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5 Surefire Ways to Make the Most of Your Trade Show Participation

Top view shot of a trade showMost companies perceive joining trade shows as an unnecessary expense. What you may need to understand, though, is that you do not have to participate in every one of them. If you can attend at least one in a year that is aligned with your company’s goals, it could be a great venue to expose your brand and connect with industry leaders and potential clients.

Below are some tips that will help you maximise our participation:

1. Know your objectives and identify your indicators

Like what trade show coach Susan Friedmann says, it would be absurd to buy space and expect that you would immediately get your returns. He puts emphasis on the importance of setting objectives that are measurable. What do you want to get from the show? Another friendly reminder is that quality is often a much better indicator than quantity.

2. Make your booth interactive

Booth design is what will make people flock around you. However, a visually appealing booth will not make them stay. Keep their interests up by thinking of creative ways to make it interactive. Perhaps you can make use of technology and other creative techniques like fun games to invite people over.

3. Ensure that your booth is well-equipped

Aside from displays, which are important especially if you are marketing products, you should also prepare marketing collaterals, such as brochures, calling cards, and flyers. Do not forget sign-up sheets for the visitors as well since these would come in handy in the future. Giftfinder likewise recommends scouting for promotional merchandise suppliers and choose items that are useful yet unconventional for giveaways. Most importantly, there must always be at least one decision-maker present to make sure that you are not missing important business opportunities.

4. Attend conferences

While you are there, attend interesting conferences and forum. Organisers of trade fairs usually invite industry leaders as speakers. Aside from delivering talks on industry know-how, you will also find investments and industry forums, which can provide substantive insights for your company’s growth and expansion.

5. Do not forget to network

Perhaps you would fail at driving traffic to your booth. That does not mean that your participation is an ultimate failure. Consider the other facets of the event. Many important people in the industry will be there, so take every opportunity to network with them. Always have your business card and your business pitch ready. Who knows, you might come across somebody who would like your product or service so much that he would be willing to invest on it.

Sure, you want to put your money where ROI is guaranteed, but you must also find other means to promote your business. Joining in trade fairs may not be necessarily new or unconventional, but you also cannot deny the ways that it can contribute to your business. You simply have to be clear with your objectives and prepare enough for it.

Branding Your Identity: Mastering Who You Are

brand identity collageStrategizing your brand’s look is not easy. The process involves technical tasks ranging from evaluating colors to playing with words. It shouldn’t have to be so hard, though. Taking an easier yet more effective approach can drastically improve the efficiency of this project.

Here are some ways to improve your thinking when designing your brand.

Let Your Logo Do the Talking

There’s more to crafting your logo than just putting your name inside a shape and calling it a day. Designers are very in-demand, and for good reason. Logos impact the public’s perception and overall attitude toward your services. Far beyond a mere sketch, strong logos have meaning, regardless if it’s obvious and hidden. Whether you are creating a restaurant or a hospitality industry logo, it should be the reflection of who you are as a business.

Get Rid of Industry-Specific Terms

There is no shortage in buzzwords in marketing, and they only drag your brand down. Focus on substance. This way, viewers and potential clients can connect with you. Avoid using unheard-of jargons when communicating with people who are not familiar with your industry.

You Don’t Have to Please Everyone

You are never going to satisfy everyone, so don’t dwell on the impression that your brand should be for everyone. Learn to be the best brand to a specific type of audience. Do not be afraid to be yourself. Always remember that you are not in business to please everyone — you’re in business to offer solutions.

Lastly, building your brand is not a one-off project. You should know who you are, present it, and review it from time to time. Continue to innovate strategies that will add value to your clients. It will develop what your business truly stands for.

Digital Marketing: What Remains the Same Despite Trends

Digital Marketing in SanduskyThe online platform is continuously growing and changing as technology advances. Your business may be reaping all the benefits now if you are up to date with the trends but it can change soon enough. This constant evolution requires business owners to be wise and well aware of the changes. This is especially true on the digital marketing side of business. As things come and go, it is important that your presence online remains top notch.

