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Branding Your Identity: Mastering Who You Are

brand identity collageStrategizing your brand’s look is not easy. The process involves technical tasks ranging from evaluating colors to playing with words. It shouldn’t have to be so hard, though. Taking an easier yet more effective approach can drastically improve the efficiency of this project.

Here are some ways to improve your thinking when designing your brand.

Let Your Logo Do the Talking

There’s more to crafting your logo than just putting your name inside a shape and calling it a day. Designers are very in-demand, and for good reason. Logos impact the public’s perception and overall attitude toward your services. Far beyond a mere sketch, strong logos have meaning, regardless if it’s obvious and hidden. Whether you are creating a restaurant or a hospitality industry logo, it should be the reflection of who you are as a business.

Get Rid of Industry-Specific Terms

There is no shortage in buzzwords in marketing, and they only drag your brand down. Focus on substance. This way, viewers and potential clients can connect with you. Avoid using unheard-of jargons when communicating with people who are not familiar with your industry.

You Don’t Have to Please Everyone

You are never going to satisfy everyone, so don’t dwell on the impression that your brand should be for everyone. Learn to be the best brand to a specific type of audience. Do not be afraid to be yourself. Always remember that you are not in business to please everyone — you’re in business to offer solutions.

Lastly, building your brand is not a one-off project. You should know who you are, present it, and review it from time to time. Continue to innovate strategies that will add value to your clients. It will develop what your business truly stands for.

Updating Your Property With Ornamental Steel

a detailed look at the design of a steel gateDurable steel plates are used in equipment, marine vessels, and construction of residential and commercial properties. But apart from its practical applications, steel ornaments are also used by architects and designers to make homes look appealing.

Guard Rails for Lofts and Balconies

Update your old, boring guardrails with sleek steel railings. Unlike wood, steel banisters don’t rot or scratch easily. You can buy steel plate that can suit the type of design you want for your loft or balcony. Wasatch Steel notes that if you’re not sure what to get, you can always call a steel company to help you find the design of your choice.

Steel Design for Staircases

This type of steel design is ideal for indoor spiral staircases and outdoor stairwells. It gives your home a modern look with beautifully crafted stair rails that compliment your floors and ceilings. Call a construction company that offers quality steel services to achieve your desired effect. If you prefer a pre-fabricated stair kit, you can ask the company to install it for you.

Steel Flooring for Decks

As stainless steel is durable and resistant to corrosion, you might want to consider steel flooring for outdoor spaces. It can give any drab area that clean, modern look. Compared to wooden flooring that might expand due to moisture or rot because of harsh weather, steel floors require less maintenance. It’s also a better material if you’re concerned with fire hazards.

Steel Design for Gates and Fences

Uplift your home’s facade by installing stylish steel gates and fences. You can have them custom designed by a steel servicing company, or you may choose pre-designed wrought iron. As the signature look of your property, a well-designed steel gate can make your home stand out.

Steel plates have plenty of functional and design uses for residential construction. Be sure to work with a professional steel services company to make your design ideas a reality.

Woman looking at her modern fireplace

The Modern Fireplace: 5 Basic Design Tips

Woman looking at her modern fireplaceThe fireplace is among the first places people will see in your living room, so it’s vital to make certain that it complements your existing furniture and fixtures. You need to pick the right design and materials to be sure they command the right attention yet still keep your modern aesthetic in mind. That said, below are some modern fireplace ideas you should consider:

Modernly Cozy

If your aesthetic leans towards modern industrial chic, consider a fireplace with a combination of muted whites and wood tones with a clean and minimalist overall design.

Slated to Perfection

Comfort Solutions and other fireplace solutions providers in Salt Lake City say that the right material could complement your open floor plan by repeating it on nearby surfaces. For instance, you could use slate as your fireplace surround to lend a touch of edginess to your space. You can also use more slate in the nearby kitchen countertops or maybe an accent wall in your dining room for a modern touch.

Greater Heights

A well-designed, contemporary fireplace surround could draw attention to your fireplace the same way an elaborate mantel does. Consider a floor-to-ceiling brick fireplace surround painted in a color that contrasts your walls. This dramatic height could also make your space appear larger than it really is.

