Snore to Roar – Turn Boring Topics Into Engaging Content

Writing Quality ContentQuality content writing is not easy. You need to “percolate” ideas in a short period. You need to communicate those ideas to your readers the way a strong cup of Joe perks up a sleepyhead night shift employee. What if you’re in an industry where the subject matter can literally put people to sleep?

Technical Terms and Skimmable Content

Businesses in the culture, entertainment, food and beverage, and other lifestyle-oriented industries can produce “sexy” content. The topics are accessible to a wider audience, and engagement is effortless enough. When your industry deals with technical topics, it is a challenge to sustain reader attention. With 40% of website visitors spending fewer than 15 seconds on a page, you need skimmable content.

How do you make content with terms like “pseudopseudohypoparathyroidism” or even “mortgaged-backed securities” and “principal protected notes” skimmable? Consider the following strategies:

  • Find an unexpected angle to your complex topic

An SEO firm with an army of experienced writers uses surprising angles to create engaging content. Your medical blog, for example, does not simply have to explain pseudopseudohypoparathyroidism is an inherited thyroid disorder. An article can share famous personalities with thyroid disorders, while another can provide a guide to restaurant dishes for people with this condition.

  • Use relatable examples or comparisons

Your readers can get a better grasp of your topic with relatable analogies. Consider a popular story, a scene in a movie, or everyday life experiences to get your point across.

  • Help your readers

Informative articles are never boring. Your readers want to know the pitfalls and benefits of investing in mortgaged-backed securities and principal protected notes. When you provide what your readers need, your content will always get read.

  • Use enticing headlines, break up content into chunks

Headlines grab your reader’s attention. Chunking helps him or her process the information better. When readers understand your message, your business improves recall for the brand.

With the right approach to writing, your complex topics can become accessible and fascinating content. Both can create traffic that may lead to conversions.