Is Wisdom Teeth Pain a Dental Emergency?

Kid with a toothacheOne of the body’s greatest mysteries is the formation of the wisdom teeth. Also referred to as the third molars, they seem to be present — and missing — in a lot of people. Many studies are trying to prove that these differences have something to do with our evolution.

Whatever its history and cause, you are lucky enough if it does not grow the wrong way. An impacted wisdom tooth is one of the many reasons people visit a dentist. Apart from the pain after surgery, it is also a pain to know how much it costs to remove them. What will you do if you have wisdom teeth?

Is It a Dental Emergency?

The growth of wisdom teeth differs from one person to another, and you cannot predict it at all. Some may have a full set of four, while others will only have one or two. They may erupt later in life, although they usually appear during mid to late teens. The main concern about it is not the number, but if they may — or may not — cause any pain.

Wisdom teeth themselves, however, do not require an emergency visit. It is only when they cause excruciating pain that you should be worried and seek dental help quickly.

Why Does Wisdom Teeth Hurt?

One of the reasons is impaction, which happens when something is blocking the eruption of your wisdom teeth. This does not only cause pain, but also swelling and even an infection called pericoronitis. The inflammation and infection can spread to nearby organs as well, like the throat.

Tooth decay and gum disease affecting the wisdom teeth also need immediate attention. This is because the wisdom teeth are the hardest to reach, so it is a challenge to treat it by yourself.

Would these emergencies mean wisdom teeth extraction? It depends. To get the best advice and support, it is best to call your emergency dentist in Enfield. They have all the tools to perform a thorough check up and assessment of your teeth, as well as the skill to make the extraction (if necessary) as comfortable and quick as possible.

If you notice a wisdom tooth growing, observe its growth first before thinking of rushing for emergency dental services. This way, you will know the right time to visit your dentist.