Look and Feel Great: Secret Hacks to Being Truly Beautiful

BeautyLooking good isn’t just about visiting your dermatologist or your favourite spa for a facial and great hair. It’s about living a healthy lifestyle and managing your weight. When you’re healthy, you don’t just look good; you feel good.

Here are a few pointers to look and feel great:

Strengthen your core

You’ll have better balance and stronger muscles if you work on strengthening your core. Do exercises that help you achieve this, such as Pilates and crunches.

Eat a balanced diet

Eating a balanced diet cannot be emphasised enough. Ever had that bloated feeling right after a meal? That’s a sign that you’re overeating or loading up on unhealthy food choices. Too much of anything is bad, so balance is the key. When you eat too much fatty food, it will show on your waistline and every part of your body that stores fat. This, in turn, will affect your looks even when you’re fully clothed.


Exercise doesn’t just help you lose flabs and unhealthy body fat; it induces the release of ‘feel good’ hormones. So while you’re burning calories, you’re also making yourself feel good almost instantly. Plus it helps you get rid of the guilt that comes with eating delicious food.

Be positive

A positive outlook shows on your face and body language. By staying positive, you will give out that vibe. Can’t wait ‘till that waist is a lot smaller? Help yourself to waist training corsets that you can wear during workouts or even when you’re having a fun night out with friends. As Waist Trainers Australia says, a corset will make you look trimmer and feel good about how you look.

Stop driving

Don’t drive if you can walk or bike to a destination. Walking to a friend’s house will help you lose calories and save on fuel and general wear on your car. You’re not just doing yourself a favour; you’re also doing the planet a solid.

The key to a confident you is change. As long as you have the discipline and determination to change, you can achieve a truly beautiful you.