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4 Surprisingly Profitable Investments You Should Try Out

Gold coins and bullionsSmart people are always looking for creative ways to make more money. They know ordinary money-making routes are already flooded, so they would rather choose other less common ventures that yield better returns. If you are like them, the good news is there are lucrative opportunities along the road less taken. Check out these profitable ventures:

Trade in gold coins

There is something about precious metals that excites people. Through time, man’s faith in them has never faded. In fact, Atkinsons Bullion noted that the allure of gold coins is still strong in London as it has ever been. Investing in these coins, therefore, is one of the activities many adept entrepreneurs do over the recent years. It would be wise to do the same.

Invest in preferred stock

If you are an investor looking for monthly or quarterly returns, then investing in preferred stock could be a good idea for you. Preferred stocks trade as both stocks and bonds. Unlike some types of stocks, preferred stocks have limited liquidity risk. Moreover, a trader can sell them at any time without worrying about penalties.

Consider utility stocks

The best thing about utility stocks is their ability to stay stable in price. That means you need not worry about price fluctuations that come with different sectors like technology and entertainment. Typically, utility stocks return a percentage of between two and three above treasury securities.

Invest in fixed annuities

Fixed annuities are an ideal investment if you are planning to save towards your retirement. Fixed annuities allow you to store and grow as much of your money as you want tax-deterrent. The thing to keep in mind is to find a financially stable carrier so you know your money is safe.

There are many opportunities to make money if you take the time to look around. The idea is to be willing to think of out of the box if you want to get the most out of your investments.

5 Surefire Ways to Make the Most of Your Trade Show Participation

Top view shot of a trade showMost companies perceive joining trade shows as an unnecessary expense. What you may need to understand, though, is that you do not have to participate in every one of them. If you can attend at least one in a year that is aligned with your company’s goals, it could be a great venue to expose your brand and connect with industry leaders and potential clients.

Below are some tips that will help you maximise our participation:

1. Know your objectives and identify your indicators

Like what trade show coach Susan Friedmann says, it would be absurd to buy space and expect that you would immediately get your returns. He puts emphasis on the importance of setting objectives that are measurable. What do you want to get from the show? Another friendly reminder is that quality is often a much better indicator than quantity.

2. Make your booth interactive

Booth design is what will make people flock around you. However, a visually appealing booth will not make them stay. Keep their interests up by thinking of creative ways to make it interactive. Perhaps you can make use of technology and other creative techniques like fun games to invite people over.

3. Ensure that your booth is well-equipped

Aside from displays, which are important especially if you are marketing products, you should also prepare marketing collaterals, such as brochures, calling cards, and flyers. Do not forget sign-up sheets for the visitors as well since these would come in handy in the future. Giftfinder likewise recommends scouting for promotional merchandise suppliers and choose items that are useful yet unconventional for giveaways. Most importantly, there must always be at least one decision-maker present to make sure that you are not missing important business opportunities.

4. Attend conferences

While you are there, attend interesting conferences and forum. Organisers of trade fairs usually invite industry leaders as speakers. Aside from delivering talks on industry know-how, you will also find investments and industry forums, which can provide substantive insights for your company’s growth and expansion.

5. Do not forget to network

Perhaps you would fail at driving traffic to your booth. That does not mean that your participation is an ultimate failure. Consider the other facets of the event. Many important people in the industry will be there, so take every opportunity to network with them. Always have your business card and your business pitch ready. Who knows, you might come across somebody who would like your product or service so much that he would be willing to invest on it.

Sure, you want to put your money where ROI is guaranteed, but you must also find other means to promote your business. Joining in trade fairs may not be necessarily new or unconventional, but you also cannot deny the ways that it can contribute to your business. You simply have to be clear with your objectives and prepare enough for it.

Tactics for a Problem-Free Title Loan Repayment

Coins, calculator and contract on a tableWhen it comes to securing a title loan, you should treat it the same way you would your mortgage, car loan, or any other loan. In fact, you need to pay more attention to this type of financial service, seeing as it comes with a higher interest rate than traditional personal loans and a form of short term loan.

