Sydney’s Green Buildings: Ideas You Can Get from Them

Sydney, AustraliaSydney is one city that takes sustainability seriously. It has one of the most active green building councils in the world that also provides Energy Star ratings to establishments including health care facilities and homes.

To receive these stars is not only a sign of prestige but also a testament you are committed to taking care of the environment and improving the health and well-being of everybody who uses the building. For this reason, Australia’s busiest city also has well-designed and highly commendable buildings:

Michael Mobbs Terrace House

Living off the grid in a hyper city like Sydney seems to be an impossible task, but Michael Mobbs’s Terrace House is an astounding example – a perfect specimen of how it is to adopt sustainability right inside the home.

Even if you have no desire to follow such lifestyle, you can take away important points such as installing solar panels on the rooftops and using stainless steel benches that maximise light during daytime.

If benches are not what you are thinking, you can call companies that provide stainless steel balustrade and handrails. Stainless steel is one of the environment-friendly materials since it lasts for an incredibly long time and undergoes recycling to other forms.

One Central Park

From the outside to the inside, the award-winning towering One Central Park speaks green. On the exteriors, you can see a thriving vertical garden with more than 35,000 plants of almost 400 varieties.

The entire building, on the other hand, implements an extensive water-recycling program, which helps nourish these plants as well as reduce consumptions and increase savings on utilities.

University of Technology Sydney

The premier university in the city is currently implementing its city campus master plan that will pour in more than $1 billion to upgrade the existing buildings and make them green.

Once they are complete, these buildings should consume way less water and energy, feature a lot of green spaces, promote sustainable transport like bicycling, and receive at least 5-star green star ratings.

Adopting the concepts of being green to your construction and design are not easy, but these buildings should inspire you and point you towards the right direction.