Steve Jobs Taught Us a Thing or Two About Product Launches

Steve Jobs InspiredLove Apple or not, you can’t deny that their launches are among the best. Whenever they announce a new product, people don’t just show up in hundreds — they come in droves.

If you’re a start-up business, know that product launches are among the first steps you take towards success. Sure, you’re no Steve Jobs, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a leaf out of his book.

Personal Connections is a Must

Every launch party must have the basics. For Events Architects Pte. Ltd., hiring an events coordinator in Singapore keeps you on the right track. Remember, you’re here to impress, so it’s essential to impress your audiences. But, keep in mind that the abundance of food and a comfortable venue can only do so much. If you really want to win your target market, it’s time to get personal.

Steve Jobs was all about making things personal. Every product launch had its own unique personality. He meant to satisfy his audiences even if they haven’t thought about it themselves.

Your launch should serve as a personal conversation between you and your attendees. The launch should be more than just a sales pitch. Your product should guarantee a solution and demonstrate where it fits in the lives of consumers.

Secrecy: A Must Have Standard

Steve Jobs was firm with keeping all details a secret before the launch. The company dealt with product leaks harshly. Some might think of it as something likely to happen, maybe even inevitable, but for Jobs, secrecy was a necessity that gave his products an added charm.

Keeping product details under lock and key keeps everyone guessing. The element of surprise gives that added twist, which piques the interest of customers. Your launch event should be the first time anyone finds out about the major details.

The Bottom Line

In the end, Steve Jobs’ tactics boiled down to one point: just be there. It’s not about the money or how grand the event is — it’s all about creating products people need before they even realized they needed it. The focus shouldn’t just be on the service, but on your customers, too.

Make it all about the people and let them see what you can provide. That was Steve’s secret to success.