This doesn’t mean you should no longer consider it as a viable option when you need to secure cash as soon as possible. With the right tactics, Utah Money Center says that you can repay your title loan in Provo without any problem and even have the chance to improve your credit. Here are three of the most effective strategies that’ll help you pay back what you owe.

1. Only apply once you’ve established the offer is the best for you.

The best offer awaits those who take the time to find them. Unless you do your research and look for a lending institution offering the most reasonable rates, you may find yourself stuck with a title loan contract with considerable interest. Many lenders are offering this type of financial assistance in Provo, so take as much time you can in comparing them.

Make sure the lender has a reputation for transparency. You don’t want to find yourself shocked upon seeing hidden and unexplained exorbitant charges.

2. Secure loans one at a time.

A common mistake many borrowers have made is taking out multiple loans consecutively, usually to pay off a bigger loan. You should avoid this at all costs, as it will only make your financial situation even more difficult. If you need cash as soon as possible, then consider applying for a car title loan and only this. Once you’ve paid it off, and you still need cash, then look for other alternatives.

As you can see, you don’t have to fear title loans, if you practice proper borrowing habits.

Reasons You Need a Commercial Door Replacement

A man replacing a door Commercial doors serve many purposes, including preventing unauthorized access to business premises. So when you compromise the functionality of these doors, they do not meet the purpose for which you installed them. Different businesses in Indianapolis hire commercial door replacement services to make sure their security and safety are in good hands.

To Enhance Their Premises’ Curb Appeal

You know pretty well that there is never a second chance to make a first impression. Therefore, use every opportunity you get to make a good impression to your customers. More often than not, that will start from your premises’ entrance. If your commercial doors are not appealing enough to your clients or do not reflect your brand image, it is high time you arranged for a replacement in line with emerging trends.

When the Door Has a Damaged Motor

Most commercial doors run on motors that control the opening and closing functions. If the company that installed your last doors did not advise you accordingly, you might have missed on the fact that these motors have a lifespan. Therefore, once you notice that the doors to your workplace are not functioning as they were initially, call in a reputable installer to replace it with one that has a motor with a longer lifespan.

When the Door’s Tracks Have Twisted, or the Torsion Spring Has Broken

If your commercial doors have a slide operation, you may want to check that the tracks and torsion springs are in excellent condition. While some installers say that you can repair twisted tracks and broken door springs, it is not a recommended practice, especially if you have glass doors. It is advisable that you either replace these parts or get a new door.

If you have been in such circumstances, contact a door installation company in Indianapolis that has a consistent record of offering outstanding services to help you find the best solution to your commercial door replacement needs.

Steve Jobs Taught Us a Thing or Two About Product Launches

Steve Jobs InspiredLove Apple or not, you can’t deny that their launches are among the best. Whenever they announce a new product, people don’t just show up in hundreds — they come in droves.

If you’re a start-up business, know that product launches are among the first steps you take towards success. Sure, you’re no Steve Jobs, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a leaf out of his book.

Personal Connections is a Must

Every launch party must have the basics. For Events Architects Pte. Ltd., hiring an events coordinator in Singapore keeps you on the right track. Remember, you’re here to impress, so it’s essential to impress your audiences. But, keep in mind that the abundance of food and a comfortable venue can only do so much. If you really want to win your target market, it’s time to get personal.

Steve Jobs was all about making things personal. Every product launch had its own unique personality. He meant to satisfy his audiences even if they haven’t thought about it themselves.

Your launch should serve as a personal conversation between you and your attendees. The launch should be more than just a sales pitch. Your product should guarantee a solution and demonstrate where it fits in the lives of consumers.

Secrecy: A Must Have Standard

Steve Jobs was firm with keeping all details a secret before the launch. The company dealt with product leaks harshly. Some might think of it as something likely to happen, maybe even inevitable, but for Jobs, secrecy was a necessity that gave his products an added charm.

Keeping product details under lock and key keeps everyone guessing. The element of surprise gives that added twist, which piques the interest of customers. Your launch event should be the first time anyone finds out about the major details.

The Bottom Line

In the end, Steve Jobs’ tactics boiled down to one point: just be there. It’s not about the money or how grand the event is — it’s all about creating products people need before they even realized they needed it. The focus shouldn’t just be on the service, but on your customers, too.

