Manage the Holiday Shopping Rush with These Shipping Tricks

Shipping WorkflowDuring the holidays, many businesses are preparing to deal with the chaos and profits that come with Cyber Monday, Black Friday, and many more holiday sales. If this sounds familiar to you, below are some simple steps you could take to manage this end-of-year shipping rush more efficient:

  • Enhance your Shipping Workflows for Improved Efficiency

Prior to the holiday rush, think about how you could enhance your shipping workflows to make data entry more straightforward, automate steps, or other similar refinements. For instance, perhaps using a scan and ship procedure might be more effective than single order processing. Put simply, when you operate the same, exact workflow multiple times every single day, tiny enhancements will make the entire process easier and quicker.

  • Increase Accuracy in your Billing, Shipments, and Quotes

Evaluate the accuracy of all processes related to sending quotes, billing, and shipping. Is your enterprise shipping software giving you accurate quotes? Is your shipping process capable of accurately capturing dimensions of containers so that customers fully pay for applicable dimensional weights? Do your people include services for appointments, residential, lift gate or others in order that these costs are also included in billing and costs of customers? Ask yourself these kinds of questions to determine if you need to tweak something or not.

  • Lower Costly Surcharges and Shipping Fees

Carriers make lots of money from additional surcharges and shipping fees. Take note that these costs could be easily overlooked if your shipping and accounting teams don’t compare their records on a regular basis. Basically, make sure that your shipping and accounting people see eye-to-eye and meet regularly.

  • Consider Other Carriers with Quicker Service or Lower Fees

Try to find other carriers and give them a chance to see if you could work with them in the long run. See if their prices and are really better by sending them small shipments and go from there.

The holiday season need not be one giant headache if you could fulfill deliveries efficiently and affordably. With the proper mix of technology solutions and advance planning, you could really benefit from the holiday shopping rush and welcome the New Year with a bang.