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Avoiding a Hazardous Experience: The Urgency of Car Repairs

Car RepairMaintaining the condition of your automobile is important. Basically, you should deem anything concerning your safety as of important matter. Going on the road in a vehicle that could break down at any time is unsafe — what if you were climbing a rather steep incline and your brakes were to give out?

Before unfortunate things happen, it will be best if you prepare for them. Avoid accidents and road mishaps by getting all the necessary automobile repairs.

Rapid Loans, a provider of personal loans in New Zealand and Australia, can help you come up with the money to finance your automobile repairs. The company discusses repayment periods of 6 to 36 months, further stating how you can pay for a future holiday, rental fees or car repairs quickly and easily.

The Ministry of Social Development, too, can help Kiwis address the urgency of car repairs. To address your safety is of utmost concern. If you are unwilling to take out a loan but want to drive around in a hazardous vehicle, you might encounter difficulty with certification.

Repair Certification

The law requires vehicle repairs to be of a quality comparable to how it was like upon manufacture. This covers all types of repair, from structural to mechanical and electrical.

Also, imported used vehicles require checking and certification. It is not until registration when these vehicles can roam the streets. An entry certifier evaluates the vehicle for damages and necessary repairs, as well as the need for a specialist repair certifier.

A specialist repair inspection can only spell additional costs for you, so be wary of the impending expenses of car repairs. This inspection, by the way, may cause vehicle disassembly. If the inspector determines your vehicle as damaged beyond registration approval, you will need to transport it for repair.

You may avoid all the trouble and expenses this entails if you recognise the urgency of car repairs. Until your vehicle meets all the legal requirements, you will not be able to use it on the road. In being practical, consider your safety.

Review Roundup: The 2017 GMC Acadia

CarLooking for a new family vehicle? GMC’s newest addition to the midsize crossover market might be worth a look. The 2017 GMC Acadia is now out and about, courtesy of various local dealers including Fletch’s GMC Buick Audi. First-hand reviews/impressions are also in. Here’s what experts say about GMC’s latest offer.

An Appeal To Consumer Tastes

Bob Nagy of the Kelley Blue Book takes note of GMC’s claims about the new Acadia’s exterior style. The company cites “extensive customer input” as a main driving force in the Acadia’s design. End results differ greatly from what people normally expect from a GMC vehicle. Gone are the days of heavy, truck-based styling in favor of a contemporary SUV look.

So far, it seems that the radical redesign works. The 2017 Acadia doesn’t look like a rough workhorse of a vehicle. Its streamlined overall appearance is greatly reminiscent of the modern design trend of SUVs. This is attributed to a good mix of sharp and soft exterior contours. Coincidentally, the 2017 Acadia may remind someone of a Ford. Meaning, the design may appeal to contemporary tastes but is not as unique as some may expect.

Behind The Wheel

Auto Blog’s Alex Kierstein got behind the wheel. The 2017 Acadia sports a 2.5-liter V6 with an inline-four underneath the hood. The powertrain is capable of outputting 194 horsepower and 190-lb-ft of torque, all while being backed by a six-speed automatic.

His findings are quite interesting. Despite sporting a pretty standard (and powerful) engine fit for an SUV of its size, the 2017 Acadia needs an additional nudge when it comes to overtaking or climbing. A couple of downshifts, at best. While the vehicle is not underpowered, Kierstein believes that performance is underwhelming despite being sufficient.

Safety Merits

Tom Mutchler of Consumer Reports points out that the new Acadia has some pretty standard safety amenities for its niche. Though he does wish that advanced safety gear was more distributed along the entire lineup. Only the higher-end versions feature a forward collision warning system with automatic emergency brakes. This same feature is optional on the SLT2 trim and is standard on the Denali trim. For those going with the more affordable SLT1 trim, they get blind spot monitoring as a standard feature.

These are some cool tips from the experts. Consider these reviews if you’re in the market to buy a 2017 GMC Acadia.

What to Look for When Buying a Used Car

Car BuyThere are many good reasons why people would prefer to buy pre-owned over new cars. Aside from the fact that it is cheaper, your options are much wider. However, choosing secondhand vehicles has its own pitfalls. To help you avoid the misfortunes of used car buying, here are some things that you “must” consider first.


