Springtime Sadness: Plumbing Problems Uncovered

Plumbers in Eagle Mountain

Winter is making its way out and it’s time for the flowers to bloom once again.

Include plumbing maintenance into your spring cleaning checklist because while you’ve dealt with winter problems a few months before, how sure are you that the cold breeze and snow didn’t do any damage to your plumbing systems? Here are some problems brought on by the aftermath of winter; check these out before calling a certified plumber within your area of Eagle Mountain.

Basement Flooding

Springtime brings heavy rains – as well as melted snow, which means you have to make sure that you protect your home from the water that may seep into your home and flood certain areas, such as the basement. Basement floods can be very expensive, which is why you need regular maintenance, especially on the sump pumps.

Cracked Pipes

In cold climates, leaky faucets are very common, especially after leaving hoses on the bib during the winter. Make sure that you check for leaks and have your local plumber replace these for you before it causes some serious water damage.

Sink and Bathtub Backup

Apart from leaky faucets, clogged drains are also common during spring because it sees a lot of use during the winter season. There’s a possibility of your drains backing up and producing a bowlful of sticky sludge.

There are many things that may clog your drains during the winter, bath bombs, oils, and even dog fur, especially when you’ve been bathing your dog during the winter. Leaving bacteria and waste stuck inside the pipes produce a stench, especially when coupled with warm temperatures.

Just because your neighbor is a handyman and can fix anything by himself, doesn’t mean that you should, too. While these issues are easy to fix by yourself, there are still risks of doing further damage to your plumbing system, which means more expensive repairs. Once it comes to your attention that your plumbing needs maintenance, call a trusted and reliable plumber immediately.