Get More from Your Floor: Different Types of Flooring

Flooring is an important part of your home design. As it covers a large area in your abode, it has lasting impact on your house’s overall appearance. Here are the different types of flooring you can choose for different areas in your home.


Tiles are available in styles such as ceramic, glass, and natural stone. As these tiles are moisture and stain-resistant, you can easily clean them. These are excellent choices for basements and bathrooms as well. You can choose Duraceramic flooring from stores like Rocha Flooring, which are warmer to the touch and comfortable underfoot.

carpeted floor


Carpets add a comfortable and decorative touch to your room. Carpets are the only type of floor covering that invites you to walk barefoot or sit on the floor. Because of their natural sound reducing properties, they are excellent for upper-floor bedrooms or hallways of multi-storey houses. Just make sure to choose reliable carpet binding services to preserve the beauty of your flooring.


Known for its warmth and elegance, hardwood is a fashionable choice for any room in your house. When maintained properly, this type can last for long years and its beauty increases with age. This easy-to-maintain flooring adds charm and value to any house.


Laminate is a cost-efficient alternative to hardwood. As this is scratch and dent resistant, it is an excellent option for active households. Many laminate flooring manufacturers also give extended warranties on certain finishes.

Whatever type of flooring you chose, contact a reliable manufacturer and get more value for your money. Make sure to choose the right style that can complement the design and function of the room.