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Man Suffering From a Toothache

Emergency Dental Care: Know The Signs

Man Suffering From a ToothacheDental emergencies can be serious health problems, although many patients do not realize it. You should not dismiss certain dental problems, according to the experts at websites such as scottwgrantdmd.com.

Be Aware of Your Body

It is important to know when it is an emergency and when you should see a dentist immediately. You should also know how you can find the means to pay the emergency dental bills. There are many emergency dental care centers in Meridian you can visit if you have a dental emergency. If you know how to observe the signs, you will realize when it is telling you that there is a serious problem.

Common Dental Emergencies

You will require immediate dental attention if there is a pain when you chew or if you feel that there is a temperature change in the area. If you have a toothache, serious jaw pain, bleeding in any part of the gums or mouth, pus in the gums, broken tooth, difficulty in breathing, knocked out teeth, loose teeth, chipping and cracking.

Get Emergency Dental Care

If you feel a tooth is loose, try to put the tooth back to its original position with a gentle pressure. Call your dentist immediately for an appointment.

When you have a chipped or cracked tooth, it is best to go to your dentist immediately to cover the fracture. Ignoring it can cause tooth decay and tooth loss.

If you have a knocked out tooth, take the tooth by the crown and wash it gently. You could place it in a dish of milk and go to the dentist to have it placed in your mouth.

Don’t Ignore Emergencies

The next time you face an emergency dental situation, seek immediate treatment because any delay will only escalate the problem.

Patient Having a Dental Checkup with Ultraviolet Light

The 3 Types Of Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Patient Having a Dental Checkup with Ultraviolet LightIf your teeth have imperfections that are affecting your smile, it is time to go for cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry is a branch of dental science that improves the appearance of your teeth without necessarily improving their functionality. It takes many years of extensive training and practice for a cosmetic dentist to perform a perfect job. A qualified professional in cosmetic dentistry in Sioux Falls will advise you on the best procedure to brighten your smile. This is why it's wise to have them show you before and after photos of their past clients to gauge their work.

If you're ready, here are some of the most common procedures cosmetic dentists offer that you can choose from:

Composite Bonding

In bonding, a tooth resin that resembles the color of your tooth enamel adheres to your tooth. It is then sculpted, contoured, and hardened under a light of high intensity. Bonding is one of the most affordable cosmetic procedures for patients with chipped or cracked teeth, stained teeth, and those with teeth that have worn down edges.

Inlays and Onlays

Inlays and outlays, also called indirect fillings, are made in a dental laboratory using composite resin materials. They are then attached to your teeth using an adhesive dental cement. You use inlays when the tooth cusps are not damaged while onlays are used when the cusp and a larger extent of your tooth are damaged. They strengthen your teeth and prevent any further decay.

Dental Veneers

Veneers are thin layers of dental ceramic custom-made for different patients and adhered to your tooth’s front side. They are a good option when your teeth are slightly crooked, discolored, or chipped. They can also be used to cover any gaps between your teeth.

Other types of cosmetic dental procedures include teeth whitening, dental implants, dental crowns and shaping of teeth. It's up to you to make the final decision, but this doesn't mean you shouldn't listen to your dentist. They're professionals after all.

Dental Implant

The Evolution Of Dentures in Farnham

Dental Implant

Replacing missing teeth with dentures in Farnham in the 21st century may seem a little old-fashioned, what with dental implants being all the rage these days. However, not everyone can have dental implants, so it’s good to know that dentures have not been left behind in the technology race that seems to have been going on in dentistry. Dentures have taken huge strides forward in terms of the materials used and the way they are made, which make them better fitting and more effective than ever before.

Some dentists, such as Elmsleigh House Dental Clinic, employ their own in-house dental technicians to craft beautifully realistic and well-fitting dentures in Farnham. The history of dentures is fascinating, so let’s take a look at what our forefathers put in their mouths when their teeth had fallen out.

Dentures Then

People have been trying to find ways to replace their missing teeth almost since teeth began to fall out. Dentures have been evolving since about 1500BC, with the ancient Egyptians, who threaded human teeth onto gold wire to make a set of usable teeth.

