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Patient Having a Dental Checkup with Ultraviolet Light

The 3 Types Of Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Patient Having a Dental Checkup with Ultraviolet LightIf your teeth have imperfections that are affecting your smile, it is time to go for cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry is a branch of dental science that improves the appearance of your teeth without necessarily improving their functionality. It takes many years of extensive training and practice for a cosmetic dentist to perform a perfect job. A qualified professional in cosmetic dentistry in Sioux Falls will advise you on the best procedure to brighten your smile. This is why it's wise to have them show you before and after photos of their past clients to gauge their work.

If you're ready, here are some of the most common procedures cosmetic dentists offer that you can choose from:

Composite Bonding

In bonding, a tooth resin that resembles the color of your tooth enamel adheres to your tooth. It is then sculpted, contoured, and hardened under a light of high intensity. Bonding is one of the most affordable cosmetic procedures for patients with chipped or cracked teeth, stained teeth, and those with teeth that have worn down edges.

Inlays and Onlays

Inlays and outlays, also called indirect fillings, are made in a dental laboratory using composite resin materials. They are then attached to your teeth using an adhesive dental cement. You use inlays when the tooth cusps are not damaged while onlays are used when the cusp and a larger extent of your tooth are damaged. They strengthen your teeth and prevent any further decay.

Dental Veneers

Veneers are thin layers of dental ceramic custom-made for different patients and adhered to your tooth’s front side. They are a good option when your teeth are slightly crooked, discolored, or chipped. They can also be used to cover any gaps between your teeth.

Other types of cosmetic dental procedures include teeth whitening, dental implants, dental crowns and shaping of teeth. It's up to you to make the final decision, but this doesn't mean you shouldn't listen to your dentist. They're professionals after all.

Cosmetic dentistry treatments and oral health

Cosmetic DentistryModern cosmetic dentistry entails some of the most popular dental procedures that patients resort to in order to improve their smile and the function of their teeth. Whether it is teeth whitening, veneers, white fillings or gum contouring, cosmetic dentistry offers patients a great chance at refreshing their smile.

For many patients who are self-conscious about their smile, cosmetic dentistry offered by many practices including Blue Sky in Belfast, can restore the health and appearance of their teeth. If you want to enhance your smile, a dentist is well placed to advise you on how to go about it.

Teeth whitening

Teeth naturally grow dark with age, while their appearance can also be compromised by the build-up of surface stains caused by certain foods and beverages, as well as smoking. Professional teeth whitening helps lighten teeth by several shades with the aid of whitening agents and laser technology. Busy patients can opt for in-practice treatment with visible results in less than an hour, while at-home whitening treatment with customised bleaching trays is also available from many dental practices. Both methods are entirely safe and can greatly improve the aesthetic effect of your teeth.


Veneers are thin porcelain shells, which are bonded to the front surface of the teeth to fix cosmetic flaws. Veneers can transform the shape, colour and size of your teeth. They can conceal chipped, cracked, discoloured, slightly misaligned and misshapen teeth. Furthermore, they can improve the overall aesthetics of a smile by blending in seamlessly with your natural teeth. Alternatively a full set of veneers can give you a complete smile makeover.

White fillings

White or tooth-coloured composite fillings, are dental fillings that restore and imitate the natural appearance of tooth enamel. Besides restoring teeth that have fractured or decayed, white fillings may also be used to change the size, colour and shape of your teeth. For instance, similar to veneers, they can close slight gaps between your teeth, repair chipped and fractured teeth and make your teeth appear longer or straighter. Unlike amalgam fillings, white fillings bond to the tooth chemically and do not require the placement of additional material to support them.

What Makes the Perfect Smile?

Discreet Orthodontic TreatmentThe issue of what a perfect smile is will always spark heated debate. Scientific analysis suggests golden ratios, symmetry, bright white teeth. . . Whilst all these factors are important, the single most important aspect of a “perfect” smile is one that suits your face and personality, and that you want to show off to everyone you meet.

To understand how varied the ideas of a perfect smile are, all you need to do is ask members of your family, friends, or work colleagues what the concept means to them. The chances are you will get a wide variety of answers, because a smile is a truly personal thing. Maybe you want lighter teeth, whilst your wife would like to get rid of her metal crown.

Your best friend has recently lost a tooth whilst playing football, whilst your sister rues the day she decided not to wear her retainer after being freed from her braces, so that her teeth moved back out of position.

At PDC Dental in Barnsley, there are cosmetic dentistry options to solve all of these concerns and more. A good cosmetic dentist will work closely with you to achieve your smile goals, however big or small they may be.

Let’s start with your discoloured teeth. There are numerous causes of tooth discolouration, and the first thing a cosmetic dentist will do is to establish what is causing yours. Teeth whitening is the most requested procedure in cosmetic dentistry, and is effective on a number of different types of staining, such as those caused by dietary factors or smoking.

Veneers are also a good option for teeth that are permanently stained, and can be used singularly or as a full set to create a smile makeover.

Your wife’s metal crown can easily be replaced with a strong, tooth-coloured alternative. There are numerous materials available for tooth-coloured crowns, including porcelain and glass. Whichever option is chosen, your dentist will match it exactly to your natural tooth colour.

Discreet orthodontic treatments such as Invisalign can help get your sister’s teeth into better alignment for good, whilst your best friend could have a cosmetic bridge, or a crown supported by a dental implant – plus a sports mouthguard to stop the problem repeating.

3 Dental Procedures to Achieve a Beautiful Smile

Cosmetic Dentist in Sioux Falls SDIn the current world and the advancement of technology, there are many procedures that one could look into to get the smile they want. If you need your teeth shaped there is a procedure for you. The dentists have more techniques to assist their patients achieve their goal.

Katiereardondds.com shares some of the procedures that a good cosmetic dentist in Sioux Falls SD can do.

Whitening of Teeth

There are some practices in our daily lives that could cause your teeth stain or discolor. Some things such as smoking and consuming some beverages such as coffee could stain your teeth. This is not something that should worry you; a visit to the dentist can get them whiter than before. The dentist can bleach your teeth in just a few days. They could do it in the office or they can give you a kit to use at home. You have to choose what you are most comfortable with. Remember that if you keep exposing your teeth to the substances they could get stained again.


This is a procedure that you can look into if your teeth have spaces in between them. This procedure can also be used for people with cracked, chipped or broken teeth. Bonding material can also be used to protect the root of a tooth that could be exposed. Bonding can take several years.


These are shells for the teeth, they could be porcelain or they could be plastic. They are placed on top of the teeth so that they change their color or their shape. They can be used to improve teeth that are poorly shaped, permanently stained, those that are chipped and even those that have spaces between them. It is less expensive than crowns.

To know more about these procedures you can visit a notable cosmetic dentist. It is wise to collect as much information about a procedure before exploring them.