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5 Types of Window Treatments to Keep Your Home Cool

window blinds perthSome homeowners depend too much on their air conditioner to keep their home cool when the weather is warm. However, that’s not the most practical decision. There are plenty more ways to keep air coming in and out your home. One of those is by installing window treatments that help prevent the sunlight from entering your home but allow you to open your windows up to let fresh air come in. Here are some kinds of window treatments for you to choose from.

Curtains and Blinds

According to TheBlindsGallery.co,.au, curtains and vertical blinds in Perth are the most common window treatments because of their universal appeal and ease of use. Just open your windows to let air circulate and improve your home’s ventilation. The great thing about curtains and blinds is that they come in many different shapes, sizes, colours, and styles. You can go to your home depot and pick one or two designs for your home.


You can use shutters both for the interior and exterior areas of your home. Interior shutters can help you regulate the amount of heat from the sun that enters your property. Exterior shutters also do the same thing plus it can provide you with additional security and protection against unsafe conditions.


Awnings is another window treatment that’s specifically used outdoors to provide shade and prevent solar heat from accumulating. Usually, this is used in commercial establishments like coffee shops and restaurants. However, homeowners started using some types of awnings as well, especially if they have outdoor seatings.

Window Film

More unconventional than the others, window films are commonly used in sliding windows and doors. This can also keep the heat of the sun away from your interiors, especially the reflective kind.

These five types of window treatments will all work to keep your home cool during warm weathers. You just have to choose the one that matches the look of your home to have that additional aesthetic appeal.

Alternative Homes

Start Young: The New Generation’s Interest in Sustainable Homes

Alternative HomesThe changes in the global economy are affecting everyone and causing a shift of cultures. Gone are the days when leaving your parents’ home after graduating is the goal. Due to high expenses and the cost of living in specific areas, young people find ways to move out while they work.

Breaking tradition

Sharing apartments between friends is the common solution to the increasing expenses of living in cities such as Perth. Though WebMD highlights that good friends are good for your health, this living arrangement is not ideal, as different people may have conflicting decisions in life.

When some people move out, the ones left behind may find it hard to find new roommates to share expenses with. Another possible option is to move back home with the parents.

Starting young

It’s never too late to choose an alternative housing option. When you move back home, start looking into building sustainable houses. Perth’s builders of sustainable homes say investing in eco-friendly designs is a great way to lessen future expenses.

Think of innovative ways to live comfortably without having to sacrifice a huge sum of money. While you’re still earning, save up and slowly build your sustainable home.

Thinking out of the box

You don’t have to follow the template of what a house should look like. From clean scraps, build a shelter that’s just as comfortable as model houses in a suburban community. This gives you the creativity to make something that goes with your style. Whatever design you may come up with, the core of building a sustainable home is to think ahead.

From using discarded materials to using solar panels for energy, create a space that you will benefit from for the years to come. Start young, but think about your future needs before you plan the house.