you want to clear unsightly skin flaws for good, you will need to have a routine, one way or another. Most facialists advise having a facial every 30 days, as this is the average time for cells to heal and rejuvenate.

This, of course, varies depending on the person’s age, lifestyle, and skin type. Most people aged 30 and below choose to have it once a month, or as often as every two weeks, for maintenance after other skincare procedures. Many noted huge differences in the appearance of acne scars and blackheads, as well as breakouts.

Those who fall above the said age range usually have less-frequent sessions, only having them before attending special occasions.

There’s no set time for what can be called a regular facial routine, but one thing is clear: you only have it as much as you need it. How much do you need it? Only you and your dermatologist can tell.