A three to five-year-old car is a good pick. This is the time when the problems from the earlier years are still covered by the service warranty. It means lesser repair and maintenance work is needed.


For pre-owned vehicles, your options are pretty much limitless. However, keep in mind that each make and model has different cost over the other. This is in terms of maintenance, repair, accessories, and literally in everything. That’s why it is essential to include on your deciding factors. For high-end rides, you may save up a substantial amount of money, but you’ll be ripped off on the maintenance service.


Create a target list of the possible cars you want. Thereafter, you may start sorting out the pros and cons of each type. It is easier to find the ride you want. Once you’ve decided on your top three picks once you’ve made up your mind on what model are you going for. Right here in Chilliwack, there are notable dealers of pre-owned cars.


Before you make any purchase, make sure you check the vehicle history or background report of the car you’re interested in purchasing. You may easily access this by checking the license plate and vehicle identification number (VIN). There are online outlets which allow you to check on it.

Follow these used car buying tips to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth. Be keen and curious about everything to avoid committing decisions you’ll regret later on.

Car Safety: What to Do When “Stuck”

Locksmith in DenverBeing stuck in the middle of nowhere (albeit that nowhere just means the parking lot of a KFC) can be dangerous. Practically anyone who’s ever owned a car has experienced this at some point. A flat tire, a broken key or a key locked inside, a dead battery — any of these reasons could leave you standing under the hot sun or the cold night sky.

Here are some things you should do if this ever happens to you.

You broke your key or left it inside the locked car

Walk away from the car and stay inside a store or restaurant from which you can still see it. Staying beside the car exposes you to risks, including being noticed by carjackers and thieves. When you’re in a safe place, call a locksmith in Denver that provides quick emergency services 24/7. Be proactive; always have the number of such a locksmith saved in your phone. Wait for the locksmith to arrive. Avoid trying to pry open the car door or window yourself.

You have a flat tire

Before this even happens, you should already know how to change a flat tire by yourself. Have the tools in your car, as well: a jack, a tire iron, and of course, a working spare. Almost half the modern cars sold today come with a donut or a temporary spare tire. It’s lighter and easier to handle than a true spare. Other cars come with run-flat tires, which means they don’t have a spare. You can keep driving the car on a run-flat until you get to a shop to have the tire fixed or replaced (run-flats are naturally more expensive). If you think the place is too risky to change a flat, just call for road assistance. If you’re in the middle of the road, pull to the side, lock the car, call for help, and find a safe place to stay until assistance arrives.

Your car won’t start

Your battery is probably dead if nothing happens when you turn it over. But it may also mean other things are not working. You should learn to diagnose a no-start. Here’s a helpful article.The best thing to do is to lock the car, go to a safe place, and call for road assistance.

There are other instances when you need help getting your car back on the road. What matters is you have the important numbers saved in your phone and in a small notebook in the glove compartment (in case your phone battery dies too), and you use a healthy helping of common sense.

Where to Buy a Used Car: Private Sellers, Auctions, or Car Dealerships

Used CarsNot all Australians have the luxury of buying a brand new car so some opt to buy a used one instead.

Deciding to buy a used car instead of a new one is a huge decision. Luckily, for those looking for used cars, they have various options and places where they can score a good deal. In general, they can buy a used car from car dealerships, auctions, or private sellers.

Buying a Used Car from Private Sellers

Purchasing a use card from a private seller is typically more affordable than purchasing one from a dealership. However, you’ll have to depend significantly on your own instinct and judgment since you won’t be getting any warranties. You should take some time to research the seller, have an expert inspect the car for you, and determine if the car is debt-free. Otherwise, you’ll have to continue paying off the outstanding debt as well.

Buying a Used Car from Auctions

While you might find a great bargain at car auctions, both online and off, you must really have extensive knowledge of cars and their real value. For one, you will be purely depending on a visual inspection and you might not be able to arrange for a test drive, much less a more extensive inspection. In addition, auction regulations differ from one state to another, so you’ll have to check with each one regarding guarantees.

