Safer Way to Install Christmas Lights This Season

Christmas Lights In MinneapolisWe all know that Christmas won’t be complete without the blinking Christmas lights in our homes. These actually bring Christmas spirit in every home. In the US, 80 percent of the homes put up their Christmas lights early just to feel the budding excitement that comes along with the holidays.

However, with the lack of safety installation procedures, your holiday night glitters could turn against you. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), around 240 American homes get burned by Christmas lights every year due to careless installation.

So for you to stay safe this season, here are some effective measures for more enjoyable holiday lighting: 

Brighter Lighting 

  • Buy only those that pass the UL (Underwriters Laboratories). You can find the UL mark that signifies the item passes the standards of safety and quality.

  • For used lights, check and double check the wires. If wires are broken or frayed, buy a new one. Christmas lights don’t cost much.

  • Buying outdoor or indoor lights? Ask for assistance. Indoor lights when used outdoor is not good news.

  • Don’t hang the lights where things can easily get burnt like paper, nylon curtains, and so on.

  • Never use thumbtacks, nails or staplers in fixing the wire to the wall. Use insulated or plastic wire holders instead.

If you want to know more about how to install Christmas lights safely, do some research. Learn from those who have too much experience with these things. You may even learn how to craftily organize your lighting system to create a fantastic array of colorful blinkers.

Got a Large Home to Light?

If you have a very large home, a yard, office or business establishment in Minneapolis and around St. Paul metro area that you would want to make it alive with amazing lighting displays, you can hire a company that specializes in installing safe Christmas lights in residential properties.

With them, you are ensured that you only get installed legal and safe lightings that pass UL standards. And they have lighting artists as well. They can give you the most adorable lights to make your home more vibrant. So alive that your neighbors may even envy your home’s Christmas ambiance. Isn't that cool?