It is not all technical when it comes to digital marketing, says more.sanduskyregister.com. The platform may advance, but the core of marketing your business stays the same.

Here are some things you need to hold onto:

User Engagement

Most people these days find an aversion to ads or anything that resemble them. They no longer just want your products. People want to make a connection with the brands they fancy. This is why you need to strengthen your connection with your prospective clients. Put up materials online that will allow them to have a sense of community. People are more likely to stay loyal to a brand they consider not as a service provider but a friend.

Shifting to Mobile

While more and more people start having smartphones or tablets, the shift to mobile is a necessary business move. You would want your clients to be able to easily connect with you anywhere they may be. If applicable to your business model, you may want to consider having an own application for your website. Whether it is for an online store or simply an extension of your website, a mobile option for your business makes things more convenient for users.

At the very core of digital marketing, your audience remains the top priority. Advance your business processes for their benefit and you are most likely to continue in succeeding.

Digital Ads

Branding: A Guide for the New Businessman

Digital AdsBranding is becoming a more common word, especially with marketing and promotions. In business, it’s a requirement. One will usually see the term attached to many products, particularly those that have gone international. For the new businessman who recently put up a company, how significant is branding?

What is Branding?

Branding is more than just the public identity of a company. It does more than create a discernible silhouette of your company’s image. It’s more than just your logo. Imagine the very sight of a color or a shape in the distance, or even a blurred image and the first thought that comes to people’s minds is your company.

Imagine the familiarity of McDonald’s, PlayStation, or Disney. Remember their logos? That’s branding — the image stays even after companies close down or change names.

How Can Branding Help You?

Branding for major and even small companies is the symbol your business and beliefs are immediately connected to. From tag lines, catchphrases, and jingles, proper branding makes people recognize you. They will be subconsciously nudged into looking for your products and services, and remember you  despite having other options.

Branding is also a sign of the quality you want to express, such as the idea that one Hollywood actor is tailor-fit for the role. Who else would you think of when they mention Ethan Hunt, Tony Stark, and Severus Snape? Branding calls to people and elicits preference.

Who Can Help With Your Branding?

There are many kinds of professionals that can help identify, create, and represent your brand. From photographers, graphic artists, marketing consultants, and even musicians, branding experts vary.

The greatest thing about having an advertising company giving you advice is they can outright tell you what will and will not work. This saves you a lot of time and money. In return, the advertising company should understand your vision, goals, and objectives, and consider their interrelationship.  According to Levelbrand.com, you can’t change important aspects of your business without affecting the others.

Consumers will always have a critical eye when examining your brand and will notice changes when applied carelessly. Study your market and know what makes them tick, consult the experts, and invest properly.

Ad Space

Creating Compelling Ads That Work

Ad SpaceIn any business, you need to effectively promote your product or service to gain clients and profits. As any self-respecting advertising agency will advise you, a business is all about effective marketing. You need to sell your business to create profits. And whether you want to do traditional display ads, online, or direct mail, the key to creating a compelling copy is to make sure you have your audience’s attention.

Get people invested in your product or service

It’s fairly easy to sell products that are already popular; all people need to hear is Apple and they’d be scrambling for the company’s newest product. One advertising agency Minnesota companies trust says to get people invested in your business, you need to build on creating a positive brand image for your product. A good strategy is to create an ad that centers on what results can be achieved with your product instead of enumerating its features.

Focus on your content

If you are looking into content marketing, the first rule of thumb is to churn out interesting pieces that your target market will actually want to read. Don’t bore them with needless facts and details. Think about why they would want your product and what results they expect. For example, if you sell jewelry, try creating content that shows how people can pair jewelry with their outfit.

Engage your customers

The best way to engage your customers is to let them know that you are listening to their needs.  Ask them how they use your product and what they like about it. You can do this by inviting them to post their comments on your website or blog. Or, you can also use their accounts on an actual ad.

These are just ideas on how you can create a compelling ad that will catch attention and engage your target market. By creating a marketing strategy that takes these things into consideration, you will surely be able to find success in your business.