Front Row: Creating a Home Cinema Experience

Home CinemaHome movie theaters are all about recreating the atmosphere and experience of a real cinema auditorium. The best thing about having one is the comfort and convenience it provides because you are sitting right at home. It allows you to pause and rewind the film, and does away with the unnecessary interruptions usually found inside movie theaters. The front row is always yours and you can watch whatever film you want.

If you would like to create a cinema experience in your home, here are a few steps you can follow:

The Sound

Where you put in your home theater dictates the appliances you will need. A huge sound system can overpower a small room, while small speakers will be insufficient for a spacious room. If you’re setting it in a large living room or a dedicated home theater, design or choose the best components you can afford.

The Screen

Premium LED TVs are available in large sizes and are perfect for creating an enhanced viewing experience. The new and sleek designs of larger TV screens also take up less space because the outer edges that wrap the screens have become much thinner. It is better to choose a large TV, 50 inches or above, for better visual impact. For a much larger screen, however, you can set-up a projector.

The Seat

Furnish your home theater with authentic theater style seating if you have the budget. Genuine leather seats with cup holders are your best choice. Having such will allow you to sit back, relax, and enjoy your feature presentation. If the budget is tight, however, comfortable sofas and loveseats will do.

It is much better to have a dedicated home theater room for the best movie experience. If you don’t have enough space, a large living room or den are great alternatives. Make sure to dim the lights and choose the right appliances. Soundproofing the room is also a good ideal for a surround sound experience.