Make it all about the people and let them see what you can provide. That was Steve’s secret to success.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

3 Hacks to Help Your Business Stay Ahead of the Curve

Improve Customer Satisfaction in AucklandWith the increasing competition in today’s industry, it takes considerable efforts to stand out in a crowded marketplace. Competitors use every trick in the book to get ahead of you and land that lucrative contract. Faced with rapidly increasing options, customers become meticulous and well informed of their needs and do not settle for services that do not suit their particular needs. Rather than throwing in the towel, you can apply these suggestions to make customers choose you:

Embrace Technology

Emerging technologies not only make it easier to reach more customers and advertise your business, but also to streamline your business operations. Investing in a modern website enables customers to access your services at their most convenient time. Management software helps you streamline operations, meet you customer needs quicker and address their concerns much faster.

Get Reliable Service Providers

The key to customer satisfaction lies in giving them what they want when they want and at the time that you promise to deliver. For instance, if you make deliveries within a certain period, any deviation from the scheduled time counts as a strike against your business. Make sure to retain a reliable fleet servicing company to keep your trucks in proper working condition. Dr Diesel notes that timely deliveries are among the most beneficial ways to keep customers happy.

Hire the Right People

A successful business is the culmination of individual processes that make up a whole system and failure in any of the smaller processes can lead to a disastrous outcome. Inventory mistakes result to stocking the wrong items, run outs or overstock. Hiring competent people ensures a seamless operation, as they execute every action with the utmost professionalism.

Staying competitive in a competitive business world takes considerable planning, effort and innovative thinking to stay ahead of the curve. Having the right people for the job and streamlining your operations make an excellent start.

Enjoy a Stress-Free International Business Trip

Business TripThere’s already plenty going on in your mind about the business at hand. This can be further compounded by the stress of travelling to far destinations. Coming up with small yet efficient travel preparation hacks can make the entire process less of a headache for you. 

Here’s a guide to help you enjoy a smooth and hassle-free business trip: 

Organise Your Work Tools

Travelling comes with its own set of unexpected delays and missed deadlines. This makes it important for you to ensure all your devices are in top functioning form. Charge you electronic gadgets fully before making the trip.

Carry the power chords, portable chargers and any other tools that help sort out the communication aspect. Efficiently functioning devices and backup tools will allow you to work hitch-free, in case of unforeseen contingencies.

Get a Local Sim Card before Travelling

Some of the hugest expenses Australian business travellers incur on their smartphones are pricey surcharges and high usage rates on international roaming. Cut down this needless expense by purchasing a sim card for your destination before making the trip.

Industry professional Ukprepaidsimcard.com.au suggests buying a UK pre-paid sim right here in Australia to help you save on expensive international roaming.

Carry Versatile Clothing Pieces

Resourceful packing is the key to maximising your luggage space. Pack smartly to mix and match your outfits during the business trips. Carry along smart basics that can be paired with more than one piece. This makes your wardrobe look varied, yet allows you carry less.

Some formal trousers, a versatile white shirt, a dapper looking blazer, a few knit shirts can be cleverly paired with each other to offer a different look each day.

Organising your gadgets for effective communication in unforeseen circumstances, packing resourcefully and saving on international call costs can help to undertake a stress-free and productive work trip. Planning ahead can help you focus on the business task at hand, and not worry about trying to figure things out in unknown destinations.

3 Disastrous Thoughts of Aspiring Entrepreneurs Entering the Business

EntrepreneurThe reason many aspiring entrepreneurs don’t succeed right away (or not succeed at all) in business is because they’re armed with the wrong ideas. Opportunities and risks are always there, but being misguided toward starting up this endeavor is a catastrophe waiting to happen.

Rookie mistakes are sometimes inevitable, but you don’t have to chalk everything up to experience when you could avoid unnecessary blunders by running your venture with the right school of thought. If you are bold enough to start up your own business, be smart enough to minimize the errors you’d make by debunking these misapprehensions:

You Are The Boss

Technically, you are the owner and the person in charge, but it’s not really you that controls everything — it’s your customer. Each of your customers is the boss because you venture wouldn’t make a penny by spending their money elsewhere. The demand comes from them, and therefore they dictate the tempo, so to speak.