The Classic Duo

Fireplaces and TVs have become classic partners since the launch of flat-screen TVs. Although this seemingly incompatible duo could be a design gaffe, they actually work well together when done right. Ensure that the TV and fireplace has ample space between them and extends to the wall above your fireplace across the firebox and an adjacent custom bookcase. The bookshelves would frame your TV and add some visual interest around it, so it won’t look like a floating box.

Mixed Materials Done Right

Yes, you could go ahead and have your way with all kinds of materials. The key, however, is to mix and match the right materials. For a modern vibe, consider stainless steel surround and classic marble hearth contrasted by a warm wooden mantel.

There you have it, modern and practical fireplace design ideas. The main thing to remember when designing a fireplace is you should stay true to your personal style and your home’s aesthetic.

What to Do With Scratched Windows

View of the city through big glass windowsAs commercial window installation professionals will tell you, there are numerous cases of window damage at the job site. The damage can be either permanent or temporary. During construction, this damage may remain undetected for some time, until it’s time to clean up and polish the place. For buildings that are already in use, detecting the damage should take no time at all. If you find a scratch on your window, think of the following:

The Depth of Scratch Matters

Any experienced window installer starts by testing how deep the scratch is. Usually, this is nothing more than running the fingertip over the scratch. If it is too big or unsightly, commercial window installation experts will recommend replacement.

Restoration vs. Replacement

When possible, it is important to restore the glass instead of discarding it. There is a process of grinding the crack out of the glass and making a perfect finish. In most cases, this takes just a fraction of the time and money used in replacement. Ask your commercial glass contractor if they offer such a service and insist on it.

Potential Causes

As you deal with the damage, it is important to note several likely causes of this problem. Painting jobs can be a cause of scratches on glass windows. Scrapers are often used to remove paints. If the painter doesn’t pay attention during this delicate procedure, they might crack the window. Welding may also damage glass through iron droplets.

Window Protection

During construction, paint jobs and transportation, it might be difficult to prevent scratches completely. Temporary window protection becomes essential in such instances. Window protection comes in different varieties, but the most popular option is using an adhesive film. Other options include oil sprays, peel off products and applied film.

Glass cracks can be devastating to a proprietor or project manager. In the event of a window crack, remember to analyze the situation first before rushing to replace the window.

4 Ways to Make Losing Weight Fun

A Weighing ScaleWe can all admit it: Exercising is not fun for everyone. Running on a treadmill in a gym or doing push-ups can be exhausting, especially when you're not yet that motivated to lose weight. That said, if you want to shed off some pounds, there are many fun activities that you can do without boring yourself to death like the following:

Go to a fitness club

Sometimes, the reason you think exercising is boring is that you often do it alone. If you are more comfortable exercising with other breathing organisms, muvfitnessclub.com says that you may want to go to the MUV Fitness Club in Columbia, SC. Not only will you be able to do your preferred exercise in the vicinity of other people, you may also be able to observe and follow the best practices most fitness club members are doing.

Jog everyday

Jogging may seem like the most boring exercise unless you use it as an opportunity to listen to music as well. Pull out your earphones and blast that music album you have been waiting so long to rock to.

Start boxing

Who says exercising and self-defense cannot be done together? By starting boxing, you will be able to condition your body to be in its optimal state so that you will be able to protect yourself in the future. Or if you just want to do boxing recreationally, that works too.

Play with your dog in the park 

What better way to losing weight than doing it with your own pet? Fetching games will be able to improve your dog’s physique while you are also trying to lose some of your fats as well.

Yes, traditional fitness activities may not be to your taste but that should not stop you from achieving your fitness goal. All it takes is thinking beyond the conventional and focusing on what you want to reach.


Tactics for a Problem-Free Title Loan Repayment

Coins, calculator and contract on a tableWhen it comes to securing a title loan, you should treat it the same way you would your mortgage, car loan, or any other loan. In fact, you need to pay more attention to this type of financial service, seeing as it comes with a higher interest rate than traditional personal loans and a form of short term loan.

