Reasons You Need a Commercial Door Replacement

A man replacing a door Commercial doors serve many purposes, including preventing unauthorized access to business premises. So when you compromise the functionality of these doors, they do not meet the purpose for which you installed them. Different businesses in Indianapolis hire commercial door replacement services to make sure their security and safety are in good hands.

To Enhance Their Premises’ Curb Appeal

You know pretty well that there is never a second chance to make a first impression. Therefore, use every opportunity you get to make a good impression to your customers. More often than not, that will start from your premises’ entrance. If your commercial doors are not appealing enough to your clients or do not reflect your brand image, it is high time you arranged for a replacement in line with emerging trends.

When the Door Has a Damaged Motor

Most commercial doors run on motors that control the opening and closing functions. If the company that installed your last doors did not advise you accordingly, you might have missed on the fact that these motors have a lifespan. Therefore, once you notice that the doors to your workplace are not functioning as they were initially, call in a reputable installer to replace it with one that has a motor with a longer lifespan.

When the Door’s Tracks Have Twisted, or the Torsion Spring Has Broken

If your commercial doors have a slide operation, you may want to check that the tracks and torsion springs are in excellent condition. While some installers say that you can repair twisted tracks and broken door springs, it is not a recommended practice, especially if you have glass doors. It is advisable that you either replace these parts or get a new door.

If you have been in such circumstances, contact a door installation company in Indianapolis that has a consistent record of offering outstanding services to help you find the best solution to your commercial door replacement needs.