Retiring Doesn’t Mean You Have to Give These Things Up

Retirement AgeWhen you approach retirement age, you may think, “Oh, great. There goes the rest of my life.” It’s true that you’ll have to say goodbye to some habits, especially if they concern your health and well-being. But, it doesn’t mean you’ll stop having fun and living the rest of your life.

While retirement looks like grandma sitting on a rocking chair in a retirement home and sleeping all day long, it doesn’t have to be the case for you. Just ask Cozy Retire. Before you well up and think hitting the senior years will keep you from enjoying life, know that there are more than a few things you don’t need to give up just because you’re advancing in years. Check them out.

Working Out

Age and salt-and-pepper hair shouldn’t keep you from getting and staying in shape. Take your cue from the ojiisan and obaasan from Japan, whose regular visits to the gym show how aging is shaping up in the country.

This, of course, doesn’t mean you’ll carry heavy weights and dumbbells despite a bad case of arthritis. Exercise as much as you can. Do regular jogs, and don’t shy away from housework and parties. They get you moving, and you need it.


As you hit the senior range, you may start feeling a little blue. Your grown kids don’t seem to need you like they used to. You don’t feel like you’re as helpful as you were before. When the blues hit you, gardening can cheer you up.

Tending to something and seeing it grow brings a lot of satisfaction. Plus, you get to show off those beautiful colors, too. Whether or not you enjoyed gardening in your younger years, you will surely love it now.

Being Creative

Displaying your creative flair, through different art forms like painting, playing music and puzzle games, or even baking, keeps the mind active and sharp. Show off your talents and enjoy doing so! It’ll keep you in high spirits.

Pigging Out

This doesn’t mean you’ll binge eat or drink, but this also doesn’t mean you can’t have a slice of pizza or a bag of chips during special occasions. If you keep it in moderation, there’s no reason not to savor great food.

Getting older shouldn’t stop you from living the life you want. There are some habits you need to quit to stay healthy, but there are also other things you can continue enjoying. Go ahead, have a happy retirement.