This doesn’t mean you should no longer consider it as a viable option when you need to secure cash as soon as possible. With the right tactics, Utah Money Center says that you can repay your title loan in Provo without any problem and even have the chance to improve your credit. Here are three of the most effective strategies that’ll help you pay back what you owe.

1. Only apply once you’ve established the offer is the best for you.

The best offer awaits those who take the time to find them. Unless you do your research and look for a lending institution offering the most reasonable rates, you may find yourself stuck with a title loan contract with considerable interest. Many lenders are offering this type of financial assistance in Provo, so take as much time you can in comparing them.

Make sure the lender has a reputation for transparency. You don’t want to find yourself shocked upon seeing hidden and unexplained exorbitant charges.

2. Secure loans one at a time.

A common mistake many borrowers have made is taking out multiple loans consecutively, usually to pay off a bigger loan. You should avoid this at all costs, as it will only make your financial situation even more difficult. If you need cash as soon as possible, then consider applying for a car title loan and only this. Once you’ve paid it off, and you still need cash, then look for other alternatives.

As you can see, you don’t have to fear title loans, if you practice proper borrowing habits.

Man Pulling Up a Mattress

What Makes A Good Mattress?

Man Pulling Up a MattressYou spend approximately 7–10 hours every night sleeping. On average, that’s 2,500 hours every year! Your daily performance is directly proportional to the quality of your sleep. Another huge factor that relates to your overall performance is the quality of your mattress. The wrong mattress can be full of chemicals disrupting your hormones and destroying your joints and muscles. Don’t get alarmed, but your mattress might be slowly killing you. Here are some factors to consider when buying your ideal mattress, according to an expert in South Jordan, Utah.

All-Natural Chemicals

The legislation requires that mattresses comprise flame-resistant material. However, some manufacturers started using retardant chemicals that were apparently toxic. These compounds were PBDE, boric acid, formaldehyde, and antimony. They cause reproductive and brain damage, decrease in sperm quality and can even be carcinogenic. Go for a mattress that uses as close to 100% of natural chemicals as possible.

Good Biomechanical Support

Your hip and torso should be ‘pushed up’ gently into proper alignment as you sleep. A firm mattress is not always the best option for your back. The best mattress according to recent studies is a medium firm one. It is best to get a medium firm support that feels comfortable. However, personal preference plays a big role in your comfort levels.


Settle for a mattress that lasts more than a few years before it is time to throw it out. An ideal mattress comes with a 10-year warranty. Purchasing your mattress from a trustworthy retailer ensures it will serve you for a significant time.

When shopping for your mattress, keep in mind advertising gimmicks such as ‘orthopedic’ and ‘medically approved’ especially when no medical group has adopted this. You can, however, talk to your doctor about what he or she would recommend. Your sleep is important for your health. Ensure you get the best mattress for reduced body pains and quality sleep.

Man Assessing a Gas Furnace

Signs Your Furnace Needs To Be Serviced

Man Assessing a Gas FurnaceFurnaces are not like vehicles. If you take good care of your car, you have a chance of getting some value out of it when you trade it in four or five years down the road. But if you try to trade in a furnace, even one that has received lots of care, it won’t be worth anything at all.

This is why it makes sense to keep your furnace until it can no longer be resuscitated. If that’s the case, it also makes sense to squeeze all the juice out of it until you need to replace it with a new and better one. 

All Hours Plumbing and HVAC notes that you should learn to identify whether your system is due for furnace service in Utah. Here are some indications that you should call a professional to do it:

It’s Been a While

A furnace that hasn’t been serviced for at least a year is due for service, no doubt. If the furnace came with the house when you bought it, whether the seller told you they took good care of the furnace or not, it’s a good idea to call a technician to check.

The Furnace is Leaking Water

A clogged condensate line is usually to blame for water leaks. Other than HVAC expertise, the person who services the furnace should also understand plumbing, so avoid going the DIY route with this. Call a professional to ensure safety and quality of work. 

It’s Leaking Gas

This is a lot more dangerous than leaking water. When a furnace is leaking carbon monoxide, the pilot light usually lights up yellow. Shut down the furnace and turn off the gas supply valve inside the furnace. It’s important to know where it is, so read your owner’s manual. After that, call a technician. Air out the house and do not light any open flames.

