Reasons Why Your Roof Is Leaking

Someone doing waterproofing on a roof Maintaining a safe roof over your head is a work in progress. Stains, condensation, high winds, and leaks are always possibilities that could cause damage.

A roof leak repair expert in Salt Lake City, Utah explains that you should be vigilant in observing weaknesses in your roof. When it comes to roof leaks, there are six leading causes.

1. Shingle damage

Turbulent weather can damage shingles. Old shingles also start to crack, causing roofs to leak. Make sure to call a roof leak repair professional in Salt Lake City as soon as you notice any damage to your shingles or any signs of wear. If your roof is over 20 years old, you should consider replacing it.

2. Roof flashing

Flashing, the thin pieces of impervious material that cover seams or transition points in a roof help keep it waterproof and airtight. But people often overlook flashing or have it poorly installed during roof installation. It can also be damaged or corroded over time. If your roof’s flashing was not sealed properly or it has become damaged, it can be a source of serious leaks.

3. Old and improperly installed skylights

A skylight can provide natural lighting, ventilation, views and even an emergency egress to your home. However, if your skylight was not built or installed correctly, it may become a source of leaks.

4.  Chimneys

Chimneys can create holes in the roof. In the case of failed flashing, water can pool on the surface of the chimney and trickle down through cracks.

5. High or low nailing

High or low nailing lead to exposed nail heads or puncture holes that pop through the mat of the shingle. These problems, caused by poor installation, are a common cause of roof leaks.

6. Plumbing pipes and vents.

Necessities such as plumbing vents and pipes, attic vents, exhaust flues, and ventilation ducts create holes when they exit through the roof. If the flashing around these essentials is installed improperly or is worn out, leaks become inevitable.

Roof leaks can compromise structural integrity, damage your attic and ceiling, cause mold and mildew issues, lead to human spills and even pose a fire threat. Call a roof leak repair expert in Salt Lake City as soon as you notice a problem with your roof.