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4 Security Oversights That Can Ruin Your Business

Safe OfficeAn intruder could lead to the devastation of your business, especially if they take away your stock and office equipment. These losses could pile up quickly if they steal your computer with personal and sensitive client information or trade secrets.

Sailcitylocks.co.nz say that many businesses hire master locksmiths to secure their premises, while others that have bigger budgets install surveillance cameras and alarm systems. Some oversights could still leave you vulnerable to an invasion, so it's best to…

Not go too cheap

With security systems, you get what you pay for. Installing the most affordable locks and system in the market might mean a low level of protection. While such measures might suffice in some areas, they put you at a disadvantage, especially when protecting high-value items. Highly valuable items attract burglars who can bypass simple security measures with relative ease.

Not forget hiring a professional

More than securing your premises, a security firm seeks to cultivate a professional reputation as a choice service provider. They evaluate your facility to root out possible weaknesses that may escape. They also install modern locks and professional grade systems free of glitches and errors. If confidentiality is your concern, they are unlikely to leak your security details to people who might have an ulterior motive.

Not forget routine maintenance

Alarm systems require routine maintenance to repair loose connections as well as make upgrades. Skipping repairs can lower the efficiency of your systems, leaving your premises vulnerable.

Not fail making security measures apparent

More than recording current events, security cameras can deter would-be trespassers off your property. In addition to posting signs on your premises, displaying your cameras evidently could scare away possible intruders. Be sure to make the rest as unobtrusive as possible in case someone disables the visible ones.

Security oversights can jeopardise your business by giving easy access to a would-be intruder. Don't let this happen.

Why Your Business Cannot Survive Without Security

Business Survival Lack of security isn’t just a small nuisance that you can choose to ignore in the first few years of your retail business. Throwing caution to the wind like that is like saying you don’t care if your business folds up within the year.

There are two major problems you can’t deal with if you have no security in place: employee theft and shoplifting. The first one is the major cause of losses in the retail industry across the United States, and the second follows closely.

Employee Theft

No, that’s not a mistake: employee theft costs businesses and consumers a whole lot more than shoplifting. Billions of dollars are lost yearly to employee dishonesty. This is such a huge problem in the U.S. that it makes this country different in terms of security in the retail industry. The rest of the world has it the other way around, with shoplifting leading employee theft.

The growing number of employees stealing from their companies makes video surveillance in NJ a necessity, not a luxury reserved for bigger companies, Comtex-NJ.com points out. If you have employees, you need cameras. Keep them honest by showing them that you can see their every move.


Shoplifting is another reason you need CCTV. Aside from providing proof in case an incident ends up becoming a court case, the presence of cameras deters most shoplifters. There will still be cases, but at least your internal security can act fast if they spot someone stealing or attempting to steal something from your store.

One thing you can improve is your supervision of your employees. Your presence helps stop them from doing anything dishonest, and they can also turn to you immediately if there are problems. It’s important not just to install monitors, but to use security personnel especially in areas where visibility may be limited.