Need More Space? Try These Ideas to Make Your Home Clutter-Free

a space-saving and simplistic backyard studioAfter a long day, we can all say that indeed, there’s no place like home. It’s the ultimate place of refuge where taking a breather and simply enjoying the comforts of a soft bed come for free. However, one problem can change it all — clutter. When a home becomes disorganised or cramped, living in it can trigger the feelings of anxiety and helplessness, which in turn affect one’s health.

The factor that can change this is having enough space in your home. Whether you live in a two-story house or just a small one, space can free you from the stress of clutter.

So if you want to turn your home into a clutter-free environment, try these ideas:

Add a Backyard Studio

A backyard studio serves as an extension of your home. You can build it without compromising the main structure. If you want to free up your living area or one of the rooms in your house, this is the answer as you can turn it into a home office, a she-shed or a man cave, an art studio, a meditation hut, a party room or even a storage room.

Floating Shelves Do the Trick

If you don’t want to see books, collectibles or photo frames scattered on your floor, put them on top of floating shelves. Attached to walls, this home feature appears to float because it doesn’t have a visible support. Its main purpose is to free up floor space and clear cramped areas and display items in an attractive and organised manner.

Use the Garage

Stacks of magazines, toys or tools don’t have to be an eyesore in your living room or play area. Organise them by putting them in boxes and placing them in your garage. Even your worn out couch can look good beside your parked car. Put it to good use in this underutilised area of your home.