Human and animal teeth threaded together was popular for centuries. They were cheap, which is just as well as they tended to rot. Human teeth were taken from corpses, or sold by the very poor from their own mouths. Porcelain dentures first came on the scene in 1770, but they chipped and cracked easily. Ivory, from elephants and walruses became popular, and in the 1850s the plate moved from being made of ivory to hardened rubber, which had better suction to the gums. Last century, this was replaced by acrylic resin and other plastics. Porcelain also got far more durable.

Dentures Now

Today, there are 2 kinds of dentures, a cheaper, but still good, version uses crowns made from 3 layers of different coloured resin to create the depth of look that natural teeth have. These are set into a hard acrylic base, and last between 4–6 years. They make a great spare set.

Dentures can also be handmade, using old photographs and digital imaging to recreate the wearer’s smile. The crowns are fixed to an injection base that creates a natural face shape.

Young Girl With Braces

Interceptive Orthodontics: Giving Your Child A Beautiful Smile

Young Girl With BracesIn the past, it was not common for parents to take their children for a dental visit to determine whether or not their preteen needs braces. That's not the case anymore. In fact, the American Association of Orthodontics recommends parents to visit a certified kids' dentist for a dental evaluation before their little ones reach the age of seven.

Early evaluation offers timely detection of potential problems and enables treatment to start right away. This early evaluation of the child’s teeth is known as interceptive orthodontics.

Why Interceptive Orthodontics?

Interceptive orthodontics work to prevent issues with the teeth, mouth, and the right bite. The reason for interceptive orthodontics is to counter the effects of pacifier habits and thumb sucking. Thumb sucking and pacifier habits alter the shape of the jaw bone causing the teeth to grow in a crooked manner.

Also, Children's Crossing Pediatric Dentistry noted that interceptive orthodontics work to create space for permanent teeth to grow.

Orthodontic Appliances in Use for Interceptive Orthodontics

The choice of the orthodontic appliance to use when reducing potential jaw-growth problems depend on the case at hand, and your dentist should advise you on the best ones to use. Some of the common orthopedic appliances are:

  • Palatal expansion appliance: This appliance is effective when a child suffers from a crossbite. The dentist attaches the appliance to the upper back teeth to expand the upper jaw.
  • Fixed functional appliance: This appliance targets the lower and upper molar teeth and prevents excess protrusion of the upper teeth.
  • Headgear: This appliance exerts pressure on the upper jaw and upper teeth to guide the direction of tooth eruption and how the upper jaw should grow. The headgear is a removable device.

A resting period follows after interceptive treatment with to allow permanent teeth to grow in. Meanwhile, the child wears some form of retainer. In few instances will the child need to get comprehensive treatment with braces because the interceptive treatment has already aligned the teeth properly.

Girl with White Teeth

5 Practices Promising Whiter Teeth

Girl with White TeethEveryone wants to have white teeth. It can make a person look even more attractive and can be achieved in just several days. Here are some things you can try and commit to:

1. Practice Proper Oral Hygiene

Some foods that we eat can leave stains on teeth. Regular brushing can help clean the teeth and restore its natural colour. It can also get rid of plaque, which contributes to tooth decay. And don’t forget to floss to reach the gaps in between teeth. Poor oral hygiene can cause permanent stains.

2. Watch What You Eat

Eating berries, chocolates, and foods with dark pigments can stain the teeth. In the same way, drinking coffee, tea, beer and red wine contribute to yellowing of the teeth. Mix clean water with salt and rinse your mouth with it after a meal.

3. Quit Smoking

Smoking is one of the leading factors that make teeth yellow. Cigarettes contain more than 30 harmful chemicals and burning these chemicals brown stains. Your attempt to whiten teeth may be useless if you don’t stop smoking right away.

4. Use Whitening Products With Care

Different types of teeth whitening products are now available. Whitening toothpaste can remove stains on teeth as they contain mild abrasives. They can only make your teeth a shade lighter unlike whitening strips and gels, which you can perform at home. This product class provides visible results in just a few days.

5. Get Professional Peroxide-Based Whitening

Teeth whitening can go up to eight shades through prescription strength lightening, according to a dentists’ association in Gainsborough. In-office whitening provides more visible results that could last up to 3 years with proper care and by using an at-home tray whitening system.

You can make your teeth whiter by practising proper oral hygiene and getting rid of bad oral habits. Whitening products and procedures can lighten your smile even more and for longer based on how well you do aftercare.