Sat IP Benefits Everyone from Consumers to Manufacturers

SateliteOne of the best things about satellite Internet Protocol is the fact that everyone involved can enjoy the numerous benefits it brings. From consumers to broadcasters to operators to manufacturers, SAT IP can provide what traditional and digital platforms cannot.


With SAT IP, you can make satellite service available in all the parts of your house. Singtel provides an example: all rooms can have access to Internet TV, without having to spend money on costly specialised antenna cabling.

Another reason to get this system is because you only need a single network provider, and it already provides all of the IP-based needs you have, from satellite television to satellite internet and to IP telephony.

You can also opt for powerline adapters, wireless connection, or a combination of both for the installation of your satellite television. And whenever you are on the go, you can use your satellite services to watch your favourite TV programs on your laptop, tablet, smartphone, or any other Internet-connected device.

Lastly, SAT IP gives you the assurance of enjoying the best possible photographic quality on all of your connected devices.

Broadcasters and operators

For SAT IP operators and installers, their work is simplified, since multi-room installations only need one bi-directional cable which will already connect all of their customers’ devices. Through the use of innovative software applications, they can incorporate high-res live satellite TV with their customers’ other non-linear services while still ensuring the best possible connected experience.

Operators can also make certain of efficient high-quality satellite distribution and seamless blending with their other Internet services.

Last but not the least, is minimised streaming costs for delivering live TV to their clients.


SAT IP also benefits manufacturing companies because it provides them with endless opportunities to design and create high-end satellite products, including IP multiswitches, tunerless STBs, compliant televisions, IP software apps, new SAT IP devices, and IP LNBs.

Manufacturers also do not have to worry about spending thousands of dollars on getting a license for the use of SAT IP; it is a completely free technology that every manufacturer can use.

Satellite Internet Protocol is here to stay, so as early as now, consider investing in this very impressive technology.