Oil Checking and Monitoring: 2 Maintenance Essentials

Oil ChangeOil change and monitoring are two maintenance essentials that car owners must not miss. Both help you save on fuel cost, and make engines run smoothly and last longer.

Whatever the type of oil you are using, your car needs regular oil change. Whether it is regular oil, synthetic oil, or a combination of the two, you have to change it based on the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Oil Change and Monitoring Benefits

Clean oil prevents the accumulation of damaging substances from the engine, making the engine run smoothly. Not changing the oil increases wear because of friction between moving parts.

Constant oil-life monitoring makes you aware of your need to keep your engine tuned. A poorly tuned engine can use up to 50% more fuel and emissions than those properly running. Some studies show that better oil-life monitoring could save over 100 million gallons of oil in the span of five years.

Oil Monitoring System

Cars today have an oil monitoring system. This does not measure the actual oil condition. But it shows information such as distance and time, engine temperatures, number of starts and stops and engine loads. It cannot tell if the oil is contaminated, or if the additive is low or depleted. So read the manual when it comes to system maintenance.

There are conditions that can shorten the interval for change oil. These include short-trip driving, towing heavy loads, high-mileage engine, high oil consumption and turbo-charged engines. Factors like road dust and flex fuels have a negative impact on your engines. While factors like synthetic lubricants, new engines and high-capture efficiency oil filter may help lengthen the interval for the oil drain.

Trying to measure the collective impact of these factors takes time. While the oil detector can help, it pays if you check your oil condition every time you refuel.

Your trusted experts can also do the job well. They can do it with additional benefits like checking the engine of your car or your entire fleet. Dr Diesel says there are diesel service mechanics that pick up and drop off your car as long as it’s within 5 kms of their workshop.

Your vehicle is an expensive investment. Take time to do a regular maintenance check-up. Also, get the services of professional mechanics to ensure proper maintenance.