Unusual Sounds

Thumping, banging, and scraping sounds coming from your furnace indicate that it needs inspection. Shut it down and call your technician as soon as possible.

Weak or Cold Air

You will probably notice if your furnace is not producing the same amount of warm air, and definitely, know if it’s blowing cold air. Call your technician before the problem becomes worse.

It’s Ineffective and Your Bills are Rising

When your energy bills are out of control, you should call your technician immediately, as your HVAC is about to cost you a lot more with an expensive repair if you don’t act now.

These signs should tell you that your furnace definitely needs servicing. It’s not cheap to replace a broken HVAC unit, so be sure to give your furnace the care it needs.

Accountant Computing on a Calculator While Taking Down Notes

Accounting Automation: Why Automation Benefits The Workforce

Accountant Computing on a Calculator While Taking Down NotesRecently, though there has been some pushback regarding software automation due to fears of losing jobs. However, automation has actually opened up new opportunities by eliminating repetitive, time-consuming work. It is a cost-effective solution that saves thousands of dollars each year.

ScaleFactor, Inc., an accounting software developer in Austin, Texas, states that automated accounting can save as much as $37,000 a year compared to hiring a full-time bookkeeper. Indeed, the finance sector is one of the areas where automation has the greatest impact.

A Capacity Boost

Automation undoubtedly frees up valuable time and work, eliminating some of the most tedious aspects of a job. Bankers, for example, have been switching to automated processes, increasing their capacity by as much as 30%.

Despite fears of downsizing their workforce, these bankers actually manage to maintain them, allowing their staff to focus on higher-value work instead. Instead of spending hours doing the bookkeeping, they work on completing research, brainstorming, and improving client relationships.

Automation Has Proven to be Beneficial

Along with the improved capacity of banks, automation has proven to be beneficial in the past too. One example is the typists of the 1950s to 1970s. Offices would have large rooms dedicated only to typing and making copies, employing primarily women who were good with a typewriter. Eventually, automation, in the form of copy machines, fax machines and eventually the computer, eliminated the need for these large typing pools.

While some people argued that it took jobs away from the women, the truth is that the female labor force increased during this same time period. By the 1970s, female workers increased from 20 million to 75 million.

While the rise of feminism and a greater push for workplace equality was one factor in these increased number of working women, automation has a hand in this. Women can now focus on higher quality work, giving them a more diverse set of skills to use in the workplace.

Automation is therefore a useful tool in increasing a workforce’s capacity. Though it eliminates some old jobs, it opens up new opportunities. 

How London Recruitment Agencies Are More Convenient Than Job Hunting on Your Own

HR manager interviewing young man in officeJob hunting can be one of the most taxing responsibilities in adult life. Red tapes — procedures that are complex and causes delay — are usually one of the biggest hindrances in employment. However, the birth of recruitment agencies has slowly put a stop to this toxicity. London recruitment agencies offer a centralised hiring system. It consists of vacancies for different companies. They accommodate people of different credentials and will surely save you more time due to its efficiency.

Looking for a job usually, includes some obstacles. It usually includes a lot of commuting just to reach the destination of your interview. You also need to be patient with the long line of applicants. The recruitment process may even ask you to go back and forth for several days. Let’s not forget the long, long waiting time for the results.


Getting help from recruitment agencies means you don’t have to run around the city to apply for different positions available. Everything you need is already located in one, convenient location. This means that you don’t have to go company hopping from one part of the city to another. For an unemployed person, this is a perfect opportunity to save resources while the hunt is still on-going.

Vast Range of Opportunities

Agencies recruit from a wide range of audience varying from all levels. This means that whether you are a graduate or a CFO, they will accommodate you. Also, they aren’t limited to a specific field. This shows the wide range of job positions you can choose from to fit your credentials and preferences.

Whether you are a first-timer or a person looking for growth in your career, opportunities are always open to recruitment agencies. Additionally, if you are still not sure with what you are pursuing, they will accommodate you with whatever they think will fit your credentials.

Due to the continuing improvement of our systems, red tapes are slowly disappearing. Recruitment agencies are constantly proving their benefits to the public.