Buying a Used Car from Car Dealerships

Although purchasing a used car from a car dealership is likely to be more expensive, this option offers excellent advantages. You may be able to trade in your existing car and you’ll get a car that’s guaranteed debt-free. They also display pertinent details, including warranty information, odometer readings, and the car model and make, among others on the car’s windscreen or dashboard.

Likewise, law mandates car dealerships to provide statutory warranty. According to Ipswich-based Boettcher Motors, car dealerships offer two statutory warranty classes. Dealers must provide a Class A statutory warranty in the event that the car is under 10 years old or it’s mileage is less than 160,000 kilometres. Meanwhile, dealers must provide a Class B statutory warranty if the car is older than 10 years and if it’s mileage is more than 160,000 kilometres. You’re also offered a one-day cooling-off period where you can rethink your purchase and cancel it within the cooling-off period in case you change your mind.

Regardless of which option you go with, you must perform your own due diligence to ensure that you spend well your hard-earned money. Doing ample research and inspections on the car you’re planning to purchase and understanding your rights upon purchasing it can make a big difference to your safety and finances.

The Perfect Machine: Your Dream Car in Top Condition

Dream CarCars have revolutionised transportation. This practical mode of transport employs the use of four wheels and a combustion engine to move people and property from point A to point B.

For all intents and purposes, cars today have become the modern beasts of burden. As personal property, cars have become their owners’ way of self-expression – a solid reflection of themselves in many ways. For car-lovers in New Zealand, nothing is more important than propping up their prized machines to be at their best.

Here are three ways they keep their steel steeds in peak condition, short of hiring automotive services to do it.

Regular Maintenance

It cannot be denied that car maintenance is a driver’s responsibility. Know the basics of car maintenance. Your car is a tool, and that tool should always be serviceable. This includes knowing when to change the oil and brake fluids. Make it a habit to check your car to the local repair shop. This ensures your machine’s welfare is looked out for, and extends its life for the long term.

Upgrades and Refit

Discerning car-enthusiasts rarely settle for the cookie-cutter machines the car factory manufactures. More often than not, car lovers tweak a few parts once they get their car. They replace a few parts and install upgrades to suit their personal tastes and specifications. Add-ons such as new tyres, sound systems, meters, lighting, gadgets and the like are among the many parts they fit in. Customising machines is the part where you make it completely yours. When your car is in its top condition, the only way to go is further up with upgrades.

Aesthetic Makeover

Lastly, in the effort to completely personalise their machines, car-owners turn their automobiles into extensions of themselves. The first step to this is a good scrubbing – a trip to the car wash. Then comes custom paint jobs, complete with stickers and decals. Giving your car a makeover is the cherry on top to turn it into your best creation ever.

Cars are machines that take on their owner’s personalities. For project cars, car-lovers want nothing but the best for them in maintenance, add-ons and aesthetic appeal.

Automobile Parts

Want to Earn Extra Dollars? Sell Those Old Automobile Parts

Automobile PartsA yard full of cheap used Nissan car parts in Auckland is an automotive wonderland. Here, car parts cost a fraction of the price of a brand-new component. It might interest you to know that most of the parts come from car owners like you.

Dealers pay for junk parts, which are then repurposed as fully functioning items for sale. This means that if you have a junk car in your garage, you earn good money by selling it.

Money in, junk out

Many dealers are after the frame, but there are also dealers offering cash for cars in West Auckland. Some dealers pay for viable parts you have removed from junk automobile. If you are serious about earning extra dollars, check your old car for components that are still worth something.

Sell the wheel rims, aluminium trim, antenna, car radio, speakers and wiper arms. Also, check whether the starter motor and alternator are still salvageable. Find a scrap yard with a competitive pricing scheme and sell automobile parts separately.

Do’s and don’t’s

If you don’t know anything about scrapping, find a local mechanic who can advise you on the parts to sell to scrap dealers. Take extra care when removing the transmission, carburettor and other parts that may still earn you a few extra dollars.

Know the value of the automotive component to get a good deal. Ask around or check pricelists online. Doing research will also help pinpoint the scrap buyers that give their customers good deals.

New Zealanders are now open to the idea of reusing vehicle components instead of buying new ones. While scrapping an old car is a profitable prospect, it is also a good way to converse natural resources.