Furniture Removals: The Easy as Pie Method

Furniture RemovalsMoving homes or office is a challenging phase. Generally, you should pack and transport all items that you must move so they will not receive damage in the process. Of course, doing this by yourself is extremely impractical, so the ideal method is to hire a removal company.

It is important though that you also have some knowledge of how to handle large and small furniture. This is so you have a better negotiating position to coordinate with these packers and movers.

Identify Large Pieces

You know your furniture the best, so identify the large ones to dismantle. The professionals can disassemble and pack them together with appropriate labelling. Store nuts and bolts in a labelled sealed bag. For all other pieces or articles, use foam padding for bigger ones, while bubble wrap is sufficient for smaller objects. Remember, careless handling will damage both your furniture and your new location, too.


EZi Removals suggests that after loading, cover the packages with blankets to minimise damage in transit. Specifically, cupboards with mirrors should have a separate foam sheet cover, with the whole furniture in careful packaging. Fridge and washing machines, which need to be upright, should come in custom-made wooden crates with wheels; in fact, other bigger pieces should take advantage of this contraption for moving.

Planning Ahead

Although relocating is difficult, planning resolves many issues. Get the furniture and other equipment repaired and painted before you package them. Call the moving company and explain your needs well in advance, especially particular ones; for example, if you need to move several large glass pieces or a piano, inform them so they would come prepared with the appropriate packaging material and tools.

Attending to the necessary arrangements beforehand ensures that all your furniture and household goods reach your new destination in good, undamaged condition.