Mix and Match: Combining Colours and Patterns in Interior Spaces

Combining ColoursAre you tired of the plain old solid colours on your walls at home? Even though solid colours enhance the look of your place, interiors exude more life and brightness when they are paired with fun patterns. Colours plus patterns is the formula to achieving that perfect Australian home interior design.

Mixing and matching patterns and colours, though, can be a tricky task. With the following tips, however, you will definitely make those rooms pop with colours and patterns in the right places.

Make a Bold Statement

Introduce patterns in the small details if you have a room or upholstery furnishings painted with solid colours. For instance, if your living room walls are painted in a solid blue, place textured fabrics like velvet carpets and printed throw pillows that have lighter shades of blue. For living spaces painted with solid black colours, wooden windows can give your space a vibe of modernity. There are sleek styles for timber blinds Perth companies offer that you can install to add personality to the space.

Merge Colours in a Third Pattern

Use two simple patterns that have contrasting hues, then unify it with a third pattern. For example, if your room has red and blue accents, make sure that there are details in the room that combine these two colours. Look at the red velvet bed that you paired with gold-coloured pillows; complement those colours by mounting drapes that have a slightly lighter shade of the hues.

Add a Neutral Tone

For spaces that have bold colours and bright patterns, use a neutral solid colour. These hues will add accent to the patterns as it provides rest for the eyes. For example, if you have a sofa that has a solid colour, make sure the walls are neutral in colour.

Mix and match patterns and colours in your interiors. Don’t be afraid to experiment on textures and hues. Remember, in designing homes, your imagination is the only limitation.