This may be the favorite mantra of anyone wanting to transition from being a full-time employee to a bona fide entrepreneur. It’s indeed a great motivator, but it carries a hint of arrogance that can keep you from realizing who’s really in the driver’s seat.

Start First, Consult Later

Many entrepreneurs only want to seek business consulting when they plan to expand; but they usually don’t reach that point because their venture quickly become insolvent after months of failure.

No matter how well you know the nature of your business, it always pays to go through coaching under the wings of experts to help you avoid the pitfalls you might face along the way.

Every Business Loan Is a Good Debt

Any self-respecting business consultant in Minneapolis, Milwaukee, or any U.S. city such as Devoted Business Development would tell you that this isn’t always the case. Yes, you’re borrowing money to put up something that’d appreciate over time, but there’s no guarantee in business. If your venture doesn’t turn out as profitable as you hope for, you might not even earn enough to pay your loan monthly.

Running a business (even when it comes with an instruction manual) is never a walk in the park. You must have proper guidance to be on the right track right from the start.


Barcode Your Way to Operational Success!

barcodeBarcoding may sound foreign to a newbie entrepreneur. Add the initial cost of a barcode scanner to the mix and you come up with a hundred and one reasons not to get one for your business. But nothing is farther from the truth.

Benefits of Barcoding

Barcodes work like magic. These neat stripes can put your business into greater heights. One of its benefits is minimising human errors. When information is entered manually, the probability of a worker committing a mistake is high, especially if boredom and tiredness creep in.

A barcode scanner reading is precise and fast no matter who operates the scanner.  And as the procedure is easy, there is no need to spend extra time and effort to train personnel on how to use a barcode scanner.

With a smart barcode label printing, you give your product uniqueness. Anywhere your product goes, your brand is identified in just a matter of seconds. This makes the tracking of your shipment or your business asset easy.

Barcode Quality Matters

The quality of your barcode label printing matters. Dot-matrix printed labels provide lower scanner readability. In turn, you get more materials being wasted, defeating the purpose of your label and slowing down your business operation in the process.

Quality printing (e.g., thermal labels), on the other hand, gives excellent scanner readability. With such a system in place, you are assured that the print quality of your label is high and your product gets identified as it should be, even halfway around the world.

According to Unimax, GS1 barcode numbers are issued by GS1 New Zealand. You will be advised by GS1 of the type of barcode format required.

The use of barcodes improves your operational efficiency and increases productivity. Get labels from a reliable company.


Bankruptcy in Business: Don’t Make it Worse with Fraudulence

BankruptcyYour small business is making an oath to follow the rules and the law when you file for a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, so that your trustee will receive payment for the money you owe.

When you break that oath at any stage of the bankruptcy filing process, you’re committing fraud. This then puts your bankruptcy application at risk, and you incur significant penalties.

In simple terms, fraud can surely make a bad bankruptcy experience a hundred times worse.

Understanding Bankruptcy Law to Avoid Mistakes

It’s easy to make mistakes when you don’t know and understand the basics of bankruptcy law. Remember that there are limitations on what your business can and cannot do months before you file. For instance, you can’t pay one creditor in March and file for bankruptcy a month after to deal with the others. Any payment you make within three months of filing can get you in trouble.

Bankruptcy law also states that it’s already fraud if you accept money or goods under false pretenses. For instance, you don’t tell your lender everything truthfully when your business applies for loans, or you submit a “creative” tax return that misinterprets your earnings.

The Role of a Lawyer

If your business commits fraud, the court will likely dismiss your bankruptcy petition, leaving you with so much debt with no way to eliminate it or pay for it — or worse, leaving you to face jail time.

This is exactly why many experts recommend hiring a bankruptcy lawyer, says christensenyounglaw.com. These lawyers can look at your books for the months leading up to your bankruptcy, and tell you if these will stand up to inspection.

Acting in “Good Faith”

Bankruptcy lawyers urge those filing for bankruptcy to always act in “good faith”. This means you should deal honestly with the bankruptcy court and your creditors. All your dealings and transactions before AND after you file must be honest, straightforward, and responsible.

Filing for a bankruptcy is bad enough — don’t make it worse. If you think you’re unconsciously (or consciously) committing fraud, get the help of an attorney.