Match a Great Wine with a Great Label

Wine Collector Holding Bottles of Wine

How do you reel consumers into buying your wine products? Although you can do many things to do so, for one, you can slap on great wine bottle labels you can get from firms such as Unimax on your products. The better the design, the higher the chances consumers may be attracted to your products.

Of course, you still have to deliver wine of great or very good quality to retain consumers who have already tried your wines. Labels can be enough for consumers to try out your products first, however.

Bottle Labels Matter

When you match attractive labels with great-tasting wines in your products, you can expect to sell more than before. According to experts, consumers do tend to judge bottles by their labels. Sometimes, better labels actually indicate better wine.

The Sight Factor in Taste Expectations

One psychology expert commented that consumers tend to expect quality wines from wine bottles with appealing labels. He based this on the fact that human beings look at what they are drinking or eating first before putting it in their mouths.

What people see can create expectations in taste that can dictate what consumers buy.

Emotive Labels Prove Effective

With all the proof above, you can have confidence in investing into great wine bottle labels to increase sales. You can go with emotive or elaborate descriptions about your wine products. An Australian study found that such labels effectively convince consumers to pay more for wines.

Consumers also better appreciated and responded more positively to wines with emotive descriptions.

Still, Deliver Great Wine

Again, even when you go with emotive labels, you still have to offer quality wine. The Australian research also discovered that consumers felt disappointment more keenly when their expectations of the wine did not match.

Conversely, they also expressed more intense positive emotions towards wines that matched or exceeded their expectations as set by the wine labels.

You can work with labeling solutions here in New Zealand to create the perfect labels for your wines. You can expect more sales when you deliver great labels with great products.