Protect the Workers Against Lung and Eye Irritants

Protective GearMost government agencies implement policies and rules regarding the safety and well-being of workers in their designated areas of work. Failure to comply with these rules can result in severe penalties.

Environmental and health protection laws usually set sights on specific workplaces often viewed as areas where health hazards abound. These workplaces, such as factories and shops, follow strict environmental regulations for the protection of its workers and nearby communities. If these businesses do not abide by the rules, they risk being embroiled in legal costs and worse, it might shut them down. So how do you protect your workers against health hazards like lung and eye irritants?

Below are some of the common protection measures implemented by various factories and construction sites: 


Wearing safety eyewear to protect against particles like dust or irritants like smoke and fumes reduce the risk of injury significantly. Usually, the eyewear is designed to be worn over prescription lenses or glasses without any problem. Workers in shops that perform tasks like abrasive blasting benefit greatly from this type of eyewear as it protects their eyes from dust. These dust particles are usually generated by sandblasting equipment and would swirl uncontrollably around them. With a protective goggle or safety eyewear, their eyes are protected against irritation and possible infection caused by fine dust.


There are many types of masks used by different kinds of factories and shops. Some workers in factories use masks similar to those used by doctors, while others use a more complex mask complete with air filter. Shop welders use thick hard masks with darkened lenses to protect them from bits of metals and spark that bounce toward their faces. The darkened lens on the mask protects their eyes from the sun-like glare of the welding process which can cause permanent damage. Worksafe strongly recommends that the mask should be non-flammable and will not obstruct the view of the welder.

Safety and Environment Control Devices

Many shops, such as those that use sandblasting or abrasive blasting equipment, provide additional protection apart from masks and goggles. They discovered that fine particles of sand and other materials swirl around the shop long before the blasting tasks are done. To protect the workers, you might want to install a dust extraction machine with the help of Syntech to suck out excess dust generated in the workplace. This improves the air quality in the workplace area and significantly decreases the health risk of their workers.

All businesses consider their workers as their gems and the reason for their successes. It is, therefore, important to keep them safe and healthy at work to ensure they maintain their productivity levels. With an unsafe work area, the company risks not only reduced output, but also huge costs should the worker pursue legal remedies. To prevent these from happening, it is better for businesses, especially sandblasting shops, to invest in protective gear and equipment.